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Career Questions tagged Pharmaceuticals

nicole B.’s Avatar
nicole B. Jul 29 95 views

Pharmacy Tech Questions

1.What are different job options for pharmacy techs?
2.How did you go about becoming a pharmacy tech?
3.How much do entry level pharmacy techs make right out of college?
4.What do pharmacy techs do on a day to day basis?

Okikioluwa S.’s Avatar
Okikioluwa S. Jul 08 98 views

Hello, what masters programs can I do with a bachelors degree in human anatomy with a chance of getting employment.

I have a bachelors degree in human anatomy. I love to work preferably in a hospital or a pharmaceutical research lab.

Meena M.’s Avatar
Meena M. Mar 16 208 views

How can I find volunteer training job as a pharmacy technician?

I am Meena 44 years old female looking for career help in pharmacy technician job. I have no experience. I have pharmacy technician job license.

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daeja C. Nov 24, 2021 305 views

how can i become a pharmacist

#pharmacist #pharmacy #pharmaceuticals #medicine

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Silquasha F. Nov 04, 2021 285 views

What was your inspiration for taking your position as a pharmacy technician?

I'm a student interested in Pharmacy Tech ?
#pharmacy #pharmaceuticals #pharmacist #pharmacy-tech #chemistry

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Jabe A. Oct 25, 2021 220 views

what is the most rewarding aspect of being a Pharmacist?

#pharmacy #pharmacist #pharmaceuticals #healthcare

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Jabe A. Oct 25, 2021 268 views

what skills, abilities, or personal qualities are essential to become a successful pharmacist?

#pharmacy #pharmacist #healthcare #pharmaceuticals

Jabe A.’s Avatar
Jabe A. Oct 25, 2021 301 views

What advice would you give to someone looking to get into the field of pharmacy?

#pharmacy #pharmaceuticals #healthcare

Jordan F.’s Avatar
Jordan F. Oct 08, 2021 191 views

what do pharmacists study

#pharmaceuticals #pharmacist

Jordan F.’s Avatar
Jordan F. Oct 08, 2021 195 views

What is the day in the life of a pharmacist

#pharmaceuticals #pharmacist

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Kerisha N. Jul 27, 2021 282 views

Any advice on career prospects for Precision Medicine or Pharmaceutical Sciences

Hi everyone, so earlier this year I mentioned trying to change industries from chemical engineering to something else and got some great feedback here. I've always been interested in the medical field so I have been looking at doing a Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences or in Precision Medicine...

Jabria R.’s Avatar
Jabria R. Jun 04, 2021 306 views

What is the average age of a Pharmacist?

#pharmaceuticals #financial-planning

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Anil O. Mar 17, 2021 300 views

What did you generally have to do in order to become a pharmacist?

#pharmaceuticals #pharmacist

Melvin S.’s Avatar
Melvin S. Nov 18, 2020 514 views

Is Quality Engineering a good stepping stone to understand/get into Design Engineering?

Hi there, I currently a mechanical engineering graduate student interested in the Medical Device industry. I saw a company that is a Quality Solutions Service Provider in the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device industry, and I was curious if the experience gained as a Quality Engineer whether...

Sarah J.’s Avatar
Sarah J. May 12, 2020 487 views

Can I major in health sciences to be a pharmacist at a hospital?

I'm looking to obtain a bachelor's degree in health sciences to go into pharmacy school. Would majoring in health sciences be the best option?
#pharmacist #health #pharmaceuticals #college-major #hospital #medicine

Garrett G.’s Avatar
Garrett G. May 11, 2020 357 views

What's the best way to tell recruiters that you have Six Sigma Experience?

A business-minded political science and public policy major seeking internships in the healthcare industry. Eager to leverage knowledge to contribute to an organization's corporate objectives, while gaining valuable industry knowledge. #healthcare #Pharmaceuticals

Sarah J.’s Avatar
Sarah J. Apr 29, 2020 357 views

What do I major in to be a pharmacist in a hospital?

