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Career Questions tagged Neuropsychology

Makayla H.’s Avatar
Makayla H. May 14, 2020 339 views

What are different types of neuroscience careers you can get with an MD?

I am in my last year of undergraduate for a neuroscience major and just started thinking I want to do pre-med. But, I am struggling with what speciality I would wanna do with an in MD related to neuroscience . I am very interested in forensics so like forensic neuropathology (but scared I might...

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Debora C.’s Avatar
Debora C. Sep 01, 2017 543 views

Is Neuropsychology a major?

I've been looking up graduate schools to attend for a PhD in neuropsychology. However, it seems that there are only programs for "behavioral neuroscience" or "neuroscience with a specialty in neuropsychology". Are there any schools with just Neuropsychology? psychology biology neuroscience...


Victoria O.’s Avatar
Victoria O. Jan 16, 2017 1371 views
Tyler L.’s Avatar
Tyler L. Apr 09, 2014 984 views

What exactly is neuropsychology?

I saw it yesterday and want to know about it psychology health...