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What classes should you take for entertainment management?

Asked Roanoke, Virginia

I want to go into the Entertainment Management side of things (though I'm still not sure exactly what job I want to target). I don't think I've seen "Entertainment Management" listed as a major in any of the colleges I've looked at. Do you know of any colleges that do? If not, what major am I supposed to pursue to end up in entertainment management? I always see sports management but I'm not interested in going in to sports. I also always see hotel management and I'm not interested in that either. I want to pursue more of managing actors or singers, or even putting on music festivals or red carpet events. #college-major #entertainment #media #event-planning #entertainment-industry #media-events

2 answers

Brooklyn’s Answer

Updated Kirkland, Washington

Entertainment management is a fun and exciting field for people who like to be "behind the scenes" planning, negotiating, and guiding talent. The field is awesome and growing. Talented people rely heavily on their management team. One of the best schools to check out is Full Sail. They have programs in this area. There's a lot more to this field and the ideal entertainment manager loves to meet new people, can engage anyone is conversation, is organized, and good at having people listen to them. I've engaged with several entertainment managers and they are highly creative and resourceful. Their job is to help their clients get their voices and talent out into the world. If you Like working with artists of any kind you should give this field a try.

Tarah’s Answer

Updated Grapevine, Texas

Full Sail is an exceptional school. I have my Bachelors of Science in Entertainment Business. Right now I am in for my Masters in Social Media, the classes you take are all very informative and interesting. Depending on the route you would like to take these classes all touch base on different fields. They have on campus and all online schooling, please mind though that it is not an easy degree or set of classes.