#pharmacist #pharmaceuticals #college-major #hospital #medicalfield #medical

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Sarah J. Apr 29, 2020 375 views

How do I go about being a pharmacist?

#pharmacist #pharmacy #pharmaceuticals #medicine #science #chemistry

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eman R. Apr 03, 2020 333 views

‏How can I improve myself in scientific research during my study as a pharmacy student ?

#pharmacy #studying-tips #research #chemistry #pharmaceuticals

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Breoni S. Mar 09, 2020 568 views

Is the salary of a Pharmacy Technician enough to obtain a sustainable lifestyle?

I am a twenty-one year old trade student, studying to become pharmacy technician. Some of my hobbies include sewing, embroidering, and drawing. I am very interested in pursuing healthcare , but I also want to pursue the arts industry.#pharmacy #pharmaceuticals #pharmacist #medicine #pharm-tech...

Brandon B.’s Avatar
Brandon B. Mar 02, 2020 439 views

Will college be a good step to take after becoming a Pharm Tech?

#pharmaceuticals Pharmacy Technician is my trade of choice . Pharmacology is the major I'm looking to pursue. #pharmacist #pharmacy

Deajenae M.’s Avatar
Deajenae M. Jan 31, 2020 275 views

What advice do you have for me on becoming a pharmacy tech ? I'm currently a student at job corps and what to know more about it.

#pharmaceuticals #pharmacy

Deajenae M.’s Avatar
Deajenae M. Jan 31, 2020 415 views

What does your day as a pharmacist consist of?

#pharmacist #medicine #healthcare #technology #pharmacy #pharmaceuticals

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denzel W. Apr 02, 2019 406 views

What technology would i use more than any other in the pharmacuetical field

technology such as computer skills #pharmaceuticals #pharmacy #healthcare

paitynn G.’s Avatar
paitynn G. Dec 05, 2018 563 views

What is the stress level of a pharmacist?

Hello my name is Paitynn and I'm currently enrolled in job corps to get my high school diploma and study pharmacy tech. My biggest question is what is the stress level like in this profession and would you recommend it? Also were would you start major wise to get to the farther education you...

Destiny N.’s Avatar
Destiny N. Nov 01, 2018 503 views

Does it actually need take a lot to become a pharmacist?

Like is the process to becoming one difficult? #pharmacy #pharmacist #medicine #pharmaceuticals

Ahlyia L.’s Avatar
Ahlyia L. Aug 27, 2018 1001 views

What are ways to increase your changes of being accepted to four year colleges, despite being from a low income area?

Another question I have is how can I stand out to colleges while being from a low income area that, to me, seems to limit my opportunities? I have had personal experiences losing great opportunities due to where I am from. #college #high-school #low-income-area #workforce #steam #stem #science...

Ahlyia L.’s Avatar
Ahlyia L. Aug 27, 2018 621 views

What are the challenges I may face pursuing a career in science, and how can I stand out among the rest?

For my first two years in high school I have been studying biotechnology and I have been working diligently in preparing myself for college and the workforce. Though I have not decided on an exact career, I am deeply considering one within forensics, pharmaceuticals, or in the space exploration...

Steven A.’s Avatar
Steven A. Aug 11, 2018 939 views

How hard is it to be Pharmacist?

I am attending college in less than a month and I'm majoring in Pharmacy. Is it hard? Is there any advice for me inorder for me to succeed.
#chemistry #pharmacy #pharmacist #pharmacists #pharmaceuticals #experience

Benjamin S.’s Avatar
Benjamin S. Jul 07, 2018 430 views

How does one gain the traction to begin medicinal research?

As an aspiring biochem/biophysics major who is looking to make pharmaceuticals in the future I was wondering how one would go about getting the resources and clearance to formulate and test new compounds. #medicine #health #research #healthcare #biochem #biophysics #pharmaceuticals