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Are there any internships/volunteering for fields of Neuroscience in the Bay Area?

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4 answers

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Julie’s Answer

Hi Olivia,

There are internships for neuroscience. Some of the programs may not be happening due to COVID-19 but here are some resources you can check out:

* Stanford offers several programs that involve neuroscience: Even if some of the programs don't run this summer, you may be able to find a professor who would be interested in taking on an intern remotely.

* UCSF also has programs from high school students:

Good luck with your search!

Julie recommends the following next steps:

Research professors who study neuroscience and send them an email to see if they would be interested in taking on an intern, even in a work from home context.

Hi Ms. Herendeen, thank you so much for the helpful info! Olivia C.

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Jeff’s Answer

Hi Olivia! There are a lot internship and volunteer opportunities available in nueroscience. I would check with the local universities like UCSF, UC Berkely, and Stanford. My partner used to work as a nueroscientist at UCSF and they have a great program:

You could also check with the many biotech companies in the area, like Genentech or BioMarin, as many of them take on interns as well.

I would also search through job websites like as they will have many opportunities listed as well. Good luck!

Hi! Thank you so much for the helpful info, I'll check it out! Olivia C.

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Teresa’s Answer

Yes! Of course. You will have to do some sleuthing a bit. Some may be unpaid and some may be paid opportunities. You will want to identify some places to search --- GOOGLE - try searching "internships in bay area for neuroscience"....I came up with a few companies currently looking for interns (Genentech, Skive it, Five9). Check out Glassdoor, Indeed, and Linked In. Also, one of my favorite sites for women in business: (for people who elevate women at work).

Teresa recommends the following next steps:

Contact Genetech and see what opportunities they have for internships.

Hi Ms. Broadus! Thank you so much this is great, hopefully I'll be able to do something this summer! Olivia C.

You are welcome! Hope you've found a college/university program to investigate further! Teresa Broadus

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Cynthia’s Answer

you don't provide any personal information which matters...are you a college student or high schooler? what part of the bay area are you in. transportation? time frame? prior experience? CPR certified? etc etc. all of that will matter. you have some good answers. but i would also recommend widening your view. what do you mean by NEURO SCIENCE? do you want to do cellular bio research or work with veterans with brain trauma doing rehabilitation work? there is a lot of range in this area. what is available near you? have you any experience in a lab? if so more specialized lab work might be relevant. but if not, it's hard to get a first lab experience...might be better to look for clubs with mentors and hands on opportunities (assuming the cv19 fairy arrives soon). do you want to learn about how neurological illnesses or injury impacts real people, look for TBI rehab programs where you can be a helper. There are some group homes and nursing homes and assisted living facilities that specialize in services for folks with brain trauma and they love a great volunteer. Then with that sort of experience you can understand how the research impacts practice and caregiving. All of this might be tough in a social distanced summer. So another avenue might be to pick one question that really interests you...what nutritional advice seems to have an impact for neurology patients or how does memory work after brain trauma...and do an indepent study project, write up your findings, find a faculty mentor for this if you are a college student or a hs teacher to help you stay on track. have something to show for your efforts at the end of the summer. demonstrate being self directed. all good stuff to use moving on to your next neuroscience adventure.

Hi Ms. Goldberg, I appreciate your feedback. I'm a high school junior currently in Oakland. It just sort of dawned on me that I don't have any experience in being hands-on and volunteering with science-related things and thinking that I should have some sort of volunteering before I apply for college. I'm not looking for anything specific, just for some experience in anything neuro-related... Olivia C.