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Career Questions tagged Researcher

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Erick Jan 12 72 views

How to obtain enough experience and develop my skills in order to be able to get biologist license in USA as foreign student?

Always happy to make contact with professional in my majors
Thank you so much any advice is greatly appreciate

Meghana’s Avatar
Meghana Nov 26, 2022 115 views

Is doing a job while doing a master's or Phd hectic? Especially if studying biomedical sciences.

I am interest in biomedical research, so I am planning on doing a biomedical science major. After that, I would like to start earning but also pursue higher studies. I just wanted to find how working as a researcher and a masters/Phd student would work.

Erhiga’s Avatar
Erhiga Oct 28, 2022 367 views

What is a typical day as a clinical research coordinator at a university?

What is a typical day as a clinical research coordinator at a university? Do you love your job? Why?

Andrea’s Avatar
Andrea Oct 03, 2022 324 views

What traits do people need to be successful in your line of work?

Data-Science and research

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Kateryna Feb 11, 2021 305 views

What does Computer or Information Research Scientist do?

#research #scientist #researcher

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Fiepre Oct 08, 2020 345 views

What can I do to research and travel?

I’m leaning towards going into the STEM field and researching DNA. Maybe even research with psychology, nothing is concrete right now but I’m really interested in researching. But I also want to travel around the world while researching so my question is how can incorporate the two? I...

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Karoline Aug 26, 2020 346 views

Are professors available for research with students?

#research #researcher

Makari’s Avatar
Makari Aug 14, 2020 529 views

What advice do you have for students looking for internships in stem?

I have been applying to many different internships. Some research and some other positions, however I have been having difficulty getting call backs or responses. Do you have any advice about how I can increase my chances of being accepted? #collegeintern #researcher #tech #college #science #...

Kurt’s Avatar
Kurt Jul 29, 2020 388 views

How to incorporate undergraduate research into college life?

I’m a rising senior researching ways to get involved around campus. One thing that I notice is that it is frequent for undergrads to assist in research with their professors, or to conduct their own. I was wondering how do students manage to balance their academic and social life while doing...

Winifred’s Avatar
Winifred Aug 10, 2018 540 views

Have you ever had a job doing some kind of scientific research, if so what was it like?

#research #researcher #scientist

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Ney Jun 28, 2018 520 views

Do you have any suggestion on what my qualitative research about financial literacy would be about?

I'm having a hard time looking for good thesis statement, and you may have your past research that you could share to me.

#research # #researcher #highschool #financial-literacy #management #finance #research

Jade’s Avatar
Jade May 16, 2018 687 views

How to find unique internships or research experience?

I have really wanted a bit more solid work experience over the summer that can make me stand out as a candidate for future jobs or potentially to med schools. I know so many people that get internships or research experience over the summer, but I have no idea where to find these opportunities....

Seemaa’s Avatar
Seemaa Mar 17, 2017 604 views

What are the chances for a student abroad to get accepted to a Summer Undergraduate Research program?

I'm a US citizen studying abroad. I am studying biology, junior. I applied to programs in the states to do a summer program there and hopefully get the chance to so I can learn new research techniques, preparation for seminars, etc.. Thank you #biology #researcher

Katia’s Avatar
Katia Jan 15, 2017 782 views

Is it required to get a degree in biomedical engineering from to become a biomedical researcher? Or is biomedical science enough?

I'm interest in becoming a biomedical researcher and work in a lab. I'm trying to figure out what my major should be so I can plan my high school classes. #biology #research #biomedical-engineering #medical-research #biomedical-science #researcher

Monet’s Avatar
Monet Oct 30, 2016 689 views

Is there still gender bias towards women in science fields? If so, how would you suggest we overcome this?

I am a high school senior and am planning to study biochemistry in college in hopes of becoming a medical researcher on human diseases and cures. When I look at scientific fields, it still looks like the majority of them are male-dominant. #doctor #engineer #medicine #researcher #female

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Samantha Oct 30, 2016 746 views

Rescue Team Volunteer

How old do you have to be to volunteer on an animal rescue team? #veterinarian #biologist #researcher #boat #captain

Ivy’s Avatar
Ivy Oct 19, 2016 812 views

What do you find is the hardest part of any research in the STEM field?

I am very interested in researching marine science, but I have heard several different views of becoming a researcher. Some people say that it is slow and tedious, but others say that it is extremely gruesome and tiring. I would love some different perspectives on this! #researcher #marine-biology

Denny’s Avatar
Denny Jun 22, 2016 686 views

What kind of jobs can working in the lab? (any kind of the lab)

I am looking for a job that suits me. #doctor #scientist #pharmacists #researcher

Shankar’s Avatar
Shankar May 26, 2016 570 views

Does doing more number of interships give you an advantage in getting admissions in top management schools?

After my undergraduate course, I intend to pursue management studies. #teaching #teacher #professor #management #researcher

Revika’s Avatar
Revika May 23, 2016 1111 views

What non-academic skills are needed for those interested in becoming medical doctors?

We all know that people who go into medicine are the best of the best when it comes to academics, but I am interested in what other skills define a medical doctor and how these traits come into play in the day-to-day life of a doctor. #doctor #medicine #science #healthcare #health...

Ilana’s Avatar
Ilana May 20, 2016 1005 views

The most exciting part of research to me is going out in the field and working with animals and in the environment, but I'm concerned that in my career I'll get stuck analyzing data and not doing field work. Any advice?

I'm going into Ecology & Environmental Biology and I love working with animals on the field and studying animal cognition in the wild or at a sanctuary. However, it seems to me that professionals in biology often spend their time analyzing data in the lab or writing grants, which I would...

Mira’s Avatar
Mira May 19, 2016 945 views

What is the hardest part about being a researcher?

I just want some insight to my future. I want to be as prepared as possible for my field as a biological and/or neurological researcher. #college #science #job #graduate-school #employment #researcher

Cynthia’s Avatar
Cynthia May 19, 2016 633 views

Is the career of a medical researcher difficult?

I am an incoming college freshman that is debating what kind of career I want to strive for. I am looking for a career that can help people and that offers an enjoyable work environment with new and interesting things to do each day. Ideally, it would be related to the medical field. As of now,...

Bhavan’s Avatar
Bhavan May 13, 2016 767 views

what is the best way to become a researcher?

I want to be a scientist #scientist #researcher

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Bhavan May 07, 2016 878 views

What is the best college for research engineering in India?

I want be a researcher when I grow up! #college #engineering #researcher #career #academic-advising #career-counseling

Marinda’s Avatar
Marinda Apr 08, 2014 1106 views

how many degrees should i get to be an engineer/ researcher

I want to be an engineer when i get older and I'm not sure what degrees i should get #engineering #college-student #researcher