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COdy T. Jan 28 92 views

How do you get rich?

I play basketball but i want to go into business and marketing. #marketing #business #sports #business-management...


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laverdis C. Jan 27 25 views

what job is best for me?

i am a harder worker who focus on the task at hand. I like to help people with there problems I'm always keeping a smile on somebody's face and I am good with people. #communication...


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Annapoorna M. Jan 17 26 views
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Madison P. Nov 22, 2019 90 views

How do I begin networking to become a writer/editor for novels?

I am a young writer trying to figure out how to kick it off as a career. #writing #communication #author...


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carmyn C. Sep 06, 2019 59 views
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Fiepre C. Aug 29, 2019 61 views

I think I might have to make my own career

So I want to major in international relations and chemistry. I love them both equally and I don’t think I could trade off one or the other. I want to live in other countries and work but I don’t know how I’m going to combine the two degrees that I want to get into one full blown job. Also, both...

#job #communication #college-major

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Edelyn J. Aug 26, 2019 97 views

How do I start a conversation when I don’t know what to say?

When I have something to say or an idea I don’t say it because the people who I’m with are still talking about theirs. And when I try to say my ideas I feel like they aren’t interested. When it all quiet and somehow awkward, how do I start a conversation when I have no idea what to say?...

#communication #conversation #networking #career

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Larmie S. Jul 17, 2019 113 views

How do I become an international reporter?

I am considering going to law school to combine it with my BA in broadcast journalism, is that advisable? #communication...


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M A. Jun 18, 2019 99 views

Is neuroscience a required major in labor market?

Where do I work when I graduate ? And how about the job chances in that field? I hope you answer my question and thank you #communication #college #psychology #neuroscience #biology...


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Angel W. Apr 28, 2019 96 views
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Kimberly G. Apr 10, 2019 175 views

Im not sure what entails in getting a communications degree/ as a major ?

I want to know more about the careers availible with this degree. I am also a more creative person and want to know if careers with this degree will allow me to be more creative. #college #communication #career-choice #degree...


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Leah A. Mar 22, 2019 113 views

How to talk to your boss about the restrictions in your position and limitations that your boss is causing?

I work as a web designer for a professor and I'm trying to replace a video recorder widget that broke before I got hired. The most I can actually do is just keep sending him recommendations about which ones to look at. But I don't have the capabilities to do a trail run of premium versions of...

#college #web #work #communication

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Susan F. Feb 24, 2019 121 views

communications major vs. a journalism major?

although i'm not set on anything yet, i've been considering pursuing journalism as a major. however, would a communications degree be more "useful" than a journalism degree since it's more broad? what is taught in for communications majors? what jobs could one get with a communications degree?...

#communication #journalism