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Career Questions tagged Entertainment Industry

Lien A.’s Avatar
Lien A. Sep 01, 2017 551 views

What is the best field to pursue in the entertainment industry?

I may or may not be going to college next year, which means I need to choose a major. I don't have any interests in any other field besides the entertainment industry. I want to know which field is both satisfying and having a decent pay. Ex: animation, film, etc. However, I also want to know...

animation iscollegeworthit 3d-animation entertainment-industry college-majors

Gabriella G.’s Avatar
Gabriella G. Oct 24, 2016 820 views

is it hard to find a job from an Entertainment Business major?

i want to under go the Entertainment Business major to hopefully work in the entertainment field entertainment entertainment-industry entertainment-marketing...


Riley U.’s Avatar
Riley U. Aug 21, 2016 1022 views

When deciding where to go to college how important is it to access location?

The main reason I ask this question is because I am an aspiring entertainment journalist and I would like to know if it is helpful to go to college in a place like Boston or New York, or if it really doesn't matter as long as I am getting a good education. Being from Eastern Washington I see...

college journalism entertainment-industry communications location

Patrick O.’s Avatar
Patrick O. Aug 17, 2016 912 views

Entertainment Industry, If I decide to go into the entertainment industry, What positions are there and if you are in or going to be in that same industry what are your plans?

The Entertainment Industry has always interested me,I want to find what I need to do to be on that path and if so get some advice from people who want to go in that industry or those already in the Entertainment Industry. college career university entertainment academic-advising...

entertainment-industry performing-arts

Michaela B.’s Avatar
Michaela B. Aug 16, 2016 588 views

What types of jobs are common for people working in the sports management or sports marketing industries?

I've always been interested in sports management and sports marketing because of my interest in sports and business. However, I'm not familiar with what kind of careers are available in these industries. sports-management sports-marketing...


Michaela B.’s Avatar
Michaela B. Aug 16, 2016 2706 views

What is a "day in the life" of someone working in the Sports Marketing or Sports Management field?

I really enjoy watching and playing sports, and I'm also interested in studying business. I think that Sports Management and Sports marketing sound like really awesome careers that would combine both of these interests. However, I'm not sure what a typical day looks like for these careers, and...

sports sports-marketing entertainment entertainment-industry sports-management

Jennifer  D.’s Avatar
Jennifer D. Aug 12, 2016 936 views

Any advice on how to pursue a music career?

I really want to pursue a career in music since it is something i enjoy very much and want to gain more from it , but my dream is often shutdown due to many people's opinions and saying how it is not a 'real' career. music music-industry entertainment-industry...


Beryl I.’s Avatar
Beryl I. May 23, 2016 751 views

What classes should you take for entertainment management?

I want to go into the Entertainment Management side of things (though I'm still not sure exactly what job I want to target). I don't think I've seen "Entertainment Management" listed as a major in any of the colleges I've looked at. Do you know of any colleges that do? If not, what major am I...

entertainment media entertainment-industry media-events event-planning college-major

Beryl I.’s Avatar
Beryl I. May 22, 2016 1643 views

What are the most important skills to have to succeed in Entertainment Management?

I understand that networking plays an important role in the Entertainment Industry as a whole, which means social skills are a must in this industry, right? I worry because I can be a bit shy at times. Does this mean I will not be good in this field? I can be friendly, but I'm definitely not...

media entertainment-industry entertainment

Beryl I.’s Avatar
Beryl I. May 22, 2016 1007 views

What jobs in the Entertainment Management field will let you travel the world?

I'm a 17 year old high school student with a burning desire to explore the world. I have done some research about possible jobs in the entertainment management field that involves travel. So far, I've discovered that International Event Planning and On-Site Coordinating will allow you to...

entertainment-industry music-entertainment

Celestin H.’s Avatar
Celestin H. May 20, 2016 3666 views

Best way to enter the entertainment industry on the business side

Hi everyone, I am currently a junior in college, and my professional future seems to be directed towards advertising. After an internship in marketing in general, I am interning this summer in an ad agency, on the data analysis side. Yet, my dream is to work in the entertainment industry, on...

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