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Career Questions tagged Photography

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Feb 27 113 views

What is the best way to make photography your career?

I am only 18 years old and I would love to make photography my career one day. What are the right steps to take now? What do I need to achieve this? What path should I follow? THANKYOU.

kaitlyn’s Avatar
kaitlyn Feb 14 121 views

Is it worth it to become a photographer?

if i stay in tech i will probably go to be a photographer and take pictures of babies and pregnancy and also wedding pictures maybe couple pictures as well i dont really know

Ayden’s Avatar
Ayden Dec 21, 2022 192 views

how would start a photographer career ?

i am in 10th grade wondering how to start a photographer career and im interested on how it all works

Raven’s Avatar
Raven Dec 19, 2022 225 views

How do I go about combining my different career paths?

I am planning on owning a cafe but I also want to write and have a minor in photography so I was wondering how I could combine them. The tips I got for each individual path was wonderful but I can't seem to fit them together with my goal. It would be nice for some pointers in that department.

Eileen’s Avatar
Eileen Dec 14, 2022 127 views


What was hard about starting with business? How did you progress with the process?

Raven’s Avatar
Raven Nov 12, 2022 214 views

What are some tips about becoming a photographer?

I was wondering about some tips about photography as I feel my career choices would intertwine.

Ace’s Avatar
Ace Nov 10, 2022 375 views

Is it possible to make a career solely out of photography?

Ever since I’ve started trying to pursue It as a career, I’ve been told that it’s only generally successful as a side job, and having a different career as a main job would be better.

Orion’s Avatar
Orion Nov 07, 2022 132 views

Do I need an expensive camera to make it in film?

I currently use an iPhone Xr as my camera to record with, I'm currently wondering whether or not I need to save up all my money and invest in something expensive, or if a Phone camera will work.

sam’s Avatar
sam Oct 04, 2022 245 views

where should I start on my journey to become a photographer?

Are there any programs I can sign up for that can help me practice my skills? What are some good resources that I can use to find jobs in this career field?

sam’s Avatar
sam Oct 04, 2022 158 views

What is the best route to take if I want to become a photographer?

What process should I go through to become a photographer? What should I study in college that can help me get better at photography?

Luca Massimo’s Avatar
Luca Massimo Aug 03, 2022 330 views

How can I best find architecture photography clients when starting my business?

I've developed a nice portfolio of architecture photography throughout the last 3 years and am working on my online presentation currently. I've had my first client shootings and am looking to find more clients to get started and turn my sidehustle into my dreamjob.

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Jun 06, 2022 189 views

What would I have to do to become a Professional Car Photographer

I have always wanted to become a Professional Photographer.

Tahgie’s Avatar
Tahgie May 03, 2022 306 views

Where Yo Swag @?

If You're a fashion designer how long did it take you to really start making wearable pieces.? And when did you get your first purchase.? If you're a video or photography what was your longest project and how long did it take you? & when did you start making money for your visuals?

Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine Apr 18, 2022 438 views

How do I pick just one career path?

Hi, I honestly have no idea what career would be best for me. One I could succeed in, I want to be a nurse but at the same time a photographer and a writer. I do write stories because I have a lot of ideas in my head, and photography my dad got me into that and I love it. I am only in high...

emma’s Avatar
emma Mar 02, 2022 247 views

is it possible to make a living by traveling around and taking photos? if so, what are the details?

#travel #photography

amelia’s Avatar
amelia Mar 01, 2022 209 views

What is an estimate of your average pay per year?

#photography #graphicdesign #interiordesign

amelia’s Avatar
amelia Mar 01, 2022 235 views

How do you market your buisness?

#photography #graphicdesign #interiordesign

emma’s Avatar
emma Feb 25, 2022 221 views

What are some different photography companies in New York?

#photography #art #newyork

amelia’s Avatar
amelia Feb 24, 2022 228 views

How many hours a week do you work?

#photography #graphicdesign #interiordesign

Charidan’s Avatar
Charidan Jan 19, 2022 254 views

How can I make a stable living in a career like film, photography, modeling, acting when I am just starting out.

I am about to go to college but I want to be financially stable. #college #film #art #photography #actor #model #financiallystable

carlos’s Avatar
carlos Nov 12, 2021 367 views

is photography easy

like is #photography easy than it look like or is it hard

carlos’s Avatar
carlos Nov 12, 2021 420 views

what is the degree you need for photography

what is the specific degree that you need for #photography

Makaylah’s Avatar
Makaylah Nov 09, 2021 268 views

Are there certain classes I that would have to take for photography ?

I want to know how many classes will be required to take in this field. To at least a full beginner. #photography #photos

maddie’s Avatar
maddie Nov 05, 2021 193 views

What should I do with my life?

I love to hunt, fish, and photography. #photography

carlos’s Avatar
carlos Nov 02, 2021 367 views

what type of photographer are there

#im quiet but i like art like #photography i don't know why but to me it looks so cool

Eleazar’s Avatar
Eleazar Nov 01, 2021 302 views

What job would be most fitting for me that would pay enough to live comfortably?

I am a senior in high school, currently dual enrolled into a college for a Graphic Design program, but I also want to be a photographer. If I do persue graphic design or photography what would be the best thing to do after I graduate? #graphic-design #photography #computer

anna’s Avatar
anna Oct 19, 2021 254 views

What things do I try related to photography to get a head start on experience?

#photography #art

anna’s Avatar
anna Oct 19, 2021 215 views

What classes do I take for photography?


anna’s Avatar
anna Oct 19, 2021 282 views

Where do I start to become a Photographer?

#photography #graphic-design

Nadia’s Avatar
Nadia Sep 27, 2021 224 views

What is the best photography equipment that I could purchases to be the most successful?