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Career Questions tagged Rn

Kyle H.’s Avatar
Kyle H. Mar 18 104 views

whats it like to be a docter?

I would like to know how its like to be a doctor rn...

Nate R.’s Avatar
Nate R. Mar 18 110 views

What is the salary that you have?

I would like to be a trainer and would not mind being an educator for kids because I would not like to work with adults. helping-others trainer physical-trainer hospital educator...


Ester S.’s Avatar
Ester S. Nov 29, 2020 433 views

How can I become a RN?

I am currently a junior in high school. I am very interested in nursing, and becoming an RN. I am having trouble understanding the steps , like what do I do first after I graduate high school ? Do I go straight to nursing school ? Do I go to college/university first and if so what classes...

college pharmacy medicine nurse nursing rn medical-school

Jazmine S.’s Avatar
Jazmine S. Oct 19, 2020 88 views

How long do u go to college for a rn

I like helping people and doing stuff to help someone but I don’t wanna deal with bones but I wanna help them do there blood and Ivs and all of that...


Marlene U.’s Avatar
Marlene U. Sep 03, 2020 203 views

For those in the medical field, how does your affect your lifestyle?

Also, how did your job affect your lifestyle when you first started out in this field? apn aprn rn nurse lpn cna md doctor physician medicalfield...


Dexter Q.’s Avatar
Dexter Q. Feb 24, 2020 223 views

As a registered nurse. Do you think it's better to stay in one field of nursing?

I feel like it would be best to expand my horizon in different fields of nursing, but not entirely sure of the stress it might add. nursing-education nursing...


Kassidy P.’s Avatar
Kassidy P. Apr 05, 2018 353 views

what are things i should need to know about being an RN

im asking because i want to be RN and i want to know what some things are that i should know about that career. nurse nursing healthcare hospital-and-healthcare medicine...


Aleksandra B.’s Avatar
Aleksandra B. May 04, 2019 361 views

What is something you wish you knew before you entered the medical field?

I am planning to be premed in college next year, and I don't know any medical professionals closely. I would appreciate any input on what surprised you about medicine, and what one should be prepared for. Thank you! stem women-in-stem medicine med doctor surgeon premed nurse pa ot pt...

do emt rn aprn lpn healthcare

Vanesa N.’s Avatar
Vanesa N. May 03, 2019 186 views

What does a nurse for child delivery do on a daily basis?

What are the daily duties of a nurse....


Vanesa N.’s Avatar
Vanesa N. May 03, 2019 194 views

How many years of college does it take to be a registered nurse?

How much time is spent studying to become a nurse. rn...


Sundus J.’s Avatar
Sundus J. Jan 18, 2018 346 views

What are the main differences between a nurse with a PhD and a physician ?

I’ve always wanted to become a Doctor, lately my mind fluctuates between the three. rn medicine...


Donjawine C.’s Avatar
Donjawine C. Aug 31, 2017 373 views

What is the best route to take when trying to become a nurse?

I want to become a registered nurse to help cure the sick and needy. What are the best steps to take? If i wanted to be a Labor and Delivery Nurse, do i have to go to school longer to be that particular type of nurse? I think I want to be a Nurse Practitioner. Do I have to be a nurse first ,...

rn medicine nursing