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Career Questions tagged Anesthesiology

Raissa’s Avatar
Raissa Nov 10, 2022 137 views

How long does it take to become a Nurse Anesthetist?

Should I take a gap year before going into nursing?

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Hennesis Nov 08, 2022 93 views

What skills are most important for an anesthesiologist?

What are the three most important qualities that an anesthesiologist may need?

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Arey Oct 04, 2022 360 views

How many years are anesthesiologists in school?

How many years are anesthesiologists in school?

Jamie’s Avatar
Jamie Sep 30, 2022 232 views

Is medical school hard?

I want to be an anesthesiologist but I dont know if going through that many years of school is worth it.

RAEVOHN’s Avatar
RAEVOHN May 16, 2022 195 views

As an Anesthesiologist Technician how do you deal with stress in fast paced environments?

I would really like to know how anyone in the field of Anesthesiology deal with stress on the job as an Anesthesiologist Technician! I know things can move really fast and take unexpected turns at any moment.

RAEVOHN’s Avatar
RAEVOHN May 16, 2022 235 views

What are the most beneficial courses required to become an Anesthesiologist Technician?

I'm very curious which courses are most vital to your success in the career of an Anesthesiologist Technician so, I could know which courses i need to dedicate most of my attention in.

RAEVOHN’s Avatar
RAEVOHN May 16, 2022 190 views

What are the most common weaknesses in the field of Anesthesiology Technicians?

I am asking about the most common weaknesses in the field of Anesthesiologist Technicians so i can focus on what most technicians commonly struggle with.

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Foruna Sep 28, 2021 398 views

What is something you like about being a Nurse Anesthetist?

I love helping people. I do my best to help people. I work hard and do the work I am suppose to do. I can get along with people. #career #nurse #nursing #nurse-practitioner #anesthesiology #healthcare

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Simon Sep 28, 2021 289 views

What happens if a patient never wakes up from the anesthesia or we messed up something about them and made them disabled?

My job is a nurse anesthetist and I have many questions that I still do not know and would really love to know. #nursing #nurse #registered-nurses #nurse #healthcare #anesthesiology #nurse-practitioner

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Simon Sep 28, 2021 273 views

What will happen if you give your patient too much anesthesia?

My job is a Nurse Anesthetist. #anesthesiology #medicine #nursing #nurse #healthcare #registered-nurses

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Mhaya Sep 28, 2021 303 views

What would a day in the life of a nurse anesthetist be like?

I am a 17 year old who wants to be a nurse anesthetist and am curious as to how their work life is. #nursing #registered-nurses #college #nurse #healthcare #medicine #anesthesiology

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Jared Jul 06, 2021 405 views

How hard is the curriculum for becoming a nurse anesthetist

#nursing #medicine #nurse #registered-nurses #healthcare #anesthesiology

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madeline May 24, 2021 507 views

What made you want to be an Anesthesiologist?


madeline’s Avatar
madeline May 24, 2021 292 views

What’s the best and worst part of being an anesthesiologist and why?


madeline’s Avatar
madeline May 24, 2021 267 views

What does a typical day look like for an anesthesiologist?


Tracey’s Avatar
Tracey Apr 16, 2021 828 views

What are the steps to become a pharmacist or anesthesiologist?

Currently, I'm interested in becoming a pharmacist or anesthesiologist, but I'd like to know more about these careers. #pharmacists #anesthesiology

Kristian’s Avatar
Kristian Feb 25, 2021 343 views

Tips for choosing a good college?

I'm interested in becoming either a pharmacist or an anesthesiologist and I'm wondering what colleges would be best for either careers. #medical #doctor #pharmacists #pharmacist #anesthesiologist #anesthesiology #medical-school

Kristian’s Avatar
Kristian Feb 25, 2021 650 views

What are the steps to become an Anesthesiologist?

Currently 16, 10th grade #medical-school #anesthesiologist #doctor #anesthesiology

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Manasvi Feb 02, 2021 306 views

how can i prepare to become a doctor when im in 9th std

#medicine #medical #anesthesiology
hi im really interested in anaesthesio;ogy i am studying in 9th now but will be going to tenth within a month. how can i prepare so that it can help me

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John Dec 09, 2020 525 views

What's a regular day working as an Anesthesiologist?

I would like to know about how stressful working as an Anesthesiologist is. Do you guys do really stressful stuff everyday? #anesthesiologist #medicine #doctor #anesthesiology #experience #stress

John’s Avatar
John Dec 03, 2020 743 views

What’s the education needed to become an Anesthesiologist?

I am a 10th grader and have just gone through the process of planning out what I want to do for my next year in high school. I’ve been talking with my counselor about what path I want to take and have decided on Medical. I want to be an Anesthesiologist in the future but I do not know what...

Omar’s Avatar
Omar Nov 05, 2020 317 views

Can I go to a branch and transfer to the main campus?

I want to go to the branch at UNM here in my town because it is cheaper and that way I can do my prerequisites. After that when I have more money I want to go to the main campus that way I can learn more as well as follow the career I want to study. #UNM #money #Anesthesiology #Medicine

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angelica Nov 04, 2020 312 views

what was your hands on practice in school?

i would like to be an anesthesiologist and i am curious to what the schooling was like besides tests or paperwork, was there any hands on training ? #anesthesiology

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Oct 21, 2020 293 views


I'm a freshman and im looking to make a career in the medical field and anesthesiology sounds interesting and i want to be better educated on the topic. - What is the requirement of time spent in college and med school? - What is your anual income like? - What hours do you spend at work? (ie...

Kendal’s Avatar
Kendal Oct 19, 2020 268 views

How much do you make starting off

I’m a cheerleader I’m 15 and #anesthesiology

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Camila Oct 15, 2020 306 views

Lastly, do anesthesiologists have to learn the hospital codes? or are those just for nurses and security?

I always hear these color codes being announced through the hospital speakers and I wonder who listens to them and if they're cancelled out in certain levels, like in the maternity level to let the mothers sleep, calm down, etc. ? #career #medical #anesthesiology

Camila’s Avatar
Camila Oct 15, 2020 261 views

Are there any new rules or regulation due to Covid-19 other than distancing, and wearing masks.

Im a curious high school student who wants to be an anesthesiologist and know more about my future and job opportunity. #high-school #student #anesthesiology

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jared Oct 03, 2019 454 views

as a Nurse Anesthetists what is the hardest thing youve done?

ex can choosing #nursing to change fields #anesthesia #anesthesiology #nurse-practitioner #nurse

Sabrina’s Avatar
Sabrina Sep 17, 2019 371 views

Is it difficult to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist? What is day to day work life like?

I'm 20 years old and currently studying in the field of pharmacy tech to build my knowledge of drugs and healthcare. My end career goal is to become a Anesthesiologist nurse. #nurse #medicine #healthcare #nursing #anesthesiology #anesthesia #Pharmacy #anesthesia assistant

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David Jan 15, 2019 457 views

when did you figure you wanted t be a Nurse Anesthetist?

Was it when you were in high school or college or at a younger age? #nursing #healthcare #medicine #anesthesiology #anasthesia #surgery