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Nancy O. Apr 28, 2020 391 views
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Jaayna D. Mar 20 96 views

How would I go about becoming an ultrasound technician?

I am in an early college high school with my associate's in science but I want to be an ultrasound technician. #technician #medicine #oncology #doctor...


Thu D.’s Avatar
Thu D. Mar 15, 2016 1480 views

How do you recommend I overcome my fear of pubilc speaking?

I'm hoping that others who have also had a fear of public speaking were able to overcome it and be successful business people. I get extremely anxious when I ahve to speak at all in class, but feel very confident when working alone or communicating digitally. I'm worried this will interfer with...

#financial-services #finance #public-speaking #investment-management #investing

MarlaCodman1 .’s Avatar
MarlaCodman1 . Sep 14, 2012 1314 views

what is a way you can find out what you really want to do in life?

i'm a sophemore trying to figure out what i want to do. i'm asking this because i'm always changing my mind. #career-choice...


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Mauricio F. Aug 16, 2018 455 views

How do you handle homework and recreational activities?

Whenever you are enrolled in an academically intensive major, you get assigned a lot of homework and reading assignments. My questions revolves around the idea of how exactly do you find the time for your personal engagements and do well in your courses without sacrificing all of your time to...

#recreation #school #university #time #tutoring #college #homework

Mireia R.’s Avatar
Mireia R. Sep 30, 2017 1994 views

What is the most fulfilling aspect of your job in the fields of accounting, auditing, consulting, and/or taxing?

People like me often search for jobs that will allow them to make a difference in the world and give their life purpose meaning, and direction. Who knows? Maybe accounting could realize that goal. #accounting #audit #auditor #auditing #accountant #consulting #tax #taxing #taxation...


MarlaCodman1 .’s Avatar
MarlaCodman1 . Sep 27, 2012 5183 views

How much money does an obstetrician make a year?

i'm 15 and i would love to take care of babies one day. i think they're so cute when they're so small. #doctor #healthcare...


Tamikia J.’s Avatar
Tamikia J. Jan 16, 2018 390 views

How do you decide what to do with your life after college?

It’s hard for me decide how to narrow my options down to do something beneficial to to my life. #women-in-business #business...


Armani V.’s Avatar
Armani V. Mar 13, 2016 718 views

What are the hours of someone working as an investment manager?

How do hours vary depending on seniority? How many hours does a more entry level work require compared to a more senior role? #finance #financial-services #investment-management...


Amanda K.’s Avatar
Amanda K. Jan 08 163 views

What are Specific Advantages of Being Bilingual in Healthcare?

I'm bilingual and I understand the general usefulness of it, but I'd like a deeper insight into how being bilingual can make a positive impact in healthcare, as well as opportunities relating to it. #bilingual #healthcare...


Luis A.’s Avatar
Luis A. Oct 26, 2016 393 views

STEM is very broad coterie of majors, in particular, what qualities pertain to a person interested in STEM?

I know that I am extremely interested in math and science, but I'm not quite sure what I want to major in. #graduate-school...


Jennifer R.’s Avatar
Jennifer R. Jan 16, 2018 397 views

How, through my future career, can I inspire young kids to make a difference in their community?

I want to make a lasting impact on the people I work with, and I want the children I see to be inspired to work hard and positively impact the people around them. What are some ways I can help kids achieve this? #positivity #inspiration #medicine #children #working-with-children...


Katelyn L.’s Avatar
Katelyn L. Jan 16, 2018 485 views

If I want to have a career in art therapy should major in art or psychology?

I am an artist and want to a career in therapy. I am pretty excited to think that I could combine the two and be an art therapist. I don't know whether to major in art with a minor in psychology or major in psychology with a minor in art. #arttherapy #art #art-therapy #psychology...

#therapy #college-major #clinical-psychology #college #counseling

Zona Q.’s Avatar
Zona Q. Jan 16, 2018 319 views

Does failing in one elective means that you can not graduate?

i am asking this question because i have computer science AP class and it is really hard and i feel i can't get good grades in it. Somehow i passed my 1st semester but i am worried about my 2nd semester because if i don't pass maybe i have to go summer school and then delay my graduation and i...

#grades #academic-advising #graduation

Kimberli L.’s Avatar
Kimberli L. Jan 16, 2018 640 views

Should I get Masters after I take the CPA exam?

I have a BSBA in Small Business and Entrepreneurship from a private university. I want to take the CPA exam, so I was going to go straight for a Masters in Accounting and skip a BBA in Accounting. Since I am now at a public university, there are about 17 prerequisites I must take before being...

#cpa #graduate-school #cpaexam #master

Anayeli C.’s Avatar
Anayeli C. Feb 20, 2019 232 views

Is it a good choice to go out of state?

I want to go to Denver Colorado when I graduate from High School for college. But, a lot of people are telling me not to because of the cost. I never want to limit myself for money, but I don't want to drop out after the first year because of money. I'm not rich though, I am an average income...

#college #cost

Ramtin M.’s Avatar
Ramtin M. Jan 17, 2018 491 views

What are some important things to consider when choosing a college roommate?

I will be going to college soon, and I want to know what I should consider in choosing who will be my roommate. Character? Work ethic? How fun they are to hang out with? #college #roommates #housing...


Adalynn D.’s Avatar
Adalynn D. Jan 17, 2018 348 views

Is College going to be just like Highschool?

Highschool has not been the best years of my life and I’m worried, even with its hype, College won’t be as enjoyable as everyone makes it out to seem. I understand it’s more work but I’m worried that’s all it will be. #education #highschool...


Josue O.’s Avatar
Josue O. Oct 22, 2016 963 views

Daily life of an investment banker?

I want to be an investment banker and want to know what it is like. #business #finance...


Neisha P.’s Avatar
Neisha P. Jan 17, 2018 945 views

Can graduate students take a test to receive their Bachelor' or Masters Degree? If so, what kind of proceess does it take?

I am a non traditional student who is almost 40. I am working 4 different jobs so I can obtain my Bachelor's degree in Construction Management. I already have 17 years experience in the petrochemical industry in a variety of mechanical careers. The faster I can get through school the better...

#construction-management #graduate-school #academic-advising #construction

Erika  K.’s Avatar
Erika K. Oct 23, 2016 406 views
Rachel O.’s Avatar
Rachel O. Mar 19, 2018 267 views

When is the best time to change my major?

I am planning on majoring in journalism at the university I will be attending in the fall, however I am having second thoughts on my choice. I am considering changing my major but I want to at least give journalism a try before doing so. If I eventually decide on changing majors, what year of...

#college-major #college #career

Mariana M.’s Avatar
Mariana M. Jan 18, 2018 728 views

What are the qualities that an engineer should have in order to be successful?

Engineering department sounds complicated but interesting to me. I want to study to be an engineer. I want to work on my skills so I can be prepared for my future....


Camilo Z.’s Avatar
Camilo Z. Aug 18, 2018 460 views

How to be productive?

What’s the best way to stop procrastinating and having productive days? #motivation #advice...


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Marla S. Mar 15, 2020 212 views

Graphic Design

How do I start a portfolio...


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