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Career Questions tagged Acting

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Maleana Mar 26 34 views

Do you know where I can find auditions for acting in films?

I live in the suburbs, but I'm looking for great opportunities in Los Angeles to pursue. People in my town are making me think I'm not capable of making it in this big industry because of how slim the chances can be, but I'm willing to do whatever it takes for how long I have to, in order to...

charlene’s Avatar
charlene Mar 17 18 views

what does a make up artist, theatrical performance do and how do they do it ?

1. What required education do I need to have a job here?

2. What's the wage and salaries earning?

3. Is there any benefits that would be provided?

I want to know this information because theater is my passion.

Lineth’s Avatar
Lineth Mar 14 43 views

how can I become a model and actor?

I'm in 7th grade

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kayla Mar 09 48 views

What school should I go to if I wanna become an actor?

What school would be the best to go to if I wanna become an actor, I wanna go into acting.

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Mar 09 107 views

What career do I go into when I haven't ever had a solid idea of what I wanted to do?

I am interested in many different things, but I can't see myself fully committing to a career, I have always loved forensics but I want a job that will make decent money.

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Kayla Feb 06 187 views

How and where do I audition for movies and shows?

I am a theatre kid and I love acting. I have a big dream of being in movies and shows. I just don't know how and where to do it.

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victor Jan 27 65 views

What are the occupations needed in becoming a voice actor, what are ways I can get connections to get started in the industry ?

I started voice acting when I was 10 and I watched many animations with many deep and low pitch characters and I want to be able to do this.
what are some ways to develop new voice skills?

victor’s Avatar
victor Jan 27 62 views

How do i develop a new way to make new Voice Acting skills ?

I have tried to work on many voice but the only voices i can do are Megatron and Stitch, how can I develop more ways to make new voices?

Abby’s Avatar
Abby Nov 10, 2022 535 views

How do I keep up with my hobbies having a full time job?

I really want to continue writing and performing, but I don't know how to carve out time for everything I want to do. Do you use any planners or digital tools to help plan life outside work?

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Carlos Nov 03, 2022 482 views

What I Want To Pursue For My Future Dreams?

What I want is to pursue my dreams by having what makes me more comfortable and willing to do hard work on and rely on, As for my dreams I want to become a cosmetology and dancing, the real reason why I like dancing is because I much I stay energized and more freedom like a breeze that hits my...

Hattie’s Avatar
Hattie Nov 02, 2022 151 views

Is having a degree an advantage?

Is having a college degree in acting/theater/film an advantage to an aspiring film or stage actor?

Mary’s Avatar
Mary Oct 26, 2022 368 views

what would be the best way to find good work in Technical Theater?

I know theater tech might be a hard line of work to find a good job in, what would be a good way to work around that problem?

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Oct 17, 2022 175 views

Do you need a certain degree to become an actor or film producer?

Do you need a certain degree to become an actor or film producer?

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Oct 17, 2022 136 views

How much money do actors and film producers make an hour?

How much money do actors and film producers make an hour?

Adrian’s Avatar
Adrian Oct 04, 2022 153 views

How do you get into mainstream type acting?

I have no idea how you are supposed to audition or find out about auditions.

Arey’s Avatar
Arey Oct 04, 2022 175 views

Where should I start acting?

Where is a good place to start when beginning an Acting career?

Kadiatou’s Avatar
Kadiatou Sep 21, 2022 208 views

What is the best way to improve my acting?

It's hard for me to "crack my shell" during my acting classes. My professor is supportive and the class feels like a very safe place. The more I take classes and the more I open up myself more. I wanna practice that more in class and crack my shell more there. I feel blocked sometimes. I also...

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Samira Aug 27, 2022 214 views

Does law or medicine give more freedom?

With my current choosing of what field I’d like to pursue, freedom is quite important for me as I’d also like to pursue acting and modelling. What field will give more freedom of time to do this?

Holton’s Avatar
Holton Aug 17, 2022 165 views

How can I get connections in the field of commercials and voice acting?

What is a good way to get connections in the field of commercials and voice acting? Any tips regarding that field would be great.

maddie’s Avatar
maddie Aug 09, 2022 231 views

How could I even be an actress or a singer?

I know I either wanna be a fashion designer/singer/or actor, but I have stage freight. Is there any way I can get over it. I practice in front of my brother but I still get a bit nervous. I HAVE to get past it if I wanna be an actress or singer, right?

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Dana Jul 21, 2022 180 views

What do I need to be a famous designer

What do I need to become a famous designer and actor for different shows and I what do I need to have my first fashion show at a young age such as mine what motivation do I need

Kadiatou’s Avatar
Kadiatou Jun 14, 2022 306 views

Playing in a commercial require acting backgrounds?

When i'm watching youtube ads, I do realize that some time it asks to learn some lines to do the ad. So i'm kind of confused. Are actors doing ads most of the time?

Kadiatou’s Avatar
Kadiatou Jun 14, 2022 375 views

Do we need to have take acting courses before playing in a movie / TV show?

I sometimes feel like I got the potential for this, but i'm scared to be too much confident for at the end be really bad. I don't want to be too sure about myself. And if there are classes to take are the courses on Youtube enough for it?

Kadiatou’s Avatar
Kadiatou Jun 14, 2022 673 views

How to audition for movies / TV shows?

I really don't know anything about that and needed to have further explications about finding the casting calls. I heard we need an agent for that, but i'm not sure.

Nia’s Avatar
Nia Jun 07, 2022 357 views

I want to get a bfa - how hard is it to get into a program?

I’m 14 and want to pursue acting as a career, particularly Shakespeare. My plan right now is to do 5-7 plays a year during high school, do the ESU Shakes comp, create Shakes clubs where I can start getting directing experience, continue with my outside of school acting coach, singing as well,...

sanaa’s Avatar
sanaa Apr 29, 2022 192 views

When it comes to acting or wanting to be on Broadway, what is the best way not to get discourage with failed attempts at making the part you really wanted?

In all of my years of schooling- especially with performing arts- the rejection wasn't terrible or I would get the role I wanted; how would I deal with that especially since it's something I'm not entirely familiar with

Teriyana’s Avatar
Teriyana Jan 01, 2022 564 views

I plan on writing my first screeplay in 2022. However, I'm not sure whether to write a tv or movie script for my first screenplay?

I have many ideas that could be either a tv script or a movie script. However, just curious, what does the entertainment/film industry value more? TV or Movie Screenplays? I am struggling on my decision. I plan to use the script to submit to writing competitions and apply to grad film school....

Ireland’s Avatar
Ireland Dec 16, 2021 385 views

What is the hardest part about being a theatre teacher.

I want to be a theatre teacher/director in the future. I'm not sure what grade I would want to teach yet, but I know that I want theatre to be a part of my life. #teacher #acting

Alaina’s Avatar
Alaina Dec 10, 2021 227 views

What is your most favorite part about being an actor?

#actor #acting #film-acting

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Jason Dec 10, 2021 408 views

What do I have to do to become a successful architect?

#business #acting #career-counseling #career-counseling #architect #architect #architecture #interior-design #exterior-design