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Career Questions tagged Dnp

Milan’s Avatar
Milan Nov 16, 2022 371 views

Is it better to wait to obtain your DNP? Is it better to gain experience as an RN before becoming an NP?

Is it better to spend some time working as an RN after obtaining your BSN, or is getting your DNP right after ungrad just as good? Pros and cons to practical work as an RN vs finishing DNP earlier without that experience. #FALL22

Ana’s Avatar
Ana Mar 26, 2018 942 views

Whats the difference between MSN and DNP?

A DNP degree generally takes a longer time to complete compared to a MSN degree. Aside from that, what would be the difference in job duties between these two degrees? Would a person who has a DNP degree get to experience more than the one who has a MSN degree?
#Medicine #Nursing #DNP #MSN

Sara’s Avatar
Sara Jan 18, 2018 770 views

Why should I get a Doctoate versus a Masters degree to become a nurse practitioner?

I am currently in a DNP program but there are masters program that take less time to complete and you can still work as a nurse practitioner. Is the extra school to get the doctorate worth it? #DNP #FNP