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Irene M.’s Avatar
Irene M. May 08 146 views

Doctor’s professors

I’m curious about Professors in medical schools Are they doctors too. If no how come they have great knowledge and still not doctors #doctor #premed #surgery...


Irene M.’s Avatar
Irene M. May 06 162 views

Are there psychological reasonings that can explain a person’s lack of motivation

Hi, I have been thinking that, I’m better off being an architect but I love getting involved with people and helping them. As time goes on my motivation of being a doctor is fading off due to different challenges I’m facing currently. I noticed that I seriously forget that I’m alive and I...

#doctor #medicine #healthcare

Nancy O.’s Avatar
Nancy O. Apr 29 1030 views

Where Do I Start Investing For Beginner ?

I keep hearing about investing some money, so I decided to give it a try. But I need help? How do I start investing? What app is good for investing? WHERE DO I BEGIN? #finance #accounting #investment-management #money #career #covid19 #help...

Kamrynn E.’s Avatar
Kamrynn E. Jun 28, 2019 187 views

I plan on becoming a pediatrician but i'm worries it will be too hard and take too long.

I am going to work hard for a scholarship. I am hoping it would cover all expenses for school. Would it? I don't know if it will be too much for me. #doctor...


Amy J.’s Avatar
Amy J. May 24, 2016 689 views

Consulting Time Commitment

I have always heard that consultants have to work long hours and don't have a good work life balance. Is this true? Does the firm that you work for have an impact on this?...


Emma B.’s Avatar
Emma B. Aug 31 266 views

Can someone recommend me a major to consider?

Hi everyone i'm applying to colleges right now am i'm having a hard time choosing a major. I like math and science but my natural strengths are in writing and public speaking. I would like to go to grad school after college but I also want a major that offers good career options right out of...

#majors #career-counseling #math #career-path #science #career #stem

Nancy O.’s Avatar
Nancy O. 2 days ago 27 views

Why programming with python 3 so hard?

I'm finally taking a scripting class, and I realize programming is not for me. it's funny how I was passionate to learn about it, now I realize that it is really hard. I really want to understand it, but using the required website for my class called "ZyBooks", It's not helping me...

#it #general #classes #python3 #python #scripting #major #professor #college #programming #school #technology #informationtechnology #coding #career

Jaelynn J.’s Avatar
Jaelynn J. May 12, 2018 248 views

What steps should I take to land my dream job?

I am currently getting my Bachelor's in Business Management Science, but would later like to get my Master's in Global Energy Management. My dream job is to work for an energy company so I can help the Earth become more sustainable, but I am not sure how to get there. #business-management...

#energy-management #renewable-energy

rachel P.’s Avatar
rachel P. Jan 16, 2018 239 views

what can i do to help myself figure out what i wanna choose as my major?

I’ve always been surrounded by people who have known their whole lives what they want to study and what they type want to do with their lives, but i’ve never been able to figure out what I like and what my skills are. It’s been sort of freaking me out lately because i feel so pressured to...

#college-major #academic-advising #college

Mariana M.’s Avatar
Mariana M. Jan 18, 2018 422 views

What are the qualities that an engineer should have in order to be successful?

Engineering department sounds complicated but interesting to me. I want to study to be an engineer. I want to work on my skills so I can be prepared for my future....


Tiffany R.’s Avatar
Tiffany R. Aug 25, 2018 339 views

What are some keypoints to obtain when choosing a career path?

In my case I want to stay in the field of banking, and struggling to plan out my career path to farther more in the financial institution field. #banking #career...

Ben S.’s Avatar
Ben S. Oct 02, 2018 280 views

How do I become a real estate developer?

I am 20 and interested in real estate and finance and becoming a #real-estate developer. Would love to hear recommendations about how to do this on the side. I am studying finance at uni. #finance #real-estate #property...


Neha V.’s Avatar
Neha V. Aug 18, 2018 166 views

If I want to be premed, do I have to be really really good in my science courses?

I have struggled a little bit in high school in my science courses. Will this affect me? #medicine #help...


Nisha S.’s Avatar
Nisha S. Aug 18, 2018 157 views

How do I choose a thesis topic?

What kinds of things do I need to look into with my adviser and university, like resources? And what about the topic itself - how do I make sure I'm not picking something too advanced/graduate level? (I'm an undergraduate biochemistry major)....


Eniola A.’s Avatar
Eniola A. Jul 26, 2018 162 views

How can a student considered out-of-state be eligible for financial assistant/aid from his/her college?

That is if the student's permanent residency application is still in processing before the school year starts....


Charles A.’s Avatar
Charles A. Aug 31, 2018 416 views

Can a person burnout in real life?

If a student stays up till 12 am each day in high school doing homework, is there a point in time when the body cannot maintain these standards anymore, and we loose steam somewhere in college or grad school #high-school-students #work-life-balance #high-school-classes...


Caleb E.’s Avatar
Caleb E. Jan 18, 2018 228 views

How difficult is it to find a position as a veterinarian directly out of college?

When I conducted researched research on become a veterinarian I spoke with a vet at the local Pets Smart. She indicated that positions at the zoos were very rare. She interned at the Houston Zoo, Atlanta zoo and Disney's Animal kingdom. She stated that people in positions like this rarely...


Nancy O.’s Avatar
Nancy O. Jul 29 151 views

Why is it hard to build my network and find a mentor in my field of study?

I am an IT major. I tried my best to build my network and find a mentor, but it's really hard. Maybe, I am not doing it the right way. I need help....building my network, finding a mentor.....almost EVERYTHING. Technology might be in demand, but it's really hard to find a job without...

#networking #major #help #college #mentor #technology #july20 #network #building

Trey D.’s Avatar
Trey D. Dec 27, 2016 814 views

What is the difference between sales and marketing?

Looking for jobs I see both of these terms used constantly, but is there actually a difference? #marketing...


Destiny N.’s Avatar
Destiny N. Nov 01, 2018 262 views
Nancy O.’s Avatar
Nancy O. Apr 21 636 views

Strengths and Weakness interview Question Help!!!!!!!!

I do not know how to Answer my strengths and weakness? I guess I really don't know it. Since it's the reason why I don't get a callback. How can I find my strengths and weakness? where do I start? #interviews #career #career-counseling #job...


Nancy O.’s Avatar
Nancy O. Apr 28 223 views

I can't figure out which Information Technology (IT) that are still on demand?

I have to pick one of this specialization: *Forensic Specialization *Web Design and Development *IT Management and Administration #technology #computer #information-technology # #programming #help #ondemandjob #future #covid19 #career #careercoach...


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