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Career Questions tagged Resources

Brennan’s Avatar
Brennan Jun 03, 2021 220 views

How would you find a job from studying the field of English?

Is there any other #career than something like a teacher? I've heard from other people that I handle things where I have to #teach people pretty well but I'm not sure if that is what I want to pursue. I would maybe like to go into the field of #journalism , but I find finding #resources in my...

Tara’s Avatar
Tara Jul 17, 2020 348 views

Where can I find scholarships for college?

I am currently in the process of writing my applications to colleges, and I want to also apply for some scholarships but I'm not sure where to start. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on foundations or companies where they offer scholarships. Any resources are helpful! Thanks so much!...

William’s Avatar
William Oct 23, 2018 403 views

What are some good resource books to start my library for working with youth as a social worker?


Jade’s Avatar
Jade May 16, 2018 635 views

How to find unique internships or research experience?

I have really wanted a bit more solid work experience over the summer that can make me stand out as a candidate for future jobs or potentially to med schools. I know so many people that get internships or research experience over the summer, but I have no idea where to find these opportunities....

Julia’s Avatar
Julia May 04, 2018 520 views

What are the best free resources for MCAT prep?

I know about Khan academy and I would prefer multi-media study resources if possible. Any tips?
#help ##studying #trying-to-ace-it #free-studying #resources #studying #testing #test-prep #mcat -school #med-school #pre-med #medicine #doctor

Amaris’s Avatar
Amaris Mar 20, 2018 377 views

What are tools I could use when studying to become a nurse ?

Well I'm asking this question because just like me many other students are curious to find great tools that could help them become better students to prepare for their future . What I am specifically asking is is there some books , websites or any resource that could help me or and other...

Jackie’s Avatar
Jackie Jan 21, 2017 596 views

What graduate school should I attend?

Are there any resources which allow you to search grad schools by program and location? #college #graduate-school #resources

Renee’s Avatar
Renee May 25, 2016 1224 views

Is human resources as bad as everyone says it is?

I am studying for a bachelor's in human resources and accounting. I love accounting, and am curious if that will be enough to make my future career enjoyable. #management #accounting #human #resources