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Career Questions tagged Communication

Leire’s Avatar
Leire Mar 14 119 views

For public speaking, what can a naturally introverted person do to become more comfortable and confident?

As an introvert, often I find it challenging to talk in front of large groups. Are there are any tips to facilitate these nerves to feel more confident?

Jocelyn’s Avatar
Jocelyn Mar 13 75 views

How do you maintain and cultivate connections?

Is there more than just sending people emails saying you're interested?

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Feb 08 148 views

when doing marketing how do i get veiws?

when doing marketing how do i get people to look at my ads because im getting no veiws or people to click on my website.

Cody’s Avatar
Cody Feb 07 152 views

What is your opinion on the advancement of technology when it comes to communication?

Do you like the advancement of technology so far? What do you think some pros and cons are when it comes to communication via technology?

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Lisa Jan 02 380 views

How can one build a close network?

How can you build a close relationship with someone, and come across as more responsible, memorable, and outgoing? How to meet new people and start a conversation? What do friends normally talk about on a daily basis, in contrast to a coworker? How do you make friendships that will last?...

Yuridia’s Avatar
Yuridia Dec 10, 2022 309 views

How is communication with co-workers important?

What would happen if you don't have good communication with co-workers?

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Satyam Nov 29, 2022 153 views

Where and how to start my career and learning in digital marketing and management positions?


I'm really interest in marketing and would like to help out in digital marketing, communication, administrations position on whatever way possible.


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Ashley Sep 26, 2022 212 views

?How long till i become rich.

How Many years till i become rich off of being a welder?

Eshara’s Avatar
Eshara Jul 28, 2022 696 views

Volunteer opportunities in NYC - Speech Pathology

Does anyone know of any places in NYC/BRONX where I can volunteer and gain experience observing Speech Language Pathologists as a Speech student?

I’m trying to apply for grad school and is switching careers. I would love to gain experience and also add to my resume when applying for schools.

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Jul 26, 2022 623 views

Does your workplace value your mental health?

It might be a silly question but I'm genuinely curious about people's prospect. This is all because you're replaceable once you're 6 ft under so why not take care of your mental health?

Kosha’s Avatar
Kosha Jul 25, 2022 346 views

Inquiry about Ba in Psycology and Ba in English ??

Heyy there !
I want to know what is the best course and which course will have great scope in future ..
which course have opportunities towards MA in mass communication ??

Help me here please !

Azra’s Avatar
Azra May 22, 2022 330 views

Which are the best universities for communications media?

I want to study communications media. But i am not sure about the country and university. I don't know which universities are better for communications media. Can you give me an advice?

Elijah’s Avatar
Elijah Apr 04, 2022 235 views

What is the difference in time and energy it takes; comparing the communication and paperwork sides of the job depending on whichever specific job your are apart of?

Im in trade school right now for "Hotel and Lodging", I would like any kind of advice on what i can expect on the job. Thank alot in advanced! I might go specifically for "Spa Manager", or "concierges".

Yasmine’s Avatar
Yasmine Oct 20, 2021 375 views

How can I be more creative? as a student that wants to study marketing, I feel like I am not very creative. How marketing professionals come up with those creative and great ideas?

I am a student interested in marketing, I am willing to learn more about sector. #marketing #business #marketing-and-advertising #communication #question #answer

Macey’s Avatar
Macey Oct 19, 2021 416 views

What careers are in marketing?

#marketing #communication #business-management

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Zion Sep 21, 2021 396 views

I wanna be a successful animator,author ,comic artist, and actor so I have what it takes?

My favorite color is red n black.
My favorite food is pizza
N Im tryna be a animator someday #communication #art #animator #animation #design

Kaitlyn’s Avatar
Kaitlyn Sep 14, 2021 356 views

What is the best job for someone who is thinking about going to college for a business and communications major?

I've already had quite a bit of programs that I've been a part of that helps me with my public speaking and getting what I want to say out to the people I want to. I always thought about majoring in this subject because I thought it was nice to have people hear what I have to say. So what is...

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Jul 12, 2021 390 views

Can you work under pressure

Hard working,passion person and I have good communication #communication #broadcast-media #sports #business #work

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Jun 29, 2021 1092 views

Is a sociology degree helpful for public relations?

Hi, My name is Alyssa. I am a 25-year-old student who is almost ready to transfer to a #communication university to finish my bachelor's. I currently will hold 2 AAs in communication studies and sociology. My goal is to work with the public ultimately. I want to help with charitable campaigns,...

Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine Jun 18, 2021 347 views

How could I become a better writer?

#creative-writing # #communication #nurse

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Deepabali Jun 15, 2021 327 views

What are the food which good for brain?

#food #communication

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tony Mar 18, 2021 363 views

what is the best way to get to college

#college #communication

g’s Avatar
g Sep 10, 2020 426 views

Is Atlanta a good place to do Public Relations?

I am planning on going to college in Atlanta after I graduate high school because that's where I want to live. I'm a bit skeptical because I don't know if places in Atlanta or Georgia as a whole have god public relations jobs... #marketing #communication #business #public relations #placestolive

Kelly’s Avatar
Kelly Jul 17, 2020 527 views

How to build a good relationship with your professors?

I heading into university and due to Covid-19, my first semester is going to be online. Of course, there are going to be many obstacles but the most troubling is connecting with professors. I want to get to know them as well as making myself known and that I want to excel in their class. But I...

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 10, 2020 399 views

What does success look like in your position?

I want to learn about what success looks like in different roles

Nashaela’s Avatar
Nashaela Jul 09, 2020 492 views

What is the toughest part of your job?

I am a hard worker who likes to work at my own pace but I can work with challenges but since I have issues with getting my ideas across with other people. I'm great at adapting to new things and I love art, writing and any type of job that allows me to be able to express my thoughts in a...

Isolena’s Avatar
Isolena May 14, 2020 628 views

I am beginning to explore different career paths for the future, and I am interested in learning more about marketing. What should I know?

I am great with communication and enjoy working with others! Marketing sounds interesting and I would love to learn more about it. #marketing #career-path #communication #social-work

Monique’s Avatar
Monique May 06, 2020 725 views

What are my career options for a double major of advertising/public relations and political science?

I am entering my junior year of college with a major in advertising/public relations and a minor (possible double major) in political science. I am active with several nonprofit organizations that deal with issues in public health, such as gun violence prevention and climate change. I am an...

Abby’s Avatar
Abby May 01, 2020 400 views

What is a pathway that could lead to a career in health communication?

I am a first-year university student studying Communication and Media with a strong interest in science & medicine, in terms of how topics such as these are presented to the general public
# #medicine #communication

Mena’s Avatar
Mena Apr 25, 2020 495 views

I am an English Literature Student who wants to work for the SDGs. What should I do?

I am a creative problem-solving person and I study literature. I want to work in international organizations for any good global causes related to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. However, I am not a specialist. Is it...