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Career Questions tagged Neuroscientist

Jenny N.’s Avatar
Jenny N. Jul 20, 2018 825 views

What are the perks of being a neuroscientist?

I want to be a neuroscientist and pursue my dreams. I know what university I should go to and what subjectss I should choose and how I’m going to pay for uni. But I really want to know what advantages you’ll get when being a neuroscientist. Please answer. I really appreciate it. neuroscientist...

brain neuroscience brain-sciences

Ekeko S.’s Avatar
Ekeko S. May 09, 2018 304 views

Narrowing Down The Areas of Work for a Nueroscientist. What would this be called?

I'm really interested in neuroscience, and am planning to become a neuroscientist. I saw somewhere that neuroscientist is a more general term, and that neuroscientists focus on an area, like brain development. I would really just like to make new, breakthrough discoveries about the brain,...

Ekeko S.’s Avatar
Ekeko S. Apr 13, 2018 551 views

What is an average day in the life of a neurologist and neuroscientist like?

I am really interested in the brain, and how it functions, but more importantly want to find new discoveries about it. What is a day in the life of his job like,hand is worth all the school years? neurology Neurologist neuroscience...


Brooklyn M.’s Avatar
Brooklyn M. Mar 17, 2018 513 views

What's it really like to be a Neurosurgeon or in Neuroscience in general?

I originally wanted to pursue a career in Astrology or any science. I felt that if I wanted to achieve goals such as doing charity and making the world a better place, I needed a high paying career/job that would be enjoyable and interesting. So, what are the feelings of being a Neurosurgeon;...

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Phoebe  H.’s Avatar
Phoebe H. Oct 12, 2017 524 views

What are possible careers for a person who majored in Behavioral Neuroscience?

I am interested in how the brain works, and specifically why it causes people to act the way they do. I want to work with people with special needs, but wonder if this is a plausible career. I am also interested in research, maybe also related to special needs. neuroscience...

neurology cognitive-psychology behavioral-health special-needs child-development neuroscientist

asdf A.’s Avatar
asdf A. Apr 12, 2016 870 views