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Camila A. Oct 15 24 views

Lastly, do anesthesiologists have to learn the hospital codes? or are those just for nurses and security?

I always hear these color codes being announced through the hospital speakers and I wonder who listens to them and if they're cancelled out in certain levels, like in the maternity level to let the mothers sleep, calm down, etc. ? #career #medical...


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Camila A. Oct 15 39 views

Are there any new rules or regulation due to Covid-19 other than distancing, and wearing masks.

Im a curious high school student who wants to be an anesthesiologist and know more about my future and job opportunity. #high-school #student...


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jared C. Oct 03, 2019 149 views
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Sabrina S. Sep 17, 2019 135 views

Is it difficult to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist? What is day to day work life like?

I'm 20 years old and currently studying in the field of pharmacy tech to build my knowledge of drugs and healthcare. My end career goal is to become a Anesthesiologist nurse. #nurse #medicine #healthcare #nursing #anesthesiology #anesthesia #pharmacy #anesthesia...

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Madisyn O. Apr 04, 2018 271 views
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David P. Jan 15, 2019 203 views

when did you figure you wanted t be a Nurse Anesthetist?

Was it when you were in high school or college or at a younger age? #nursing #healthcare #medicine #anesthesiology #anasthesia...


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Breanna E. Apr 12, 2018 325 views

What is the best school to attend to be a Anesthesiologist ?

This is a important question because this is my second choice of a occupation I want in the future . #anesthesiologist #anesthesiology #medicine #healthcare...


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Anh Minh N. May 06, 2018 478 views

How bad is Debt to an Anesthesiologist?

I'm planning to pursue a career in anesthesiology(completing medical school, residency, licensed) and wondering how hard will it be to pay off any student debt. I hear that student debt should be avoided and is heavily stressed to be a heavy load on future decisions. However, certain...

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Gabriel M. Dec 13, 2017 381 views

What steps are necessary to become an anesthesiologist?

I don’t come from a family of money or a family in the medical career. Honestly I don’t want to become an anesthesiologist for the interest but I have learned that anything I focus towards I grow to love that subject and a job like anesthesiology is something not many people will do, but I will...

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Raeann A. Nov 01, 2016 502 views

What are some struggles anesthesiologists experience in their job?

I am asking because i would like to pursue the career of an anesthesiologist, I would like to know the struggles of the job obviously it is a stressful job and requires a lot of schooling. But what are some other struggles whilst working? #anesthesiology #medicine...


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Bella R. Mar 15, 2018 327 views

What advice do you have for students looking into anesthesiology career? Do you believe the hard work in med school is worth it?

Although I'm only a freshman in high school, I plan to go into the medical field as a future career, specifically anesthesiology. I've heard that pre-med and medical school have rigorous and difficult courses and exams. Do the benefits that come with anesthesiology outweigh the stressful years...

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Theresa P. Jan 22, 2018 470 views

How can I balance school work, extra curricular activities, and a social life so that I succeed?

I plan to be a Biology major on the pre-med track and I need to excel academically, include myself in internships and volunteering, as well as lead a healthy social life. #medicine #anesthesiology #work-life-balance #personal-development...


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Kyerra J. Oct 19, 2016 447 views

If I major in biology can I go to medical schools and become an anesthesiologist?

I am asking this because I want to become an anesthesiologist or something along those lines. #doctor #anesthesiology #medical-school...


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Chloe S. Feb 02, 2017 536 views

What steps should I take in college in order to get into a nurse anesthesia program?

I am a senior in high school, who has been applying to college into the nursing program. I am wondering how difficult it is to get into a nurse anesthesia program, and how heavily your grades in college affect this. Is there a certain grade you should keep throughout college in order to better...

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Crystal W. Oct 31, 2016 838 views
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Crystal W. Oct 31, 2016 373 views

What does it take to become an anesthesiologist?

Some relatives of mine work in the medical industry, and I am interested in becoming an anesthesiologist. #doctor #pre-med #anesthesiologist...


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Irieanna M. Oct 23, 2016 674 views

What majors should I take in college if I want to be a anesthesiologist?

I am a sophomore in high school and am confused on what I should major in if I want to be a anesthesiologist. #medicine #biology...


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Irieanna M. Oct 23, 2016 590 views

Is there any specific scholarships for anesthesiology?

I am a sophomore in high school and am planning on going into the medical field. I am hoping on finding scholarships so that I can get help for college. #medicine...


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Barry R. Oct 23, 2016 387 views

What books or information should I get into or read to help me prosper in the Medical field, college, and med. school?

My name is Barry, I wish to go into the medical field so that I can become an Anesthesiologist. Currently I am in the 11th grade and enrolled in the International Baccalaureate programme hoping to gain some insight on what the medical field is like and what knowledge I should gain to help get...

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Natalie N. Oct 18, 2016 615 views

Do I have to decide between Pre-Med and Pre-Vet or is there some way I can do both?

Hi! My name is Natalie and I am a high school senior from California. I have been an animal lover my whole life and am proud to say I want to become a veterinarian. Unfortunately, I have though about the recent veterinarian suicides, and I am now reluctant to enter the animal science field. I...

#veterinary #anesthesiology #medicine

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Caytlyn C. May 19, 2016 584 views

Ever since i was little I've enjoyed anything related to the medical field. I'm planning on majoring in biology, if i minor in psychology will that be too confusing?

I enjoy all things in the medical field but at the same time psychology has stuck to me. However, my teacher told me that is too different areas and i might confuse myself. #psychology #medicine #majors #majors-and-minors...


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Marcus R. May 13, 2016 493 views

What are some good medical schools for anesthesiology?

I'm sure most medical schools are good, but I would like to know if there are any that are really good for anesthesiology. #medical-school...


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Joshua D. May 09, 2016 3142 views

I want to have a business in real estate, yet I also want to be an Anesthesiologist. How can I pursue both at the same time, especially with a demanding major like neuroscience and then medical school?

I really love houses, house plans. designing, home décor, and everything that deals with homes. But i'm also interested and attracted to the medical field. I would love to do both, but feel like I may have to choose one. I love real estate more, but it would require a lot of work and it's not...

#house-plans #real-estate #anesthesiology #interior-design #home-decor #medicine #neuroscience

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Joshua D. May 09, 2016 608 views

Once I get a Bachelor's of Science in Neuroscience, what can I do with that degree straight out of undergraduate?

I'm going to major in Neuroscience, and I'm striving to be an Anesthesiologist in the long run; but that's a lot of schooling. I would like to know how to use my degree right off the bat to start earning income, and to gain work experience. #doctor #neuroscience #neurology #anesthesiologist...