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Career Questions tagged Actress

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Carlos Nov 03 308 views

What I Want To Pursue For My Future Dreams?

What I want is to pursue my dreams by having what makes me more comfortable and willing to do hard work on and rely on, As for my dreams I want to become a cosmetology and dancing, the real reason why I like dancing is because I much I stay energized and more freedom like a breeze that hits my...

maddie’s Avatar
maddie Aug 09 156 views

How could I even be an actress or a singer?

I know I either wanna be a fashion designer/singer/or actor, but I have stage freight. Is there any way I can get over it. I practice in front of my brother but I still get a bit nervous. I HAVE to get past it if I wanna be an actress or singer, right?

Paris’s Avatar
Paris Jun 05 98 views

What do I need to do to become a professional actress?

I am a Sophomore in High School, and I really enjoy letting out all of my emotions. So I believe that theater is a good choice for doing just that. Any tips?

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Janaliz Jun 19, 2021 287 views

what do i need to do to become actress

#acting #theater #actress

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samiya Jun 07, 2021 330 views

What do i need to become an actress?

I am a 10th student from New York, I know that the city id filled with many careers but i find it hard to get networking. #actor #actress #acting #theatre #film-acting #model

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Venus Mar 09, 2021 201 views

If i could be a k pop idol even im a pure filipino?

Im a girl and 16 in this year, also im not good at singing but i can dance im trying to learn a different languages and im chubby but its not like super chubby and i want to be a idol. #actress

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Tanin Mar 06, 2021 342 views

What is it like to be an on screen actor

I am very passionate for acting, I have done auditions virtually and got rejected once and the other ones are to hold for future references, I hate the process of becoming a successful actor, because of rejection which is overwhelming but im scared If ever become successful, onto red carpets...

Bukho’s Avatar
Bukho Feb 17, 2021 206 views

How can i become an actress?

i'am talkative ...i'm proud of my self i like my family and i'm doung grade 11 age is 17 years. I want to become an actress #actress

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Delice Jan 05, 2021 559 views

Career choice.

can I still be a pediatrician and actress or I have to give up on one? #pediatrician #actress

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Bindu Sep 23, 2020 603 views

I want to become an actress but my parents don't want me to become an actress. Instead they want me to study MBBS. What should I take up?

#actress #acting #mbbs#medicine

Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Sep 09, 2020 324 views

I really want to pursue a Broadway career. Will I be able to 1.) financially support myself and 2.) have a successful career.

I have been the leads in multiple musicals. I take vocal, dance( tap jazz and ballet), guitar and piano lessons. I take choir and theatre class at school and my overall vocal range is an E3 to a C#6. My belting range is from F#3 to a B4. I am thirteen soon to be fourteen so my voice has just...

Bervelyne’s Avatar
Bervelyne Sep 06, 2020 436 views

I'm 15 and I am planning to go to law schoo,l and after I'm done with law school, I was also planning to have a acting career after I get my degree. Is this a good plan? (If you want to know, what I was gonna do with the degree). I'm going to quick acting when I get older and get into my law career.

#attorney #actingcareer #actress #lawschool
#acting #law #career

Alliyah’s Avatar
Alliyah May 30, 2020 541 views

Since the acting and film world is so competitive, how do I succeed in getting my name out there and where do I start?

I am an incoming sophomore at Georgia State University. So many people attend this school, so I don't know where to start making connections in order to get into the acting and film industry. #JULY #JULY20 #actress #acting #film #film-acting #college #cinematography #creativity #inspiration...

Dezire’s Avatar
Dezire Aug 15, 2018 436 views

What’s a good plan B to have if you’re someone who’s interested in the arts?

I always think about having my own business one day so I’m wondering in addition to majoring in acting and minoring in dance or directing or writing, what’s the best field within business to take on?

#backupplan #ownbusinessoneday #arthasmyheart #actress #perform

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kadi Aug 12, 2018 1760 views

Is it possible for me to be a famous actress and flight attendant?

