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Choosing a career is difficult. ensures you are not alone in this process. Check out previous questions and answers, and if you are still confused, please ask away. For...

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Eve M. Jun 24 140 views

What career paths does Psychology take you?

I'm a college sophomore that majors in Psychology and I would like to know if I'm making the right decision. #psychology #college-major...


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Sakshi A. Jun 18 107 views

I wan to know whats the right career for me.

I love performing but i am not confident. I am good at maths. i am also moody. #career-choice #career-choice...


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Ashley M. Jun 17 180 views

How do I know if this is the best career path for me?

I really wanted to join and experience the opportunities that this program will potentially have to unfold for me, and that truly is me and who I am as person, but there’s definitely more to it I definitely know that. I love helping people in any way shape or form and leaving any type of impact...

#psychology #career-choice

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Mochi Y. Jun 10 530 views

What is a perfect career for me?

#career-choice #career #career-path I am a fifth grader going to 6th grade and I don't know what to do. My dad is pressuring me to choose my career and find a colleg, but how do I know what I want to do for...

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Ruby J. May 31 242 views

How do I know what my talent is

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Arisa Y. May 30 201 views

What are some back up professions or careers?

I'm thinking about going into the medical field and I know that it's tough. Even though it'd be a dream to study medicine, I figured that I should be on the safe side and have a backup job I can fall back on if things don't work out. Any suggestions for those kinds of jobs? #job #medicine...

#career-choice #healthcare #career

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Hrucha D. May 17 151 views

Career Options after Graduating?

Hi, I wanted to know what are the possible career options with a Bachelors' Degree in Life Sciences. Thanks in advanced for your help! #science #career #career-choice...


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Sky E. May 14 130 views

What type of engineering field is right for me?

My name is Sky. I'm in tenth grade and I'm having a career crisis. I need to know if engineering is the type of career that can get me hired straight out of college anywhere in the US. If so, I also need help deciding exactly what type of engineer I should be. I love learning about the periodic...

#engineering #career-choice

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Marie E. May 12 128 views

Is modeling a career?

I know im not beautiful or pretty to be walking down run ways and doing photo shoots but it cant hurt to try #modeling...


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joe M. May 06 159 views

what career should i pick

hi I'm steve - bill wurtz #career #college #career-choice #teaching...


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Harley Marie C. May 04 108 views

Is it hard to become an animal trainer?

I am an animal lover, and I have always enjoyed teaching my farm animals different tricks. I want my future career to be something along this line of work but I don't know what would suit me best. #animals #veterinarian #career-choice #zooloy...


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Gregory E. May 02 83 views

what career should i go into

whale i have autisum. i like helping people finding things or figure things out....


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Rosario Q. Apr 29 330 views

How can i know what career is best for me

Im having trouble deciding what to do in the future #career #career #career-choice...


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Arisa Y. Apr 29 260 views

How did you know what you wanted to do for your career?

In what stage of your educational life did you realize what you wanted to do or are passionate about? I feel pressured and stressed about the fact that I don't know what to do because I feel like everyone else does. Are there any suggestions as to what I should do to get a sense of what I like?...

#career #career-path #college #career-choice

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Jesus M. Apr 25 99 views

What does a person needs to know to start on a dentist career?

I would like to know more about this career because I want to help other people #dentist #begginer #...


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Paloma G. Apr 24 144 views

How do you know you found the perfect career that suits you best and what can I do to make sure I found the perfect career for me? During a pandemic, would my decision be more what benefits me financially or what makes me happy?

Hello my name is Paloma and as of right now I am a sophomore in high school. I'm not too sure what I want to do or pursue as a career now that I am thinking of it. I will like to gain some knowledge and maybe advice as to how you knew and chose what you wanted to pursue. With so many choices...

#college #career-choice #career-counseling #planning

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Stephanie R. Apr 21 206 views

How can i figure out what career would be right for me?

I'm a single mother of one, I'm 27 years old and about to enroll in college. I'm interested in human behavior, psychology, sociology, Physical health and the natural way the world works. My goal is to gain knowledge and pursue a career in something that involves my interests, also to be wealthy...

#career #career-choice #career-counseling

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Meghan H. Apr 20 104 views
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Shawn W. Apr 17 80 views

Would you recommend a career in Thoracic Surgery?

I’m considering going into medicine, but I don’t know what specialty is right for me. I would like a career where I can tackle important problems and make people’s lives better. What do you guys think? Would this be the right specialty? I’m trying to figure out which one is right for me....

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