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What is agriculture business really like?

I've worked with livestock plenty of times but I'm not very familiar with the horticulture aspect of it. I was just seeing what kind of business actuaclly takes place. #agriculture #livestock #horticulture

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Bob’s Answer

Horticulture when dealing with raising livestock or crops focuses on your soil, water and environment. When the soil chemistry and structure are known (through field or lab tests), then one can determine what water and fertilizer needs are required, how much will that cost, when to rotate crops, et cetera. The environment dictates which crops are best suited for each location (pineapples in Hawaii, wheat in Kansas) Probably a few courses at a community college on soil and plant growth focusing on agriculture would give you the correct knowledge. Where I live near Atlanta, the focus is Ornamental Horticulture, shrubs, flowers and trees, so all I know about crops is classroom education, but plants are plants. Hope this helps!