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Thu D.’s Avatar
Thu D. Mar 15, 2016

How do you recommend I overcome my fear of pubilc speaking?

I'm hoping that others who have also had a fear of public speaking were able to overcome it and be successful business people. I get extremely anxious when I ahve to speak at all in class, but feel very confident when working alone or communicating digitally. I'm worried this will interfer with...

#investing #finance #investment-management #public-speaking #financial-services

Diana B.’s Avatar
Diana B. Sep 10

Does anybody knows a good internship for pediatrician?

I'm a senior in High School and I' #pediatrician #internship m currently interested in becoming a pediatrician. I would like to know if someone knows a good internship in Houston for a future...

Kevin E.’s Avatar
Kevin E. Sep 09

How to purchase my first real estate investment?

I’ve worked as an entrepreneur since I was 17 years old #business while also working on and off at odd jobs. #business #entrepreneur #finance #networking #business-management #investing...


Jewel H.’s Avatar
Jewel H. Aug 09, 2018

How is it like to attend a maritime academy?

I would like to know the environment and the subject you learn assuming your major is marine transportation. #maritime #marine #marine-transportation #navy...


Denise S.’s Avatar
Denise S. Jul 23

How do I get experience as a Psychology Student?

I am graduating soon with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. I see that most of the jobs I've found that accept a bachelor's degree in Psychology also requires experience (e.g 1 year in Mental Health) but these are entry jobs. How do I get experience for these jobs if I'm trying to apply to...


Sklar B.’s Avatar
Sklar B. Aug 13, 2018

What is life like as an Ocean Engineer

What is the every day life of an Ocean Engineer, how often do you travel and what are the different opportunities given? #work #ocean #engineer #engineering...


Emilie T.’s Avatar
Emilie T. Feb 11

Are any biomedical engineers willing to take the time to answer my interview questions below?

Hello, my name is Emilie and I am working on a project involving biomedical engineering. I was wondering if any biomedical engineer who is currently working as a biomedical engineer was willing to answer my questions. If you know anyone who is a bioengineer please contact them about my...

#bioengineering #engineering #biomedical-engineering #biomedical

Renee L.’s Avatar
Renee L. May 25, 2016

Is human resources as bad as everyone says it is?

I am studying for a bachelor's in human resources and accounting. I love accounting, and am curious if that will be enough to make my future career enjoyable. #management #accounting #human...


Sara A.’s Avatar
Sara A. Jul 09

Haw can I practice marketing online till I find an internship but not only digital marketing

Haw can I practice marketing online till I find an internship but not only digital marketing #marketing #internship #advertising #social-media #business...


Netanya C.’s Avatar
Netanya C. Mar 26, 2018

What is the best way to land a job as an illustrator?

I plan to major in illustration/animation at San Jose State University but am clueless on how to go about finding a job after college. I've never had an adult who was into the arts the way I was, so I haven't found much solid advice. I realize that it will take time and experience, but my goal...

#illustration #animation

Ben S.’s Avatar
Ben S. Oct 02, 2018

How do I become a real estate developer?

I am 20 and interested in real estate and finance and becoming a #real-estate developer. Would love to hear recommendations about how to do this on the side. I am studying finance at uni. #finance #real-estate #property...


Andy G.’s Avatar
Andy G. Jul 14

What courses should I take to be an astronaut

#college-major #engineering Looking for types of engineering courses I should...

Charles A.’s Avatar
Charles A. Aug 31, 2018

Can a person burnout in real life?

If a student stays up till 12 am each day in high school doing homework, is there a point in time when the body cannot maintain these standards anymore, and we loose steam somewhere in college or grad school #high-school-students #work-life-balance #high-school-classes...


Duha E.’s Avatar
Duha E. May 21

What is the great way to learn new languages?

I have been studying japanese since 2015 but still couldn't finish it. I learn better by self teaching, but not exactly sure what is the best way to learn faster. I am thrilled to learn more language #foreign-languages...

Jade S.’s Avatar
Jade S. Jan 22, 2018

What are easy work from home jobs?

I'm trying to save money for college, but I got laid off early in the month and haven't gotten a new job yet. Until I can find one, what are some relatively easy work-at-home opportunities?...


koray A.’s Avatar
koray A. Jan 16, 2018

How will my university degree help me in finding my dream career?

I am curious, how will my degree will prepare me to have knowledge on, where to look, and how to find my dream career. #college #degree...


Vidal A.’s Avatar
Vidal A. Sep 16, 2016

Which age group is the best to work with in the field of Psychology?

In the near future I'm going to be interested in working with a certain age group on the field of Psychology. I would like to know if it's better to work with toddlers/babies (Neonate-3 Years Old), children (4-11), teenagers (12-18), young adults (18-21), or adults (21+)? #psychology...

#counseling-psychology #child-psychology #school-psychology

Laviniea G.’s Avatar
Laviniea G. Jul 01

Nurse practitioner vs Physician assistant

This year is my last year in high school. The pressure is on to decide on my future career and my course of action in perusing that job. #medicine #doctor #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care #hospital-and-health-care I’ve always wanted to become and Ob gyn doctor. Recently i’ve been doing...

#womenshelath #nursepractitioner #physicianassistant

Mireia R.’s Avatar
Mireia R. Dec 13, 2017
Kamrynn E.’s Avatar
Kamrynn E. Jun 28

I plan on becoming a pediatrician but i'm worries it will be too hard and take too long.

I am going to work hard for a scholarship. I am hoping it would cover all expenses for school. Would it? I don't know if it will be too much for me. #doctor...


Nisha S.’s Avatar
Nisha S. Aug 18, 2018

Are there any risks to taking courses on a pass/fail basis?

If I'm applying to medical school, would it look bad on an application if I took a few core classes, like history, on a pass/fail basis? #premed...


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