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Career Questions tagged Ucla

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Apr 04 172 views

Should I apply for an obscure major at an UC and then transfer to stem?

The low acceptance rates at UCs for stem majors is daunting and I would like to know if applying for an obscure major would be a good idea.

Raymond’s Avatar
Raymond Feb 24, 2021 218 views

What's the chance of getting into a top college

I'm wondering how hard it is to get into a top college. I can do better if I try harder so that's why I wanna know. #UCLA #UCL #HARVARD

Carmilia’s Avatar
Carmilia May 15, 2018 475 views

What is the quality of UCLA's nursing school?

Is the education UCLA provides for nursing really valuable in the nursing field? #nursing #ucla #college

Seneca’s Avatar
Seneca Mar 26, 2018 3581 views

What are the cons to attending UCLA?

What are some things that you wish you knew before attending UCLA? How did you adapt to these surprises? What advice would you give to a prospective freshman? If you had known these cons, would it have changed your decision to attend UCLA? How is life after graduating from UCLA? #UCLA...

Seneca’s Avatar
Seneca Mar 26, 2018 586 views

Should I go to a more expensive, prestigious school for the experience and opportunities, or take a more affordable route so that I will have less financial burden in the future?

I got accepted to UCLA, however, I am wondering if it is worthwhile to attend UCLA if it means that I will create more debt for myself in the future. I want the diversity, club organizations, experience, and research opportunities that it offers (I am an Undeclared- Life Sciences major at the...

Asad’s Avatar
Asad Jan 14, 2018 1409 views

How hard is it to Double Major at UCLA?

I am looking to major in both Civil Engineering and Business, and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience or could offer advice #technology #ucla

Sophie’s Avatar
Sophie Jan 10, 2018 409 views

What do u have to do and work on to get into UCLA? What are the requirements and what do they like to see from a student?

I am in 9th grade and it is a little early to be thinking about college but I want to start working on everything to have good grades and other stuff so I could get into UCLA and I would like to know what I have to do to get to that level. So I could get in cause I really want to go to UCLA....

Nada’s Avatar
Nada Dec 26, 2016 2914 views

Which university is better USC or UCLA and what are the pros and cons of both?

At the moment the most appealing choices I have are USC and UCLA so I want to know which one is better and if that can't be determined what are the pros and cons of each weighed against each other. This is mainly for curiosity's sake but I am also genuinely interested in the matter. #university...

Jed’s Avatar
Jed Oct 31, 2016 807 views

Can one go into a good college like UCSD or UCLA without taking calculus or psychics?

I found out too late on what I wanted to be but I want to get into UCLA or UCSD. Is there a way where I can get into the school and learn about engineering there? #engineering #college-major #college-admissions #ucla #ucsd

Rama’s Avatar
Rama Apr 29, 2014 2233 views

What can I do to increase my chances of getting into an amazing university?

Hi, I'm a sophomore in high school. I feel like it's too late for me to get into a great university and that all my opportunities to do something extraordinary have been missed. I was wondering if there is anything I can do this upcoming summer and junior year so that my application for college...