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I want to pursue a career in biotechnology, genetics etc.

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Meghana Oct 05, 2023 288 views

How is it like to be a biotech major or how does a career in biotech look?

I am applying to colleges for Biotechnology major. I am particularly interested in research area of biotech. I want some insight into how the career outlook and experiences are. Any information is highly appreciated! Thank you!

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Meghana Aug 03, 2023 496 views

Are job opportunities great for biotechnology majors in the U.S. as a non-US citizen and non permanent resident?

Currently a rising high school senior. I am thinking of majoring in Biotechnology, so I want to know how do employment opportunities look like as Biotech major.
I am also considering grad school.

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Meghana Jun 28, 2023 438 views

By taking US History CLEP exam instead of AP US History exam, what are some pros and cons?

I was not able to take APUSH exam, so I recently heard about CLEP considering taking it in college to save tuition for US History. I am not going to social studies/history relation study concentration for undergrad.

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Meghana Jun 21, 2023 357 views

Having no experience in comp sci courses in high school, would a comp sci minor be doable?

I am considering taking AP Calculus AB for my senior year, the other option is to take AP Statistics. Based on my future major and minor I would like to decide which math to take.

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Meghana Jun 06, 2023 545 views

What majors and minors are most beneficial for research in biomedical science field?

I am just exploring what majors I can do in college. Currently a rising senior.

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Meghana Mar 30, 2023 1741 views

After receiving my decision from the university, would I be able to see the amount of financial aid they are offering??

I am exploring the college application process particularly in Texas. I want to know whether we would be able to compare my financial aid offers of all the universities that accepted me?

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Meghana Mar 20, 2023 465 views

How hard/easy are Indian medical colleges (MBBS) when I graduated from high school (12th) in the U.S??

I am going to complete my 12th grade in the US next year. I am considering going to India for medicine as it is much cheaper and shorter.
In a general sense how well would I be able to do in Indian Medical colleges.
I studied in India until my 8th grade and then came to the U.S. from 9th-12th.

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Meghana Mar 05, 2023 587 views

What are the main differences between an MD and a DO?

Hi, I am currently a junior in high school. I don't usually see people talking about DOs.
I just came to know that DOs focus more on holistic care than MDs. I am also exploring BS/MD and BS/DO programs, so I would like to know the real differences between them.

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Meghana Feb 23, 2023 815 views

What are the pros and cons of being a medical researcher with an MD?

I am figuring my career pathway. I know I am definitely sticking to biology, be it biotech or medicine.
I am specifically interested in the research aspect.

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Meghana Jan 17, 2023 810 views

Is it recommended to major in biomedical sci and minor in comp sci or vice versa for biotech or biomed research fields?

I currently have no background in comp sci as junior in high school.

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Meghana Jan 15, 2023 2117 views

Which courses in high school can help me prepare for biotechnology??

I am currently a junior in high school. I want to decide my senior year courses and also I am taking a lot of health science courses. But I want to keep my options open to other careers in biology.

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Meghana Jan 15, 2023 658 views

What jobs in biotechnology can put one in the frontiers of breakthrough research?

I am deeply fascinated by biology and have a passion for research. I want to explore my career options as a high schooler.

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Meghana Dec 09, 2022 640 views

Can we find any paid or unpaid internships for students who lack the eligibility to work in the US?

I lack an EAD to work, but I am very interested to work partime.

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Meghana Nov 26, 2022 467 views

Is doing a job while doing a master's or Phd hectic? Especially if studying biomedical sciences.

I am interest in biomedical research, so I am planning on doing a biomedical science major. After that, I would like to start earning but also pursue higher studies. I just wanted to find how working as a researcher and a masters/Phd student would work.

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Meghana Nov 24, 2022 1305 views

What is the career path to become a geneticist? How long does it typically take after high school?

Genetics is a very fascinating and growing field, so I want explore my career options, especially in research.