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Career Questions tagged Md

Meghana’s Avatar
Meghana Mar 05 102 views

What are the main differences between an MD and a DO?

Hi, I am currently a junior in high school. I don't usually see people talking about DOs.
I just came to know that DOs focus more on holistic care than MDs. I am also exploring BS/MD and BS/DO programs, so I would like to know the real differences between them.

Rose’s Avatar
Rose Oct 29, 2020 277 views

What are challenges I can expect when getting my degree?

#bachelors #MD #DO #residency #gynocology

Marlene’s Avatar
Marlene Sep 03, 2020 545 views

For those in the medical field, how does your affect your lifestyle?

Also, how did your job affect your lifestyle when you first started out in this field? #APN #APRN #RN #Nurse #LPN #CNA #MD #Doctor #Physician #medicalfield #anesthetist

Makayla’s Avatar
Makayla May 14, 2020 566 views

What are different types of neuroscience careers you can get with an MD?

I am in my last year of undergraduate for a neuroscience major and just started thinking I want to do pre-med. But, I am struggling with what speciality I would wanna do with an in MD related to neuroscience . I am very interested in forensics so like forensic neuropathology (but scared I might...

Haleigh’s Avatar
Haleigh May 26, 2016 555 views

What makes DO's and MD's different?

I went into college thinking I was going to become an MD but I have recently been looking into becoming a DO (Doctor of Osteopathy). I know that the schooling is relatively the same but I am curious to know the distinctions between them other then the teachings of osteopathic medicine being...

Adolfo’s Avatar
Adolfo Apr 29, 2015 5761 views

What is the difference of a M.D. to a Clinical Pathologist.

I really want to diagnose patients (every doctor basically) but something that's abnormal for regular check ups and also to be able to do test to the patients but I also want to be part of surgeries, things like that but I can't choose which one would be the best option for me. #doctor...