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Aishwarya’s Avatar
Aishwarya yesterday 259 views

Which major has a better outlook for the future (computer science engineering or biomedical engineering) and what other courses or skills should I take or develop before and during college? #Spring24

I'm asking as a student who has just completed junior year(4.52 gpa and top 13%, 1560 SAT) A secondary question would be whether I would be able to get into a biomedical degree as I have a background in comp sci with (AP computer classes..) but a weaker background in biology/health-related...

Zack’s Avatar
Zack May 20 339 views

what are business models?

what is the best business models for a teenager? starting a business got many challenges why are some ways to overcome them and types of challenges we faces

Rider’s Avatar
Rider May 18 148 views

What can I or cant include in my CV?

What can I or cant include in my CV?

James’s Avatar
James May 16 96 views

How can one make an engineering design to be more attracting?

How can one make an engineering design to be more attracting?

HILDA’s Avatar
HILDA May 15 623 views

What are the emerging trends in the marketing industry as far as technology is concerned ?

My name is Hilda, age 15 . in the near future I'm looking forward to start various businesses , therefore I would like to understand the above question.

Hafsa’s Avatar
Hafsa May 15 303 views

What are some career options for a major in Psychology (non-medical school)?

What are some lucrative career options if I decide to major in Psychology without following the pre-med route? I will be an incoming freshman in college and am still considering options of what I want to major in and fields I may potentially want to work in the future.

Aaliyah’s Avatar
Aaliyah May 15 218 views

What a good advice before heading to college?

what make you have a better start for what want to be?

Eirini’s Avatar
Eirini May 14 192 views

What tools have helped you figure out your career path?

How did you figure out what career you wanted? Did you ever change directions? When did you know which was the one? I'm struggling to choose a direction to head in, but I love to have a plan, and I want to be ahead. Therefore I'm trying to choose a career path but I'm overwhelmed and unsure...

Ngozi’s Avatar
Ngozi May 10 203 views

What branch of computer science should I major in

What branch of computer science should I major in

Kennedy’s Avatar
Kennedy May 10 339 views

School Advice?

Since I'm starting my sophomore year of high school in the fall, I would like some advice for the incoming school year. I am interested in the medical field (especially psychiatry) and would like to have some tips to build a strong resume over the school year for internships I can have when my...

Beloved’s Avatar
Beloved May 08 113 views

How can I schedule my time to perform all my daily activities ?

My activities are many

David’s Avatar
David May 08 120 views

What can i do to make money online easily?

What can i do to make money easily online

lyn’s Avatar
lyn May 03 250 views

why is it good to use good communction skills in a interivew?

gave me details on how i can improve my skills and get better

Cones’s Avatar
Cones May 02 175 views

What are IT jobs one can do as an IT professional and a computer scientist ?

Am a graduate from Hopkins University in Maryland I studied computer science and I recently graduated.

Joel’s Avatar
Joel May 02 177 views

What are ways to improve personal meditation of studies in college?


I studied for almost r hour daily

Like reading at night

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