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Career Questions tagged Entrepreneur

Edmund Z.’s Avatar
Edmund Z. Sep 14 47 views

What college is best for business?

I am a 17 year old student, who currently owns my own 'business' in a way. I would like to pursue business and be able to eventually own my own sneaker store. #business #entrepreneur...


Rihanna J.’s Avatar
Rihanna J. Aug 05 82 views

how do I start my boutique off right ?

I really wanna be an #entrepreneur and own an boutique #business-management it’s been my dream since I was...

Asajj A.’s Avatar
Asajj A. Aug 05 114 views
Autumn J.’s Avatar
Autumn J. Aug 01 112 views

Should my major still be business-esque or something like writing/editing?

I don't know much about the specifics of majors and minors in college. But for a while I thought it was something about business. Now I'm thinking. I like to read so much and write. When I do read (some amazing books btw), my mind goes over and over, unconsciously editing and analyzing, it's...

#editor #help #business #senior #writing #entrepreneur

Cordell B.’s Avatar
Cordell B. Jul 31 69 views

What do I need to do to get my own business registered?

I started my own entertainment company at 15 will be 18 soon and want it to be legit....


Ava W.’s Avatar
Ava W. Jul 31 102 views

What's the first step to starting a business?

Im 15 years old; I have been baking for a couple of years, and have a pretty good amount of experience. The first step I am taking to achieve this goal is creating my own website. Is this the right thing to do? #entrepreneur...


Marvin W.’s Avatar
Marvin W. Jul 31 96 views

Whats a good way to start your career in real-estate

I am very interested in business and I like doing things that are in my control Including my career or job so #entrepreneur #business #marketing #career...


Benjamin H.’s Avatar
Benjamin H. Jul 15 115 views

How do I open up and maintain a small business?

I'm looking to open up a handcrafted firearms company focused around traditional arms such as SxS shotguns, bolt action rifles, and revolvers but nobody can give me a straight answer as to the expenses or a good starting point. I have gunsmith experience and several hundred designs along with a...

#entrepreneur #manufacturing #business #marketing

Itari M.’s Avatar
Itari M. Jul 08 87 views

What makes a good chief good?

Of course it would be the types of meals they make but what about the chief as a person make them a good chief? Would their emotions reflect on the food they make? #business #chief #entrepreneur #culinary...


tanaishah E.’s Avatar
tanaishah E. Jun 25 216 views

How do I create my own website to start my business?

My name is tanaishah I'm a very talented person and I would like help to start my own business and Technology because I'm not good at that and I would like to get better at knowing how to work things by myself.) #entrepreneur #business #technology #management meaning that I want to make my own...


Elizabeth C.’s Avatar
Elizabeth C. Jun 27 101 views

What steps do I need to take in order to work in marketing and advertising?

I am really creative and like to think outside of the box. I want to study in an area surrounding business, I am interested in the field of marketing and advertising and think is the career that I would like to stick with. #marketing #business #advertising #entrepreneur...


Jadden H.’s Avatar
Jadden H. Jun 26 111 views

When you are interested in being an entrepreneur of several businesses, how do you know which one to focus on first?s

I am interested in art (which includes different forms of art), science, real estate, managing, finances, teaching, and etc. My head is just usually all over the place 24/7. #entrepreneur #business #art #music #poetry #dedicated #technology...


Trenton-Andrew C.’s Avatar
Trenton-Andrew C. Jun 24 132 views

what training and advice can you give about running a business?

I am going to open up multiple locations some day, and operate tourist locations, I will be attending college after culinary arts training. but still unsure what I will learn in college. #business #culinary #management #entrepreneur...


John J.’s Avatar
John J. Jun 23 78 views

What do you need to become an entrepreneur?

I'm referring to knowledge, and physical objects or resources. I'm looking for a more practical answer, not any mindset or attitude answers. #entrepreneurship #business #business-management #...


Sara M.’s Avatar
Sara M. Jun 22 74 views

What do I need to start a business?

I'm a strong motivated person, I love to express myself, and I'm very passionate about what I do. #business #entrepreneur...


Amanda C.’s Avatar
Amanda C. Jun 22 87 views

I want to own my own baking business

i would love to be my own boss in baking and be able to have people all over the world know my name and know that my business isnt just for baking but also to know that some of the money we get goes to people in need all around the world #business #entrepreneur #baking...