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What career should I pursue?

I love to since, dance, and play music. What are some potential careers I could do?
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3 answers

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Tiffany’s Answer


I majored in Theater and loved performing for a very long time. Once I started working at Walt Disney World, I realized that what I really loved from Theater was talking to people, helping people find their passions, and creating connections. So, I started finding a variety of roles that fed into those passions. I have been a facilitator for a few different programs here-- working with Training, orientations, etc. I also brought that love to Youth Programs, where I have taught science classes at the Magic Kingdom and been a coordinator for performance groups in the parks.

Youth programs is an amazing place for people who have a passion for the arts. At Walt Disney World, students come from all over the world to participate in Disney Performing Arts programs where they can perform in the parks and even take workshops with professional musicians, dancers, and actors. Disney has a ton of performing opportunities, and you could then work with things like Disney Performing Arts to help students with that same passion. It is one of the most fulfilling things I have been able to do in my career.

I currently work as a tour guide with Adventures by Disney showing guests a behind the scenes look at how Disney works. This way, I get to utilize my ability to talk in front of people but also get to share things I am passionate about (like Disney!). There are SO many different opportunities out there that require a skill of talking to people.

Good luck!!

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Frank’s Answer

Hi Nohealani, based on the #hashtags you added to your question, I think you already have a good idea! You'll definitely want to major in "Performing Arts", which will include performance (e.g., singing, dancing, and playing music) as well as options for theater and media, too! Potential careers include actress, dancer, musician, media personality, or potentially teacher, too!

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Jamie’s Answer

Hi! Musical theatre is such an exciting career! Both my brother and sister have gone to school and are both working in their chosen field. Here are the steps they took.

In Hollywood, CA, there is a school that focuses on everything in the business. From set production to choreography, this school will help you obtain your Bachelors of Fine Arts and furthermore, help you find work. They have dorms on site and if the dorms are full, they have contracts with local apartment buildings so you will have a place to stay if needed. The school is called AMDA. (www.amda.edu)

The school does have some scholarship programs. This is definitely a good step to take to get into the business.

Lastly, follow your heart. It has a small voice that will always guide you.

Best of luck to you!

Jamie recommends the following next steps:

Go to www.amda.edu