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Ramcis V. yesterday 12 views

How can I make money at a young age?

I like to to play video games, take photos of myself and others, and listen to music. I kinda want a career around that like produce samples and beats for artist. Or maybe become a personal photographer for a celebrity, etc. #music-production...


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berneisa Y. Nov 05, 2020 129 views

I am interested in photography and art, would opening an online shop be the best option for income?

I am very passionate about photography and the fine arts, right now I do commissions through social media, would opening an online shop be better or like a patreon? would it be better for my followers and people who want to purchase my drawings? #art #photography #onlinestore...


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Nick T. Oct 27, 2020 83 views
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gabby P. Aug 26, 2020 85 views

Is photography a good industry to go into

would this be a good-paying job and how hard would it be to get into...


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Chichi A. Jun 08, 2020 181 views

Are there any non teaching jobs In Japan

I am a student and I am thinking to get a job in Japan that is non teaching maybe as a photographer #photography #teaching...


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Ishmeal D. Jun 02, 2020 220 views

How can I be a musician?

I also love music and sometimes i just wished that i'd put all my real life experiences into a song which the world can listen to and i believe that many people can relate and be courageous.I love #photography and...


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Ishmeal D. Jun 02, 2020 169 views

How can I be a photographer?

I am doing great.I love Photography.I always like to capture the moment and explore beautiful adventures to see and share nature's wonderful creations....


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Harley Marie C. May 05, 2020 182 views

I am stuck between wanting to be a Photographer and being an animal trainer...How do I decide which would benefit me more?

My whole life I have LOVED animals, I've lived with many different species and kinds of animals. Everywhere from a classic house cat or dog, I've had birds, lizards, fish, ferrets, bunnies, guinea pig's, snakes, all the way to weird exotic animals like a capybara, zebra, we had an elephant,...

#collage #zoology #help #photography #photo #veterinarian #animals

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Shannon L. Apr 03, 2020 152 views

How do I start a career in Photography?

I am 17 years old, I don't have a professional camera, so I really only have the one on my phone, but I am very good at taking pictures!...


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Ramsey P. Mar 23, 2020 444 views

What careers should I look into?

For years I have been trying to figure out what career/field I should go into. I have been looking into healthcare, but I decided to consider other fields to make sure that's what I want to do. I am interested in math, science, technology, art, agriculture, and photography. I am also a people...

#college-major #photography #career-counseling #career #job #math #major #agriculture #science #technology #art #college

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Shannon D. Mar 23, 2020 184 views

What is the most difficult part about being a photographer?

I love photography. I also think that I’m pretty good at it☺️. I’ve heard, though, that being in freelance can be risky and it can be difficult to make it. I just want some info. #photography #art...

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Teree L. Nov 28, 2019 178 views

How to start a career to be a successful vlogger?

Thats it for now. The question is pretty cut & dry/short & sweet..... #career #art...


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Isabelle B. Nov 14, 2019 141 views

What does a combat photographer do on a daily basis?

I'm considering combat photography as a career but I don't know much about it. Just wondering if I could get any more information on the subject. #photography #career #marines #armedforces...


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kayla B. Nov 08, 2019 179 views

What is the difference between forensic science technician and crime scene photography

what to know What is the differences between forensic science technician and crime scene photography #photography #criminal-justice...


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Jaime S. Oct 30, 2019 339 views

Should I follow my passions or go towards following what will help me make a living?

I want to be a photographer or an architect but from what people keep telling me is that they don't make enough money, what should I do, what will truly benefit me? #architect #architecture...


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connor B. Sep 16, 2019 197 views

do you travel a lot

I love to travel and I want to have a job that allows me to be on the move and see new things. #photography...


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mia B. May 13, 2019 167 views
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Alpha D. May 09, 2019 302 views

how do I get recognized as a photographer

I have a camera and take tons of photos but want to get recognized by someone so I can get hired...