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Have you ever had a job doing some kind of scientific research, if so what was it like?

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Claudia’s Answer


Hi Winifred,

I have two experiences to share:

1) I have been involved in research as a doctoral student. I was lucky to work in a large, multidisciplinary team and to be given the opportunity to work a lot in the field (Zambia, in my case). The research work has been incredibly stimulating and innovative but at the same time challenging and confusing. While my advisors did a great job, PhD research is at times a lonesome job and it require a lot of dedication, long hours, and the need to learn new tools, methods, software and approaches. It is tough but extremely rewarding.

2) I have worked in the country management of a large research organization specializing in quantitative field research. In such a job one is one notch removed from academia yet close enough to be in a position to provide advise on research design, data quality and analysis and also co-publish research. Instead of focusing on one or a few topics only, as in example 1, this type of job requires to work on a large number of different research pieces and topics, on a different level of depth. It is a great platform to learn about the latest research in various fields and get to collaborate with lead researchers globally. It also entails a lot of financial and people management, that I have always considered as a big plus but can deter a little people who want to focus on the details of research.

I hope this helps,


Vahan’s Answer


I am currently working in a research lab. My responsibilities are centered around data. Some days I have multiple meetings and a lot of data to process, on others it goes really slow. Sometimes it gets frustrating when you are unable to solve the problem at hand fast but having the end goal in your mind always helps you to push through.