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Career Questions tagged Video Editing

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Jerry Mar 14 69 views

how should i go about begin starting a career and what cooking program or easy free editing website should i do or use ?

I'm interested being a chef or video-editng but I don't know much about video-editng and cook.

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Evan Mar 03 60 views

What are the best ways to gain experience in the film and video editing field?

For quite a while I've been steadily teaching myself how to edit with software such as DaVinci Resolve (best free editing software imo, but it's resource intensive) because I'm interested in video editing and would love to work as an editor out of high school, preferably through freelance work.

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Katie Feb 17 55 views

What is being a video/film editor like?

Are there daily schedules, or is it a relatively flexible job? Basically, how does a normal day of work look like?

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Katie Feb 17 725 views

How do editors find work/commissions?

I am a student in a film class where we do some filming, but mostly editing. I'm considering this for a career, but I don't know how to find work as an editor or how to promote my work/portfolio.

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C Jan 24 77 views

Student in film Questions?

What motivates you to get up in the morning and work?

What helps when your feeling stressed at work are with at-home situations?

What is Comunicaton like with co-workers as your on the job

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Eben Dec 14, 2022 115 views

What is the average life like for a photographer and/or videographer in the US?

How many clients per day does the average photographer and/or videographer have? What is the average pay of a photographer and/or videographer and what does their life look like?

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Mercy Dec 09, 2022 240 views

I wish to create a platform that talks about issues pertaining to ex prisoner after their sentence, relapse into criminal behavior and other related issue but then I have no idea on how to go about it especially with my little to no know knowledge about editing photos and videos. How do I start? #EOY22

I wish to create a platform that talks about issues pertaining to ex prisoner after their sentence, relapse into criminal behavior and other related issue but then I have no idea on how to go about it especially with my little to no know knowledge about editing photos and videos. How do I...

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emi Nov 01, 2022 143 views

What major is most suitable for someone interested in video editing and film?

What schools have the best program for the major or minor?

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Kiana Jun 30, 2022 274 views

What ways can I promote my edits/videos on social media?

I sometimes post them on tiktok or Instagram but I get tired and loss motivation to continue. Any one can answer.

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Alessia Jun 08, 2022 208 views

Video editing, producing

How long would be normal to work on a five or six minute semi-professional music video?

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Jack May 06, 2022 316 views

I looking to be a film and video editor

I have 5 questions about this job

1. What is the best place to start practicing
2. What are some programs to have/avoid
3. Wat are good schools to go to
4. What is the best way to practice
5. What is your favorite part of the job

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Computer May 03, 2022 291 views

How much time do you have to work while being a film and video editor.

Please answer.

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Andres Nov 08, 2021 434 views

What should you major in if you are interested in video editing and graphic design.

#graphic-designer #graphic-design #video-editing #editing

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Shamir Jan 22, 2018 557 views

Where is the best place to start if you want to start learning video editing??

Lately, I've seen content creators play video games, vlog and their editing is so crisp in the video. The question being where do i start learning my craft and get from where I am now to being a professional video editor and use to think
#video-editing #film-editing #adobe

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Samantha Sep 01, 2017 852 views

What sort of advice could you give to someone who just switched their major to Film/Video studies?

I was just wondering if there were any film or video production people out there who want to lend a hand? I just switched my major to Film/Video Production in the middle of this past spring semester since I've always been interested in learning more about this, especially video editing. So,...

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Jacob Sep 01, 2017 769 views

What video editing programs do you use?

I am a film major and am looking for software that is affordable but also heavy duty #video-production #video-editing #music-video

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Ursula Apr 10, 2017 812 views

How to manage money while in college?

I'm a college student and I find myself running out of money frequently. I try to stay on a budget, but sometimes I need to go over it. Do you have any tips in how to manage money in a small budget? #student-loans #editing #video-editing #post-production #motion-pictures #budgets

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Ursula Apr 09, 2017 1033 views

How to manage time?

I currently studying Motion Picture Arts and I barely get to sleep because of my homework, I also daily vlog (it's like a video diary) and I also do weekly videos on youtube, I'm very invested in everything I do, but I don't get much free time. My sister tells me to stop at least daily...

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Ursula Apr 09, 2017 918 views

How many softwares should I get familiar with?

I'm still in university and I plan on working in Post Production, I'm currently familiar working with Avid and Premiere Pro are there any other software that I should learn while I'm still studying? #computer-software #software #film-production #editing #video-editing #post-production #short-films

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Ursula Apr 09, 2017 800 views

Is it harder to get jobs being international?

I moved to Canada to study and I plan on working here, but I'm originally from Brazil. I know that Canada is very accepting, but I was wondering if there are any problems with getting a job being international. #international #film-production #editing #video-editing #audio-post-production

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Ursula Apr 07, 2017 1012 views

What is a good entry level job in Post-Production?

I'm a film student interested in editing and I wanted to get a summer job. Most people say that 1st Assistant Editor is an entry level job, but it actually requires a lot of skill to be the 1st assistant and still being on my first at university I don't think I'm ready for such responsibility....

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Ursula Apr 07, 2017 770 views

How to find summer jobs?

I want to be an Editor and I wanted to get a job as a trainee or second assistant during the summer so I could gain more experience and get to know more people in the industry. But I can't seem to find any job ads in this area. Would it be appropriate to call/e-mail some Post-production houses...

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Ursula Apr 06, 2017 998 views

What is the best way to follow up someone after an event?

I recently went to a networking event and I met a lot of people and I wanted to keep in contact with them. Should I e-mail all of them or just the ones that I had longer conversations with? And how should I approach them with the follow-up e-mail? #film #networking #film-production #editing...

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Ursula Apr 05, 2017 885 views

What is the key to "succeed" in networking event?

I have just registered for a networking event (more specifically a Vancouver Post Alliance Event) and although I had classes about how to behave in a networking event, I wanted to know how can you meet someone in such a short period of time people and actually create a connection with them....

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Ursula Apr 03, 2017 928 views

How to get work expirience in my area of study while I'm still studying?

Hi, I'm a Motion Picture Arts student, I want to pursue a career in editing, I have no experience in this area beside from university and my own projects. My plan is to try to have a membership at IATSE 891, to do that I have to first become a Permittee. Last week I went to a career fair at my...

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Trayquil Feb 20, 2017 939 views

What field would I have to be in to make movies

I'd like to make movies, the tech part though. Not acting, I would like to edit the film or possibly even record it #graphic-design #video-production #video-editing

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Tyler Feb 13, 2017 801 views

How should I approach Job Hunting for a future career?

I'm asking for some insight on a few things. I'm interested in computers, pulling them apart, putting them together, testing for issues and solving them as well as looking for better options for future sustainability. I'm in-between jobs at the moment and have no prior experience other than...