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Career Questions tagged Nursing Education

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Ashley yesterday 20 views

How to specialize in Pediatrics in the Nursing Field?

After getting my Bachelor's in Nursing, how will I be able to move down the road of becoming a specialist in pediatrics?

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jessica Sep 29 64 views

how do you become a pediatrics nurse what education is required? and what classes should I take while in college? how many courses do you need? what credits? which colleges work best for this field

how do you become a pediatrics nurse what education is required? and what classes should I take while in college? how many courses do you need? what credits? which colleges work best for this field

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sandra Sep 22 73 views

what steps would you recommend i take to prepare to enter this field? (medical assistant)

Hi my name is Sandra and I'm at job corps.

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Grace Sep 22 99 views

What is the most challenging in school when trying to become a Registered Nurse?

I am looking to become a RN, but I want to know as much about what goes into the education process as I can before I decide that it is what I want to do.

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Aishai Sep 12 104 views

Informational Interview For Psychiatric Nurse !

1. What are some accomplishments you have made while being a Psychiatric Nurse? 2. What are the best colleges to attend in order to become a Psychiatric Nurse? 3. What is the most stressful challenge of being a Psychiatric Nurse? Please take the time out of your day to answer these few...

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David Sep 07 110 views

Associates degree for better nursing opportunities?

Would earning my Associates degree be more helpful in finding better nursing jobs? Being a RN sounds like a great career, and all i would need is an Associates and some experience. could getting my associates open up more technical careers within the healthcare industry to better learn about...

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Cahyriah Aug 26 73 views

How long does it take to become an registered nurse?

I really want to be a nurse. I honestly just want to be in the medical field.

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Zakir Jul 28 144 views

I have a question about Nurse Anesthetists

Does this career give you a big enough salary.

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Kayla Jun 09 169 views

How should i prepare for becoming a registered nurse?

i am currently studying to get a certification to starting to become a regsitred nurse and would like to know more information

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Saira May 25 114 views

who created the nursing career in united states?

I am interested in knowing where nursing was born in the United States. What is the starting point

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Kai May 13 199 views

Will nursing help me change as a individual ?

how will it change me

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Tara May 05 271 views

Laptop purchase

What laptop would be the best purchase when pursuing my nursing career and obtaining my BSN degree? What suggestions/graphics/specs should be included in my search.
Thank you.

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Tara Apr 19 207 views

Schooling options

Which program prepares you more for the nursing degree. A 1+2+1 SUNY/Nursing program to earn your bachelor's degree or should you do 2 years RN first then 2 years earning your bachelor's degree.

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Tyler Mar 13 174 views

Does anyone know of any nursing programs that aren’t impossible to get into? Anyone have any advice?

I got into nursing programs in high school. Couldn’t afford any of them, so I just went to community college. I decided to work towards an associates degree in film studies, but became an alcoholic and failed out. My grades are completely terrible. I’m now sober, and trying to turn my life...

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Justin Feb 16 265 views

When pursuing a career in Nursing, do you get your nursing prerequisites in your Associate's Degree In Nursing or are they another separate year of college?

#nursing #nurse #healthcare #college #nursing-education #junior #CRNA

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hargun Sep 15, 2021 213 views

What does a RN job application process look like?

I am an international student studying Nursing in Miami and I have no idea what to expect of the job application process to look like.

#nursing #nurse #nursing-education #medicine #college #nursing-application #registered-nurse

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Jasmine Jul 30, 2021 215 views

How challenging can nursing be?

I love to help and make people feel better when their not feeling well. I hate to see people hurt and sick knowing I can't do anything to help. That's why I wanna be a nurse. #nursing #nurse #medicine #nursing-education #healthcare

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brittney Jun 27, 2021 233 views

How long does it typically take to become a nurse in new york city? What are the steps? What are some tips? Anybody have a nursing associates?

i am an 18 year old who just graduated high school. my high school is in partnership with my college, and are sending me there free of charge but for only an associates in nursing. #nursing #healthcare #college #nursing-education #nurse

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Timothy Jun 04, 2021 217 views

what is the annual salary for RN's in Florida

#nursing #nursing-education #healthcare

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Maria Nov 28, 2020 566 views

Pro and Cons of being a Nurse

What are the different nursing jobs? What are the "best" nursing jobs?
#nursing #nurse #nurse-practitioner #registered-nurses #nursing-education

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Marie Apr 23, 2020 296 views

What colleges are better to go to for nursing?

#healthcare #nurse #nursing-education

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Annalise Mar 26, 2020 409 views

I have ptsd, anxiety, anger issues, and depression. But I would like to be in the nursing field what is the best career for me?

#nursing #nursing-education

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Jordyn Mar 24, 2020 438 views

What are all the careers in nursing?

#healthcare #nursing #nursing-education

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Dexter Feb 24, 2020 370 views

As a registered nurse. Do you think it's better to stay in one field of nursing?

I feel like it would be best to expand my horizon in different fields of nursing, but not entirely sure of the stress it might add. #nursing-education #nursing #RN

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Dorothy Feb 04, 2020 317 views

What is your greatest attribute in the Nursing industry?

#nursing-education #healthcare #CNA

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Trinity Feb 04, 2020 425 views

How do i get in the nursing field?

#nursing #nurse #healthcare #doctor #nursing-education

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taylor Jan 09, 2020 304 views

what kinds of hands on activities do you learn in nursing school?

#nursing #nursing-education #college

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Tracy Nov 22, 2019 393 views

What skills did you have to develop inorder to become an RN?

#nursing #nurse #healthcare #nursing-education #hospital-and-health-care #registered nurse

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cecilia Oct 28, 2019 309 views

what are the best classes to beome a RN


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Heslina Oct 04, 2019 315 views

How much do nurses make?

I really like nursing , because it's the most important for everyone for their lives..... #nurse #nursing #healthcare #nursing-education