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Choosing a career is difficult. ensures you are not alone in this process. Check out previous questions and answers, and if you are still confused, please ask away. For...

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What types of procedures do you follow in the event of a potential forest fire?

Life in the outdoors is my one of favorite hobbies....


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You have obstacles in your path to your career ?

Hello, I don't know if you see this day or night but I just wanted to ask you something, it's a small question that can help me for my path to my career, I hope and the answer, luck #career #career...


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How do I narrow down my career options?

Im a junior in highschool and i have no idea what i want to do when i get out of school. I love math and problem solving, however i hate english and writing papers. I also dislike the medical field. I want to go to college but im worried that i wont know what to study. #college #math...

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does your career make you happy?

worried about going to school and not liking what a choose...


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What are the holidays like for you in your work area?

The holidays are a big time of the year when a lot of things may change, knowing how this career may effect that would really help. #career #psychology #career-choice #career-counseling...


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What part(s) of the year or season(s) are the hardest or easiest to work in?

As with everything, seasons and year times change people and things happen. Knowing these two things would really help me out. #counselor #mentalhealth #job #college #psychology #career...


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What would say are the hardest parts of your job?

Knowing the challenges one may face going into this career will definitely help me make a decision. #counselor #job #mentalhealth #career #career-counseling...


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The career you've chose this year seemed like the one that best fits you, but if you had a choice to pick a new career, would you change it or not?

I want to major in Anthropology, but it seems like sooner or later down my career path, I would want to become a Engineer that builds new homes or remodels homes. So it's like I'm debating on what career I would choose first. #career #college #career-choice #career-path #college-major...

#anthropology #engineering

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I want to get a job or volunteer to help end sex trafficking

I am one class away from my bachelors degree. I am 43 years old. My major is sociology from Portland State University. I am a mother of four and also a grandmother. My passion is to work or volunteer in a position to facilitate an end to sex trafficking and/or to help victims that have been...

#career-choice #college #job

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How long will these career planing take?

what can i do to better myself in my career. #career...


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What are the next steps i need to better my career?

I'm a new student trying too better my career. #career-choice...


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How do I choose what I want my career to be?

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What should I do as a career?

I don’t know what to go for in college and need advice #career-choice #student...


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What career(s) would allow me to combine my love for physics and theater?

So long story short: I love physics, but I also have an intense passion for theater technology, stage management, and set building. What career can I pursue in order to allow me to combine my two passions? And what should I study in college? I was thinking of double-majoring in Physics and...

#career-choice #theater-technology #career #theater #physics

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Do you enjoy working in protective services? If so please explain.

#career #career-counseling #career-choice I was wondering if working this trade changed anyone's life and I would like to see if this is the right career for...