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Career Questions tagged Neurology

Shirley’s Avatar
Shirley Feb 17 225 views

What steps do I need to take if I want to pursue a degree in neuroscience?

I am a Senior in high school and just finished my college applications. I signed up for neuroscience as my major. I know that I will need higher levels of education afterward but am not sure what classes or degrees specifically I need to go for. What steps should I take after college?

Shani’s Avatar
Shani Jan 30 82 views

Steps to become a neurologist.

Hello my name is shani and i am in senior high school in australia. I want to become a neurologist and was wondering what steps i need to take in order to become a neurologist.

Shani’s Avatar
Shani Jan 03 114 views

Timing of a Neurosurgeon

What is the timing of a neurologist/neurosurgeon? How long are the shifts?

Diksha’s Avatar
Diksha Oct 29, 2022 273 views

How recommended is it to take AP Chemistry in high school?

I want to pursue a career in the medical field (specifically psychology, pediatrics, neurology, or psychiatry), but I also want to take many elective courses that I will enjoy in high school. For that, I won't have room in my schedule to take AP Chem, since it takes up two periods. I am also...

Daphne’s Avatar
Daphne Oct 27, 2022 352 views

What classes should I take to major in neuroscience?

What classes should I take if I want to major in neuroscience? (currently a high school student -- my goal is to become a neurosurgeon in the future).

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Hali Sep 16, 2022 126 views

Questions about Neurology?

How many years do you have to train for be a neurosurgeon? And do you have to pay for training ? Also which colleges has the best neurology program in maryland?

Mehakpreet’s Avatar
Mehakpreet Mar 18, 2022 255 views

I want to be a neuroscientist. In September, I'll be attending university for BScH in Neuroscience. Should I double major in Neuroscience and Computer Science? This will take 5 years instead of the usual four.

I am going to Canada (from India) to study neuroscience. I'm just wondering if computer would be helpful in neuroscience. Remember that I really love Computer, know C and Java, but I would have so many things going on provided research, extracurricular activities, volunteering, and so on.

Victory’s Avatar
Victory Oct 05, 2021 446 views

How do I become a neurologist? Any good advice?

I'm a 16 year old high schooler. #neurologist #neurology

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Angel Jun 01, 2021 366 views

What does the daily life of a doctor look like.

I just want to know for research purposes. #hospital #clinical-psychology #counseling #emergency-room #neurology #doctor #medicine

Dey'ja’s Avatar
Dey'ja May 12, 2021 274 views

What would you like to learn more about in your field of expertise ?

I am Honest, ethical, conscientious #neurology #neuroscience #astrophysics

Alissa’s Avatar
Alissa Apr 23, 2021 351 views

How do I figure out what major to choose?

What jobs are available in the field of neuroscience or cognitive science? How different are they actually from each other? How does physiological psychology fit differ as well? #neuroscience #neurology #college #study

Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda Mar 05, 2021 278 views

What are Possible Careers in the Neurology Pathway?

I'm interested in healthcare and studying the brain, but I'm not familiar with the different opportunities associated with neurology, especially since medicine is such a diverse field.
#healthcare #medicine #neurology

Terrion’s Avatar
Terrion Mar 01, 2021 255 views

What steps do i take to complete sports management? What obstacles might get in my path?


Fibion’s Avatar
Fibion Jan 18, 2021 237 views

what are the best steps to take to be a nuero-surgeon after taking a biology major for 3 years in undergraduate college in India? How many years will it take to complete Masters and to finally be called a nuero-surgeon ?

#student-counseling #neurology

G.’s Avatar
G. Nov 02, 2020 372 views

What challenges are there to being a neurologist?

Hi, I'm a student in Alaska, and am interested in neuroscience and potentially becoming a specializing physician. What are the most challenging parts of being a neurologist? What are the most rewarding elements? What skills are absolutely essential to for a neurologist or for other...

Maya’s Avatar
Maya Oct 06, 2020 369 views

I want to go to study neurology but can't handle medical school. What majors can I look to?


Lexis’s Avatar
Lexis Aug 20, 2020 331 views

How did you know being a Neurologists was that right career path for you?

#neurologist #neurology

Charlotte’s Avatar
Charlotte Aug 09, 2020 433 views

What should/can i major in in college if I am aiming to be in the medical field?

I am currently a junior in high school and I am not sure about what I can or what I should major in in college if I want to work within the medical field later on. I have heard that you can major in anything in college as long as you take some required classes for medicine but I am not...

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Jamari Oct 03, 2019 290 views

What qualities do you value

#medicine #biology #neurology

Jamari’s Avatar
Jamari Oct 03, 2019 328 views

What is your favorite part of your work

#biology #geography #neurology #science # #medicine

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Jashmeet Jan 26, 2019 656 views

Will you be able to work while studying neurosurgery

Like a nurse or any profession in the medical field. #medicine #medicine #doctor #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare #med-school #neurosurgery #surgery #neuroscience #neurology

German’s Avatar
German Jan 10, 2019 1702 views

What are some of the downsides of being a neurosurgeon?

#doctor #medicalschool #neurology #chemistry #surgery #neurosurgeon

Oreoluwa’s Avatar
Oreoluwa May 27, 2018 533 views

What are things you wish you k ew before going into neuroscince/neurology?

Are there steps you wish you would have taken before stepping into the field of neurology, or things you wish someone would have told you beforehand?
#advice #startingacareer #priorknowledge #neurology #neuroscience #connections

Oreoluwa’s Avatar
Oreoluwa May 27, 2018 602 views

How many years does it take to become a practicing neurologist with a doctorate degree?

#neuroscience #neurology #neurologist #collegedegree #practicingdoctor

Ekeko’s Avatar
Ekeko Apr 13, 2018 769 views

What is an average day in the life of a neurologist and neuroscientist like?

I am really interested in the #brain, and how it functions, but more importantly want to find new discoveries about it. What is a day in the life of his job like,hand is worth all the school years?
#neurology #Neurologist #neuroscience #neuroscientist

Harris’s Avatar
Harris Mar 22, 2018 649 views

What is it like for a neurologist during their shift?

So far I have learned that neurologists can be called in on their break, need to be ready at all times, can switch between multiple patients throughout the day, and that neurologists and neurosurgeons can go hand-in-hand during operations. #neurology #a-day-in-the-life #neurologist #medicine...

Victoria’s Avatar
Victoria Mar 17, 2018 533 views

When a neurologist earns their Bachelor's degree, what do they typically major and minor in?

I find this career interesting and would love to know what a neurologist studies before becoming one. #neurology

Ekeko’s Avatar
Ekeko Feb 16, 2018 531 views

What is the name for this job, it has to do with Neurology?

Hello! For my future i'm looking for a career that has something to do with #neurology , or the #brain. I am mainly VERY interested in finding scientific breakthroughs (such as why we dream, and many other things) Could someone tell me what the name for that career is, and how I can start to...

Christian’s Avatar
Christian Jan 16, 2018 743 views

How to manage a double major, specifically in ecology and neurobiology?

As a senior high school student, I have two years of experience in ecology research. Having applied to 15 universities, I have targeted schools with cutting-edge research in ecology and neurobiology and flexible degree plans. I would like a personal perspective on co-managing two majors....

Phoebe ’s Avatar
Phoebe Oct 12, 2017 664 views

What are possible careers for a person who majored in Behavioral Neuroscience?

I am interested in how the brain works, and specifically why it causes people to act the way they do. I want to work with people with special needs, but wonder if this is a plausible career. I am also interested in research, maybe also related to special needs. #neuroscience...