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What do i need to become an actress?

I am a 10th student from New York, I know that the city id filled with many careers but i find it hard to get networking. #actor #actress #acting #theatre #film-acting #model

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2 answers

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Megan’s Answer

Like any profession, there is no silver-bullet one-size-fits all recipe to succeed in the theatre. However, you need: natural talent in the skill set; persistence and grit to focus on your short-term & long-term goals; education components and real-world experience to diversify your skills; and a village of people encouraging you :) A touch of luck, big prayers, and a kind heart will be needed as well! I got the theatre 'bug' early and was in magnet/performing arts schools from 5th-12th grade. In my HS years, we attended large audition conferences both for professional gigs and college entry. Be sure to explore the resources and opportunities through your school and community. There are many strong programs and schools to grow your skills, but be diligent in selecting them. I attended Wright State University's Musical Theatre and it was an excellent program. Not only do you need the arts-centered curriculum but as an entrepreneur/self-employed professional, you need to nourish your business acumen as well! I moved to NYC 4 months after 9/11 and was thankful to have both my professional theatre and college experiences to prepare me. The network of more season professionals was incredible as well, as mentioned in a previous comment...building relationships is key. I grew my resume in the non-Equity space on national tours and regional gigs, before earning my Actors Equity Union card and working professionally based out of NYC for 10 years. Having a strategic plan and passionate commitment is critical. Then, you can be open to opportunities as they come, for learning and stretch growth!

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Nicholas’s Answer

Step one is...be an actress! Record yourself performing scenes from old movies. Share those videos online. Find a theater for teenagers and join their next production. Practice, practice, practice. Networking is a scary word...what if you thought of it as "asking people for advice to help you learn and grow." That's what you should be doing all the time! Ask everyone you and your parents and friends know...will someone talk to me about acting and the performing arts? Write down questions to ask those people. Go Samiya!