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Kimberli L.’s Avatar
Kimberli L. Jan 16, 2018 947 views

Should I get Masters after I take the CPA exam?

I have a BSBA in Small Business and Entrepreneurship from a private university. I want to take the CPA exam, so I was going to go straight for a Masters in Accounting and skip a BBA in Accounting. Since I am now at a public university, there are about 17 prerequisites I must take before being...

Ikayani S.’s Avatar
Ikayani S. Aug 31, 2017 534 views

How will I pay for college?

What are the different paths I can take to pay it off? How do student loans work?
#college #finance

Markey T.’s Avatar
Markey T. Jan 17, 2018 393 views

What can I do to increase my chances of getting accepted into an Optometry Program?

I have always wanted to become an Optometrist. I want to make sure that I am doing everything right.. #optometry

Brandy S.’s Avatar
Brandy S. Mar 30 83 views
Amy J.’s Avatar
Amy J. May 24, 2016 950 views

Consulting Time Commitment

I have always heard that consultants have to work long hours and don't have a good work life balance. Is this true? Does the firm that you work for have an impact on this? #consulting

Bryan G.’s Avatar
Bryan G. Mar 03 85 views

what class do you take in high-school to become a mechanic

What class is recommended for high-school to become a mechanic? #mechanic #highschool

Joshua C.’s Avatar
Joshua C. Jan 22, 2018 472 views

What would be the most important thing for future historians to consider when researching the past?

My aim is to become a curator at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. and only the top historians are considered for the job because of its prestige, and in doing so having a leg up on the competition would be helpful. #smithsonian #WashingtonDC #history #european-history

Joshua C.’s Avatar
Joshua C. Jan 22, 2018 505 views

Where do you see the field of History ending up in 20 years with the influx of more technology into not only research but displays and relaying information?

I ask because I hope to work in the museum field someday as a curator and with the influx of new technology of course there will be changes in how we research and display new artifacts. #history #museums #museum-collections #educational-technology

Mariam I.’s Avatar
Mariam I. Jan 16, 2018 608 views

How important are extracurriculars to grad school?

In high school, extracurricular clubs and activities are a big part of college applications. When applying for grad school, is this the same way? Or do grad schools just look for consistently high grades? #grades #extracurriculars #grad #graduate-school ##gradschool #graduateschool...

samantha S.’s Avatar
samantha S. Mar 03 92 views

What is is like being a cardiothoracic surgeon?

Honestly i know what a Cardiothoracic Surgeon is but i want to know if being a cardiothoracic surgeon affects someones personal life and i just want to know what are somethings someone experiences being a cardiothoracic surgeon or just and type of Surgeon in general

Adalynn D.’s Avatar
Adalynn D. Jan 17, 2018 508 views

Will I be respected in the medical field as a nurse?

I have always wanted to be a nurse but every time I tell someone that they ask, “Why not a doctor?” And while I have no answer of why I don’t want to be a doctor, I’m worry as a nurse I won’t be respected in the medical field but only thought of being, “too dumb to be a doctor”...

Mauricio F.’s Avatar
Mauricio F. Aug 16, 2018 623 views

How do you handle homework and recreational activities?

Whenever you are enrolled in an academically intensive major, you get assigned a lot of homework and reading assignments. My questions revolves around the idea of how exactly do you find the time for your personal engagements and do well in your courses without sacrificing all of your time to...

Kimberly G.’s Avatar
Kimberly G. Mar 03 98 views

Where can I get a cosmetology certificate if there is one? And what age should I start my career?

I'm a freshman and want to start my career soon. I specifically do hair and makeup. I have tons of experience with makeup and have already have my platform but not so many viewers I want to share my love with makeup and help others do their makeup. My goal is to finish high school and get a...

Jaelynn J.’s Avatar
Jaelynn J. May 12, 2018 426 views

What steps should I take to land my dream job?

I am currently getting my Bachelor's in Business Management Science, but would later like to get my Master's in Global Energy Management. My dream job is to work for an energy company so I can help the Earth become more sustainable, but I am not sure how to get there. #business-management...

Ligaya B.’s Avatar
Ligaya B. Jul 14, 2016 1000 views

How often should one update his/her resume

It would be interesting to know how long (or soon) one should update their resume. #career #resume #cv #job-application

Ramtin M.’s Avatar
Ramtin M. Dec 21, 2017 473 views

Should my backup career plan influence my choice in a major for college?

I plan to become a pediatrician, so because of this, I plan to take chemistry and PreMed in college. However, let's say I don't want to become a doctor anymore (for example, I change my mind during junior year of college) then my backup is to become a biomedical engineering. I got into two...

Amanda V.’s Avatar
Amanda V. Jul 19, 2016 1510 views

How do you deal with comparing yourself with your fellow classmates?

I feel as though I've begun doing this ever since I've started college. I always hear that my fellow classmates are coming to school and working a part time job, and for some, they may even have a family to provide for. It makes me wonder how they manage all of that but then it makes me think,...

Amanda K.’s Avatar
Amanda K. Jan 03, 2021 506 views

What Types of Leadership Roles are Offered in Healthcare?

I want to familiarize myself with the types leadership roles within healthcare so I can have a better understanding of what my options are, outside of the obvious (ex: CEO). I'm specifically interested in hospital administration, but I'm open to all types of leadership roles. #healthcare...

Esmeralda G.’s Avatar
Esmeralda G. Mar 03 127 views

Is it possible to be a nurse after you graduate?

I mean there is some schools that when you graduate you can be a nurse, but I'm not sure if all schools allow that
#graduate-school #nurse

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