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Joshua P. May 06, 2016 545 views

If you are an architecture student who is interested in starting a local practice, how would you go about establishing things after college graduation?

I am an architecture student who seeks to start my own practice in the city of Detroit eventually after I graduate from the University of Michigan school of architecture and urban planning. Starting my own practice, refurbishing old buildings and providing eco friendly shelter for the homeless...

#graduate #architect #architecture #business #entrepreneur #college

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Olivia F. May 06, 2016 428 views

What are some good scholarships that can help me pay for grad school?

Grad school is expensive and I need all the help i can get. #guidance-counselor #college #college-admissions #scholarships...


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Adahy R. May 10, 2016 2006 views

What is the workload like as a Computer Science major?

What kind of assignments do I have to look forward to as a future Computer Science major? Are the classes fast-paced and hard to keep up with?Are the assignments meaningful and rewarding? #computer-science #computer #coding...


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Nohealani P. May 12, 2016 478 views

What career should I pursue?

I love to since, dance, and play music. What are some potential careers I could do? #singer #music #dance #art #performing #performing-arts #career...


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Madison J. May 13, 2016 347 views

How are running start credits applied?

I have running start credits from high school and want to know how UNH (univ of New Hamshire) plans on applying them to my college courses. #scholarship #higher-education #college...


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Katherine H. May 18, 2016 562 views

How does one go about getting accepted into colleges, what looks good?

I want to know what I can due during my school career to give me the best chances of being accepted. #college...


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Karina A. May 24, 2016 423 views

Which one is better: an Undergrad Ivy League School or a Graduate Ivy League School?

As a student from a middle class family, I must worry about money for college and attempt to not get myself suffocated by loans. Therefore, I wanted to know if it is better to go to an expensive out-state college as an undergrad, or simply do a not so expensive college then pursuit a Master's...

#ivy-league #college

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Jay F. May 25, 2016 394 views

Does a college's rating really matter?

I know there's a lot of emphasis on going to a well-rated and prestigious school, but does it really matter in the end? Do schools with better ratings offer better courses? Will I learn anything more there than at a lesser known school?...


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Whitney M. May 25, 2016 415 views

What are some of the most important things that should be known going into college?

In a couple of months i will be starting college as a new freshmen. This whole process has been very nerve wracking and i just want to make sure that i am completely prepared. So any advice that anyone has will be greatly appreciated. #college #college-prep...


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Vanessa P. May 25, 2016 571 views

Is a double major practical?

I'm very interested in double majoring: in aerospace engineering and agricultural engineering, in particular. I am currently enrolled in a two early college programs that will allow me to graduate from high school with two Associates degrees: Associates of Arts and Associates of Science in...

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Joshua F. May 25, 2016 416 views

What are the major differences between being employed as a Software Engineer vs a Computer Engineer

I will be starting my freshman semester this fall and I need help deciding which area to focus in #engineering #computer #software...


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Dylan B. May 25, 2016 563 views

Will there be opening jobs in computer science with only having a bachelor’s degree?

My family is pressed about the money for college and I think it would be best to find a job that would only require a bachelor’s degree. Would it make sense for someone who wants a tech job to go for masters? I know it would help but if i had good grades at a 4 year public state university...

#computer-science #technical

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Jesus C. May 26, 2016 391 views

What does and engineer (both in and out of college) go through on a daily basis from waking up to going to bed?

I would like to see what an engineer goes through a day, what they do on a regular basis, how they handle things, etc. #college #engineering #career #mechanical #company...


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Kendall R. May 26, 2016 445 views

How can I get college assistance and a plan?

I know what I would like to study and pursue, I just have no idea in what the first step to getting there is. #college #management #advice #language #planning #support...