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Maeve K.’s Avatar
Maeve K. Apr 29, 2014 742 views

Is it possible to study abroad during the summer?

I'm not sure if I want to study abroad during the school year. Are there colleges that offer study abroad programs in the summer or during school breaks like winter break? #travel #study-abroad...


Angie C.’s Avatar
Angie C. 14 hours ago 4 views

What are the steps i need to take to reach my career goal?

i would like to work with athletes as a sports physician, what education/social steps would I have to take?...


Viviana T.’s Avatar
Viviana T. Jan 10, 2018 273 views

Is it true that musicians have a higher chance of entering medical school?

I am a pianist in high school who is interested in becoming a doctor and I would like to know if this is true. #doctor #music #medicine...


angel O.’s Avatar
angel O. Mar 19 230 views

what are the benefits of going or not going to college?

I'm in 9th grade. I'm asking this question to see if college is helpful...


Aishwarya J.’s Avatar
Aishwarya J. Jan 16, 2018 2256 views

What's a day in the life of an aerospace engineer like?

Aeronautical or astronautical, it doesn't matter. I'm interested in pursuing a major in aerospace engineering, but I want to get a scope of what applying it to a career is like. #engineering...


Edwin K.’s Avatar
Edwin K. Apr 15 86 views

Are there any in demand jobs that involve design?

I've always been interested in creating things or designing, but don't know how to create a career out of it. #design...


jesus L.’s Avatar
jesus L. May 17, 2016 539 views
Quentin K.’s Avatar
Quentin K. May 05, 2016 356 views

Does having a master's degree increase your ability to be hired?

Will employers see the master's degree as an advantage? If so, is it worth a students time to seek one during/after college? #engineer #professor...


Connie T.’s Avatar
Connie T. Apr 14 77 views
Ignacio F.’s Avatar
Ignacio F. Mar 05, 2014 1049 views

What exactly is Sports Psychology?

I've always done sports growing up. Trying out and competing new in sports has never phased me negatively to the point of distress or disorder. Many of my role model athletes such as Mike Tyson have fallen under psychological issues that lead to their downfalls. I am a part of a health &...

#mental-health #sports #health #psychology

Agustin P.’s Avatar
Agustin P. Mar 05, 2014 742 views

What kind of careers should I be looking into that involves with sports?

I'm an athlete, that wants to get involved in some career that involves doing some kind of sport or involves being active....


Lauren L.’s Avatar
Lauren L. Jan 17, 2018 582 views
Edwin K.’s Avatar
Edwin K. Apr 15 118 views

How do you balance your career and your normal life?

Growing up and starting your career path seems really time-consuming. I'm wondering how you are able to manage your time so that you still have time to do the things that you love such as sports and gaming....


cristian H.’s Avatar
cristian H. Sep 05, 2019 295 views
Makaylah P.’s Avatar
Makaylah P. Apr 27 62 views

Do I need to have skills in photography ? or is that not a problem ?

I want to get into photography but I think that I would need skill first before actually getting into it. I need clarification on that so I can see what I have to do. #highschoolstudent #learning #photography...


Michael D.’s Avatar
Michael D. Jun 22, 2016 547 views
Agustin  B.’s Avatar
Agustin B. Jun 03, 2015 924 views

How can I become the FIFA president?

I love soccer and would love to work in the sport at the highest level. #soccer #president...


Cameron F.’s Avatar
Cameron F. May 25, 2016 539 views

What are my job options if I major in international relations?

I am planning on majoring in international relations because I have a desire to bring peace between countries. What kinds of jobs are in line with this goal? #law #political-science #politics...


M Q.’s Avatar
M Q. Apr 28, 2018 281 views

Are there any scholarships for transfer students interested in art school?

I am a community college transfer student and I'm looking for scholarships that can help me finish my Bachelors in Fine Arts....


caryn X.’s Avatar
caryn X. May 03, 2019 158 views
Meliah M.’s Avatar
Meliah M. Sep 27, 2017 625 views

What is the daily life of an accountant?

I am asking this question because I am interested in being one and I just want to know what do you do in accounting....


Alexander N.’s Avatar
Alexander N. Mar 12, 2014 1635 views

What are inappropriate and personal things you should not discuss in an interview?

I don't want to come off as nosy but I also want to have personality and humor into the interview to make it as best as possible. #career #jobs #interviews #internship...


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