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Jasmine K. Oct 29, 2020 85 views

What college in Iowa has good horticulture programs?

I want to open my own plant nursery business, so I want to take horticulture and a business class. I am planning on attending Kirkwood for Landscape horticulture studies because it has more of what I want to study than their other agriculture classes that include farm equipment and other farm...

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Jasmine K. Oct 29, 2020 91 views

Do I need to get a business degree to open/start my own business?

I am going to start my own plant nursery business after I graduate from college. I want my business to be centered around helping people and enjoying my job, not just about the money. I hear a lot of people say that when you go for a business degree, they teach very adamantly about how to make...

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Perla L. May 27, 2016 313 views

What is agriculture business really like?

I've worked with livestock plenty of times but I'm not very familiar with the horticulture aspect of it. I was just seeing what kind of business actuaclly takes place. #agriculture #livestock...