Im interested in acting but i know that it may not be as realistic as being a flight attendant but its my dream. But i dont like the consequences of being an actress because you're constantly being watched by the public so thats why i love the idea of being a flight attendant. #student #actress...

khyah’s Avatar
khyah Jun 28, 2018 572 views

How could i become an actress

#actress #actor #general #theatre #theater #film #drama

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Doris Jun 27, 2018 1357 views

Do you have to go to college to become and Actor or actress

Your just acting not really doing math,ela, and world History and other subjects. But it is good to learn more about those subjects. #actor #actress #acting #film #theatre #theater #performing-arts

Laniah’s Avatar
Laniah Mar 21, 2018 429 views

What other strengths or experiences might i need to be a successful actress?

Because becoming an actress is something I'd like to pursue when I get older #actress #actor #celebrity

Padmavathi’s Avatar
Padmavathi Jun 23, 2016 1689 views

i wanted to be classical dancer? which inistitue is good?

i am interested in dancing, i wanted to be great dancer #musician #actress #dancer

Joya’s Avatar
Joya May 26, 2016 717 views

Are professional head shots still very necessary, or could you take a selfie?

I feel that a nice selfie can be taken and show off your face just as well as a good selfie would. #actress #acting

Joya’s Avatar
Joya May 26, 2016 583 views

Is an agent super necessary for booking acting jobs?

I understand that agents are very helpful in booking acting jobs, but they're also expensive. #actress

Austria’s Avatar
Austria Apr 17, 2015 970 views

is there any college in Miami Affordable for me or that i can go to to become actress ? where can i get help ? is there opportunities for me to move to Miami and get a job there in the Hospitality industry?

I have a low GPA but i want to go to college i want to also get an scholarship to go to college in Miami. I have a passion of acting and my dream has always being and actress and also live in Miami because i think Miami has a great opportunity for me to start my career as an actress. I want to...

Rachelle ’s Avatar
Rachelle Apr 17, 2015 1356 views

What interested you in the dental hygienist field?

I'm asking this question because I'm interested in working as a dentist because i love working with people and to be able to know what made you interested? I'm interested because i like to look into peoples mouth and explore. I like to be able to enjoy and listen to other peoples life choices...

Katie’s Avatar
Katie Nov 14, 2014 3041 views

what is it like being on broadway? any advice?

do you guys have any advice on becoming a Broadway performer? or can you tell me what its like? i'm 14 and have a passion for acting i have been acting sense i was little and i dream of someday being on Broadway. i'm trying to get straight A's so i can get a scholarship to Julliard the...

Jamie’s Avatar
Jamie Apr 09, 2014 2136 views

I would like to know some tips for a person who wants to pursue a career in acting.

I recently grew upon a love for acting and I want to get to be a professional t.v. actress. #acting #actress

Shaniece’s Avatar
Shaniece Mar 25, 2014 1541 views

What are flexible jobs that a beginner actress can obtain when they are on their down time

I am an aspiring actress. I would like to be able to juggle both jobs because I am worried about working at my job and getting called for an audition. #actor #actress #beginner #flexibility

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis Mar 05, 2014 1208 views

What are some program/camp recommendations for acting?

I am curious on what classes are out there for young teens to improve their acting skills. (For beginner level actors) #acting #classes #actress #program #camp

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis Mar 05, 2014 1604 views

What are the first steps to become an actress?

I have always been curious about how one becomes a successful actor/actress. #acting #actress

Sienna’s Avatar
Sienna Mar 05, 2014 1782 views

What do recommend I do first in order to become an actress?

I am a junior in highschool and being an actress has always been one of my dreams. I love to act and it has always been one of my passions that I am considering to pursue. #acting #actress #movies

Shatasia’s Avatar
Shatasia Sep 12, 2012 1483 views

How long did it take to get rid of stage fright when being an actress/ actor?

I am 15 years old. I am very interested in acting and being the center of attention. However, I get shy and start having stage fright. Please help me if you can! #arts #theatre #actor #actress