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Career Questions tagged Rn

Azusena’s Avatar
Azusena Mar 22 53 views

What is your favorite part of being a nurse?

Just trying to find out more about the nursing field. Ill be training to be one soon.

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Jennifer Dec 27, 2022 324 views

How do i prepare for Rn nursing?

I really want to do Rn but I really don't know what field is best for me. So I need advice on how to get to specialize in the right field of RN

Morgan’s Avatar
Morgan Dec 14, 2022 331 views

What are some career options within the medical field that are related to pediatric nursing?

pediatric nursing

Yuridia’s Avatar
Yuridia Dec 09, 2022 154 views

What classes would you recommend to take for a RN?

What classes are the most important while in high school.

Milan’s Avatar
Milan Nov 16, 2022 207 views

Is it better to wait to obtain your DNP? Is it better to gain experience as an RN before becoming an NP?

Is it better to spend some time working as an RN after obtaining your BSN, or is getting your DNP right after ungrad just as good? Pros and cons to practical work as an RN vs finishing DNP earlier without that experience. #FALL22

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Cheyenne Mar 28, 2022 265 views

What is some advice for new nurses?

I was wondering what would some advice that experienced RN/CNA/LPN have for new nurses entering the workforce in post covid life.

Cheyenne’s Avatar
Cheyenne Mar 28, 2022 531 views

How many hours/days do a LPN works in a week?

I there a minim or max hours/days a LPN can work in a week? I was wanting to work as a LPN while getting my bachelor's in nursing to get my RN. But I'm worried that I won't get enough hours/day.

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Brandy Mar 03, 2022 349 views

Is Phlebotomy a type of nursing?

#Nurse #RN #Phlebotomy #Med #MedicalSchool

Katherine’s Avatar
Katherine Dec 13, 2021 547 views

What are the 3 most important things I should know before becoming a nurse? (LPN or RN)

Working conditions, hours, schedule, rewards, challenges, etc. ? #LPN #LVN #Nurse #RN #RegisteredNurse

Katherine’s Avatar
Katherine Dec 13, 2021 762 views

What are some Nursing-related jobs LPN's or RN's can go into that aren't directly related to patient care?

I love caring for people but I have a lower stress tolerance than most and think being in a high stress working environment would not be a great choice for me. I however don't want to be bored/not stimulated mentally. #nurse #LPN #LVN #RN #RegisteredNurse #nursing #healthcare #medical

Katherine’s Avatar
Katherine Dec 13, 2021 436 views

Is it difficult for LPN's/LVN's to find jobs after graduating nursing school?

How can new nurses increase their chances of finding a job? Should they start in a particular field? I have not gone to school yet but when I do I will probably go to a LPN to RN program part-time while working. #Nurse #LPN #LVN #Nursing #RN

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Katherine Dec 13, 2021 319 views

What are technological tools I should be familiar with?

What kinds of computer software to nurses use to do charting, etc (such as Adobe)? #Nurse #RegisteredNurse #RN #LPN #LVN #Nursing

Katherine’s Avatar
Katherine Dec 13, 2021 384 views

What are the tools/equipment RN's use on a routinely basis?

Would love to know any and all you use so I can study. Thank you! #RegisteredNurse
#RN #nursing #nurse

Meredith’s Avatar
Meredith Sep 09, 2021 475 views

How difficult is it to manage your time in the hospital (or a fast paced environment), if your a registered nurse?

I'm interested in learning more about the health care field and what it takes to be a nurse. I feel I manage my time wisely, but want to get a better idea of what the hospital setting is like. #nurse #nursing #healthcare #medicine #hospital #rn #registered-nurse #doctor

Timothy’s Avatar
Timothy May 24, 2021 301 views

What are the Pro's and Con's of being a RN and what are the Benifits of being a RN?

#career #RN

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Kyle Mar 18, 2021 281 views

whats it like to be a docter?

I would like to know how its like to be a doctor #rn united

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Nate Mar 18, 2021 299 views

What is the salary that you have?

I would like to be a trainer and would not mind being an educator for kids because I would not like to work with adults. #helping-others #trainer #physical-trainer #hospital #educator #rn

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nevaeh Mar 17, 2021 645 views

What classes should I take in high school if I want to become a registered nurse during

#nurse #medicine #hospital #RN

Della-Rae’s Avatar
Della-Rae Feb 16, 2021 314 views

My name is Della-Rae and I have always had an interest in both adventure and travel, along with the general look upon being somewhere in the medical field. With this, my dream is to become an International Traveling Registered Nurse. My problem is I have no idea where to even start. I know I unfortunately have a late start, due to the fact that I have not applied to any colleges what so ever yet, let alone have any idea what programs I need to complete in order to start my career... But i'm willing to start here and now, and seek the advice I need literally anywhere that I can get it! If you have any advice that can help me, please reach out to me via this website or even through email, Thank you so much! #InternationalNursing #RN #Travel #NursingPrograms #WhereToStartInNursing

Hello, Looking on where to start in my career. My desire is become and International Traveling Registered Nurse. I don't even know where to start with schooling, like what programs to start with, who to talk to, etc. If you are someone who is currently in, associated with, or familiar with...

Chastity’s Avatar
Chastity Dec 10, 2020 398 views

What is the daily work day of a pediatrician?

#pediatrician #rn #pediatrics #working-with-children #children #medicine #nursing #pediatric-nursing #doctor

Ester’s Avatar
Ester Nov 29, 2020 836 views

How can I become a RN?

I am currently a junior in high school. I am very interested in nursing, and becoming an RN. I am having trouble understanding the steps , like what do I do first after I graduate high school ? Do I go straight to nursing school ? Do I go to college/university first and if so what classes...

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savannah Oct 30, 2020 308 views

What do you least like about your job as a Registered Nurse?

#career #job #RN #registerednurse #school #notlike

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savannah Oct 30, 2020 984 views

What are the main responsiblities you have as a registered nurse?

#nursing #questions #RN #business

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Marie Oct 23, 2020 389 views

how much money do RN's make?

#RN #money-management #career

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Jazmine Oct 19, 2020 277 views

How long do u go to college for a rn

I like helping people and doing stuff to help someone but I don’t wanna deal with bones but I wanna help them do there blood and Ivs and all of that #rn

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Marlene Sep 03, 2020 519 views

For those in the medical field, how does your affect your lifestyle?

Also, how did your job affect your lifestyle when you first started out in this field? #APN #APRN #RN #Nurse #LPN #CNA #MD #Doctor #Physician #medicalfield #anesthetist

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Veronica Jun 15, 2020 387 views

If I wanted to get a job as an RN in California, would it be better to go to a university in state? Is it harder to get a job as a new grad in CA if you went to school in a different state?

#nursing #college #university #newgrad
#healthcare #rn #nurse

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Dexter Feb 24, 2020 446 views

As a registered nurse. Do you think it's better to stay in one field of nursing?

I feel like it would be best to expand my horizon in different fields of nursing, but not entirely sure of the stress it might add. #nursing-education #nursing #RN

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aniayh Feb 04, 2020 543 views

What are three important things I should know about being a CNA (e.g. working conditions, typical schedule, rewards, and challenges)? What are some tools/technology I should be familiar with?

#Certified-Nurse-Assistant #medicine #CNA #Nurse #Nursing #Registered-Nurse #RN #health-care #medicine

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miranda Jan 09, 2020 499 views

I dont know what career I want to go into.

#career-choice #RN #Automotive #nurse