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Meghana Nov 26 89 views

Is doing a job while doing a master's or Phd hectic? Especially if studying biomedical sciences.

I am interest in biomedical research, so I am planning on doing a biomedical science major. After that, I would like to start earning but also pursue higher studies. I just wanted to find how working as a researcher and a masters/Phd student would work.

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Meghana Nov 24 50 views

What is the career path to become a geneticist? How long does it typically take after high school?

Genetics is a very fascinating and growing field, so I want explore my career options, especially in research.

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Meghana Nov 22 114 views

Which careers can I go to, if I decide not to go to medical school, with a biomedical science major?

Currently, I am in high school. I just wanted to explore my options in undergraduate.