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Roanoke, Virginia
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Beryl May 23, 2016 1162 views

What classes should you take for entertainment management?

I want to go into the Entertainment Management side of things (though I'm still not sure exactly what job I want to target). I don't think I've seen "Entertainment Management" listed as a major in any of the colleges I've looked at. Do you know of any colleges that do? If not, what major am I...

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Beryl May 22, 2016 2181 views

What are the most important skills to have to succeed in Entertainment Management?

I understand that networking plays an important role in the Entertainment Industry as a whole, which means social skills are a must in this industry, right? I worry because I can be a bit shy at times. Does this mean I will not be good in this field? I can be friendly, but I'm definitely not...

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Beryl May 22, 2016 1385 views

What jobs in the Entertainment Management field will let you travel the world?

I'm a 17 year old high school student with a burning desire to explore the world. I have done some research about possible jobs in the entertainment management field that involves travel. So far, I've discovered that International Event Planning and On-Site Coordinating will allow you to...