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Career Questions tagged Scientist

Vivek V.’s Avatar
Vivek V. Nov 10, 2021 136 views

How to become a robotic engineer by taking cse with AIML in ?

I want to know that how could I become a robotic engineer and I have choosen cse with AIML in what is the process and percentage of becoming a robotic engineer engineer engineering roboticengineer scientist technology science civil-engineering...

Spencer T.’s Avatar
Spencer T. May 28, 2021 182 views

Do you benefit more in becoming a Computer Scientist or as an Electrical Engineer?

Are there more advantages/incentives in becoming a Computer Scientist or an Electrical Engineer in a way that helps you earn a higher pay rate? engineer...


Eunice Y.’s Avatar
Eunice Y. May 28, 2021 102 views
Eunice Y.’s Avatar
Eunice Y. May 28, 2021 169 views

What made you want to become a forensic scientist and what kind?

Hi! I'm looking for a forensic scientist to interview for a career blog assignment. science scientist...


Eunice Y.’s Avatar
Eunice Y. May 28, 2021 176 views

What does an average day as a forensic scientist look like?

Hi! I'm looking for a forensic scientist to interview for a career blog assignment. science scientist...


Abby T.’s Avatar
Abby T. Mar 31, 2021 275 views

Is there anything I should know before committing to an online Master’s degree program in medical laboratory science?

Hello! I’m a junior at Johnson & Wales University and my goal is to become ASCP certified in medical lab science and work as a lab technologist. The most realistic next step for me is to attend an online program in MLS, either post-baccalaureate certificate or Master’s degree. I am hesitant...

scientist mls medical-lab-science online-school student graduate-school healthcare laboratory-science

Niki L.’s Avatar
Niki L. Mar 09, 2021 310 views

What made you want to become a forensic scientist (any kind) and is it what you expected it to be?

I was doing career research and out of all my options, being a forensic scientist seemed most interesting. :) scientist...


Jeward U.’s Avatar
Jeward U. Mar 10, 2021 219 views

How to be a good scientist?

I'm a 9th grader student and I like to play basketball and I like to cook a lot professional scientist cooking...

Manav R.’s Avatar
Manav R. Mar 11, 2021 153 views

Trying to explore careers in Engg and Medical

I enjoy both the engineering aspect (building things) and the medical aspect (bio / research/ blood / toxins etx) I am in Grade 11 and need guidance on exploring college majors and career in this domain. I want someone to talk about these things. Please help. bio-chem experts scientist...

Chloe L.’s Avatar
Chloe L. Feb 25, 2021 149 views

What is it like being a marine biologist

I am thinking about going into marine biology but not sure if it would be a good idea. I'd like to know more about it biologist scientist...


Brandon A.’s Avatar
Brandon A. Feb 23, 2021 252 views

What Engineering field should I consider learning more about?

I'm in the 11th grade at a high school in Massachusetts. I like to create solutions for problems that has to do with infrastructure. I also like problems that has to do with tech and I am open to many other things. scientist tech create engineering...


Abby T.’s Avatar
Abby T. Feb 16, 2021 221 views

Is it worth earning a Master’s degree if I want to become a medical lab scientist?

I really would love to be working hands-on in a hospital laboratory for my career. Are master’s degrees in MLS reserved for people who plan on working in management positions? I know I can take courses in medical lab technology and eventually take the ASCP exam for certification. Will a...

scientist medicallabtechnologist medicaltechnologist mls laboratory medicallabscientist labscientist

Viktor C.’s Avatar
Viktor C. Dec 22, 2020 223 views

I'm in a dilemma if it is worthwhile to pursue international studies during this pandemic

I'm an MSc student in a science degree, and was accepted in an international internship last March. I was hoping the observership will lead to further training abroad. But thinking of the uncertainty due to the pandemic, I'm thinking if it is still worthwhile to plan for an international...

scientist tech uncertainty planning

madison M.’s Avatar
madison M. Nov 13, 2020 331 views

what tips can help me get into college

i want to go to college and learn some things and want people to give me advice so i can know what to do and when do i start my college technology engineering scientist my college college...

Alyja P.’s Avatar
Alyja P. Nov 13, 2020 212 views
Maiya L.’s Avatar
Maiya L. Oct 21, 2020 185 views

What information would I need in an Interview?

I am planning to become a Medical Scientist after graduating from college and I am also in the 12th grade. medical scientist want to do clinical research and this is an interview for after...

Maiya L.’s Avatar
Maiya L. Oct 30, 2020 225 views

What advise would you give to someone considering a job in this field?

I'm a Senior in High School and I'm considering on becoming a Medical Scientist or a Lawyer and I'm having trouble which one would best suit me, so I need advise about the both of them. scientist law...


Maiya L.’s Avatar
Maiya L. Oct 26, 2020 179 views

What are the drawbacks?

I'm in 12th grade and want to know about the drawbacks of becoming a Medical Scientist or a Lawyer before making my final decisions on what I want to do, when I get older. scientist...


Maiya L.’s Avatar
Maiya L. Oct 21, 2020 354 views

Steps I need to become a Medical Scientist?

I'm a Senior in High School and I want to be able to get my dream job to help as many people has I can. scientist...


Maiya L.’s Avatar
Maiya L. Oct 21, 2020 222 views

What scholarships do you recommend to becoming a Medical Scientist?

I'm a Senior in High School, I want to go to a four-year college to major in biochemistry. scientist college-major...


Maiya L.’s Avatar
Maiya L. Oct 21, 2020 149 views

Where would I find in becoming a Medical Scientist after college?

I'm looking forward to helping people all around the world by find ways to keep them living longer to spend more time with their families and friends....


Temidayo A.’s Avatar
Temidayo A. Sep 26, 2020 271 views

I am torn between pursuing a career as a scientist (physicist) and a dancer. what should i do?

scientist dancing I have alway known myself to be fascinated by mysteries of life, by nature, by knowledge, by the pure delight of making my own discovery in a laboratory I dream to own and privately run. I have a chicken pet, and that is because I strongly believe they are smarter than they...

Annabeth R.’s Avatar
Annabeth R. Sep 22, 2020 541 views

Forensic Science and Communication

I am trying to finish college to become a type of forensic scientist (not sure which one yet), but I know I might have to testify in court as an expert witness. However, I have a speech impediment and sometimes I can't speak clearly when stressed or nervous. I just want to know if I can still...

scientist forensics experts

Nikeia S.’s Avatar
Nikeia S. Aug 09, 2020 372 views

Nurse Scientist

I posted a question earlier about nursing vs. medical laboratory science as I have an interest in both careers. I stumbled over this profession when I searched if there was any way I could combine nursing and laboratory science/ research. What does the typical day of work look like for a nurse...

scientist career career-counseling nurse nursescientist