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Career Questions tagged Livestock

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Nov 10, 2022 294 views

Jobs for working with livestock?

I am really interested in working with livestock but don't really know what job would be best for that. I know there is farming/ranching and livestock vets. Besides that, I do not know what career I could do with them.

Korynn’s Avatar
Korynn Sep 04, 2018 410 views

Where can you go to be a livestock vet?

#veterinary #veterinary-medicine #veterinarian #livestock #animal-health

Perla ’s Avatar
Perla May 27, 2016 499 views

What is agriculture business really like?

I've worked with livestock plenty of times but I'm not very familiar with the horticulture aspect of it. I was just seeing what kind of business actuaclly takes place. #agriculture #livestock #horticulture

Alisha’s Avatar
Alisha May 27, 2016 930 views

Is a career in livestock and farming a good option nowadays ?

I stumbled upon and now I'm considering the path less traveled....any tips? Is it a good idea? #agriculture #farming #livestock #organic-farming