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Career Questions tagged Entrepreneur

Kharri B.’s Avatar
Kharri B. 18 hours ago 20 views

How do I price services as a small business?

I am a college student going into her sophomore year. I've decided to rebrand the graphic design business I started in high school. I left it alone for a bit to focus on school. I'm having a bit of an issue with pricing. I've made and have been paid to do people's logos before but I want to...

Andrew M.’s Avatar
Andrew M. yesterday 13 views

What would i major in to become a good entrepreneur?

I dont know what to major in even though one of the options is entrepreneurship. Do I choose that as a major or something else.

Andrew M.’s Avatar
Andrew M. yesterday 24 views

What is Entrepreneurship?

I know what it means but i don't fully understand it. How do you become a good one. How do you make a lot of money but then help people at the same time.

ashley L.’s Avatar
ashley L. Apr 11 98 views

running a business

What are the struggles of running your own business? What are some things you wished you knew before?

Ximena V.’s Avatar
Ximena V. Mar 02 201 views

What is the average salary for work in business Administration ????

I want to transfer a business from Nacional to International .
#entrepreneur #business #accounting

Daniel J.’s Avatar
Daniel J. Feb 10 183 views

How to find funding for a startup or project

#entrepreneur #business #management

Interested in how to find funding for projects or company startups, and to dig deeper into how to find and sustain funding for a project. and the diffusivities in that.

Cato H.’s Avatar
Cato H. Jan 28 164 views

Are connections important to start your own business?

Are connections important to develop your own business? and if so how would I find people with similar interests to me. #business #entrepreneur #networking #mentor

Shaina T.’s Avatar
Shaina T. Jan 23 166 views

What are your thoughts about Information Systems as a degree?

planning to take it bc I have opportunities in tech and business but I also heard the degree in data science that's also business and tech?? #information-technology #technology #business-management #business #entrepreneur #college#degree#tech

ahmed H.’s Avatar
ahmed H. Jan 21 230 views

what is the best business major degree in the work field ?

im thinking about : 1- business administration 2-international trade and business 3-finance and banking 4- logistics and business 5-economics #business #entrepreneur #business-management #management #college-major #work #finance #degree#...

ahmed H.’s Avatar
ahmed H. Jan 19 168 views

what is the best college to study business in turkey ?

specially in istanbul .
has a strong certificate so i can work anywhere .
with low fees .
#business #college #college-major #professor #istanbul#studyinturkey#businessdegrees#help#college-recommendations #entrepreneur

Angel S.’s Avatar
Angel S. Dec 17, 2021 211 views

Should I double major in Business and fine arts?

I am currently a business major concentrating on entrepreneurship, but I have too many interests in the art, fashion, and beauty industry. I think I should narrow my goals down before committing to a broad major like business. #business #art #fashion #entrepreneur #college-major

Deangel P.’s Avatar
Deangel P. Dec 15, 2021 245 views

what kind of internships or volunteer opportunities will help give me entrepreneur skills?

I'm interested in having my own bakery food truck
#internship #business #baking #entrepreneur #nail technician #culinary

Zaylin B.’s Avatar
Zaylin B. Nov 29, 2021 174 views

Where are some some good spots to open up a restaurant?

Where are some good locations to open up a restaurant, establishment, or manufacturing company? #business #entrepreneur #business-management

Jagger P.’s Avatar
Jagger P. Nov 23, 2021 240 views

How do you attract or get new clients if you work in sales. I have an interest in being an investment manager and want to know how I would get clients into my office.

I'm a young entrepreneur who pursues in many different ventures including the sneaker business. My friends and I resell shoes and make a hefty profit. #business #entrepreneur

Benjamin N.’s Avatar
Benjamin N. Nov 18, 2021 205 views

How do I start drop shipping?

I found about drop shipping from a comment I posted. I was curious how do I start one and how do I find supplies? Also is drop shipping scamming? #entrepreneur #business # #management #business-management #finance