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Career Questions tagged Performing

sam’s Avatar
sam Feb 24, 2021 273 views

how to be a singer

i am a good singer ,writer,speaker,poet,dancer and actor #singer #performing #songwriter #talent

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Dara Dec 09, 2020 328 views

If I'm planning to go to an ivy league school do I need to take science? I planning to double major in performing arts and law?

I'm Canadian and i'm required to take Grade 9 and 10 science. Do I also need to take physics, biology, or chemistry in grade 11 and 12.

#high-school #high-school-classes #Law #performing arts

Dara’s Avatar
Dara Aug 26, 2020 387 views

How can I become successful in acting and performing at a young age?

I'm a grade 8 girl living in toronto, canada. #high-school #acting #performing #college-advice #agents #talent

Sabrina’s Avatar
Sabrina Mar 24, 2020 436 views

What are the steps for becoming a performance director as a career starting in college.

#acting #directing #performing #career #art #performing-arts #college

Ellie’s Avatar
Ellie Dec 30, 2018 579 views

I love performing, what jobs would consist of being / speaking in front of people?

I love performing, whether it's theater, speech, or just making an announcement in front of church. I know that acting isn't necessarily a steady career, so what other areas could I put this passion into?
#Publicspeaking #performing #speech #performing #people

Tessa’s Avatar
Tessa May 16, 2016 900 views

What professional steps can I take in enhancing my music career?

I am a 17 year old who is graduating in ten days. My passion is music, mostly performance, but I also play many instruments. I would like to know what steps I can take in helping me become a successful musician. I am from a small tow in Jackson Michigan, where I don't have many professional...

Nohealani’s Avatar
Nohealani May 12, 2016 1077 views

What career should I pursue?

I love to since, dance, and play music. What are some potential careers I could do?
#singer #music #dance #art #performing #performing-arts #career #college

Tatiana’s Avatar
Tatiana Jun 15, 2015 1526 views

What type of program they have for singing vocalist in New York City

I want to ask this question because I really want to get some where with my music and one day be a singer :) #music #art #singer #singing #program #performing

Carlie’s Avatar
Carlie May 22, 2015 1209 views

What would be the first stage I could do to become a singer?

The reason why I want to know this answer, is because I really like singing. I would at least like to hear what I sound like but I really need to know what would be the first stage or process of becoming a singer.That way when I really do want to go for that career I know where to start at....

Destiny’s Avatar
Destiny May 18, 2015 2000 views

Are there any schools that would offer both Culinary Arts and Performing Arts such as dance?

Since I'll be a junior soon, I was wondering if a school could offer both because I want to be a major and a minor between the two! #school #arts #dance #culinary #performing

JibriaCodman1’s Avatar
JibriaCodman1 Sep 07, 2012 1430 views

What colleges best support the performing arts? Please help!!!

I am a 10th grade student in Boston that has a lot of different talents that connect to the music industry. I sing, dance, and act, but I don't know what college I want to go to. It must have courses in the arts! #singing #actress #dancing #performing

Joannacodman2’s Avatar
Joannacodman2 Feb 08, 2012 1678 views

when preform on stage

when you preform on stage when your acting if you mess up a line what would happen? #acting #theater #performing #stage

MhendersonNFTEAM’s Avatar
MhendersonNFTEAM Jan 20, 2012 1680 views

What pushed you on your path to be a professional actor or actress?

Im a sophomore ,and I'm interested in being a actor /model.I have auditions but I like to know what a professional would say to me. #acting #arts #actor #performing