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Career Questions tagged Registered Nursing

Mckenzie’s Avatar
Mckenzie Mar 14 89 views

Is it detrimental to my career if I get my nursing degree through a community college?

I am interested in getting a bachelors in Nursing (specialized with oncology) then head in to either be an oncologist or research Breast cancer cells with stem cell transplants.

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Hailey Mar 09 84 views

Nursing Careers.

how long does it take to become a nurse in Phoenix AZ? How is nursing a good career for me? What are the advantages for nursing?

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lupe Feb 27 93 views

What kind of work style do nurses have?

what is the work style like in nursing in san jose?
What does a typical day look like for nurses?

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Nallely Feb 19 172 views

can you get into nursing school without any prior relevant experience ?

I want to apply to nursing school to earn my associates degree. However, I’m 23, have only worked in retail, and I currently volunteer as a tutor for children.

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Dec 27, 2022 328 views

How do i prepare for Rn nursing?

I really want to do Rn but I really don't know what field is best for me. So I need advice on how to get to specialize in the right field of RN

Cha'Tyia’s Avatar
Cha'Tyia Dec 13, 2022 136 views

Differences between Anesthesiologists and registered nurses

Are registered nurses the same as an anesthesiologist and what is required you know how to do for the job?

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Marco Nov 20, 2022 235 views

If I want to be a CRNA in the military, will the military help train me to become one, or will I need to become a CRNA before joining the military?

Want to know if I need to become a CRNA before joining the military, or if I will be trained by the military to become one

Milan’s Avatar
Milan Nov 16, 2022 210 views

Is it better to wait to obtain your DNP? Is it better to gain experience as an RN before becoming an NP?

Is it better to spend some time working as an RN after obtaining your BSN, or is getting your DNP right after ungrad just as good? Pros and cons to practical work as an RN vs finishing DNP earlier without that experience. #FALL22

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Nov 16, 2022 209 views

(Nursing) - What is the percentage of people that are able to get hired in nursing?

Explain for students that want to get into the medical field, or more specifically, nursing

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Neftali Nov 16, 2022 252 views

How would you describe your journey of becoming a registered nurse or medical assistant?

describe the journey it took to get where you are, struggles, accomplishments, achievements, the school you attended, courses you took, and personal stories.

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Nov 02, 2022 97 views

Nursing school?

how hard is nursing school?

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Nov 01, 2022 141 views

Where should I start if I want to become a nurse?

I'm trying to get my CNA at the moment but after that I'm not sure what to do.

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David Sep 07, 2022 271 views

Associates degree for better nursing opportunities?

Would earning my Associates degree be more helpful in finding better nursing jobs? Being a RN sounds like a great career, and all i would need is an Associates and some experience. could getting my associates open up more technical careers within the healthcare industry to better learn about...

Saira’s Avatar
Saira May 25, 2022 213 views

who created the nursing career in united states?

I am interested in knowing where nursing was born in the United States. What is the starting point

Tara’s Avatar
Tara Apr 19, 2022 316 views

Schooling options

Which program prepares you more for the nursing degree. A 1+2+1 SUNY/Nursing program to earn your bachelor's degree or should you do 2 years RN first then 2 years earning your bachelor's degree.

Breanna’s Avatar
Breanna May 01, 2019 325 views

What is the highest level of education need for Register-Nursing?

#medical-field-education #Registered-Nursing

Breanna’s Avatar
Breanna May 01, 2019 395 views

How much experience do you need to be a Registered Nurse?

#experience #medical-field #Registered-Nursing

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia May 15, 2018 583 views

Is it better for me to continue my education by earning a master's degree in nursing at the same university I obtain my bachelors from? Or should I Iook at other schools to further my education?

I am asking this question because I am not sure if I should continue my education before locking at an an employer or should I explore my options at other schools and earn an advanced degree in nursing. I want to begin to use my degree and begin my career as a nurse but not sure if it is worth...

Carmilia’s Avatar
Carmilia May 15, 2018 500 views

Is it true that RN-midwives don't get paid a lot?

Is it true that RN-midwives don't get paid at least $60,000? #nursing #college #registered-nursing #midwives #midwife #midwifery #nurse-midwife

Orleisha’s Avatar
Orleisha Mar 18, 2018 504 views

When entering into the medical field, is it better to major in nursing or biology?

Throughout most of my life, I always wanted to become a pediatrician. I love helping others and making a difference. Whether it be an accomplishment or a tough obstacle , everything you do in life reflects upon your character. I am kind , loving, and nurturing, which makes me gravitate more...

Kierra’s Avatar
Kierra Jan 21, 2018 503 views

Can I be a OB/GYN Nurse if I major in Biology?

I'm asking because the school I'm going to doesn't offer a nursing program. #registered-nursing

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Udoka Jan 16, 2018 523 views

Why is nursing is good career?


Adrienne’s Avatar
Adrienne Jan 16, 2018 526 views

LPN or RN?

Looking at different nursing programs for my future, what is the difference between a LPN/LVN and a RN? Would it be better to start with a LPN or go straight for RN?

#nursing #registered-nursing #practicalnursing

Adrienne’s Avatar
Adrienne Jan 16, 2018 538 views

What are some good scholarship resources for Nursing/medical degrees?

I am looking for some additional resources for obtaining scholarships and/or grants for full time nursing education.

#nursing #nursing-education #registered-nursing #scholarships #financial-aid

Kadeesha’s Avatar
Kadeesha Jan 16, 2018 607 views

How do you know if you’re really choosing the right career?

My career choice has been the same since I️ was young. Most people at my age have changed up to fit their interest, but not me. So what if I’m choosing the wrong path, how do I️ know?
#healthcare-it #registered-nursing

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Jan 13, 2018 532 views

Will I be looked over as a potential employee being a single mom of four?

Will it be hard for me to find a job as a registered nurse being that I am a single mom of four? #singlemom #nursing #registered-nursing #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care

Mireia’s Avatar
Mireia Dec 13, 2017 988 views

What are some tips for passing nursing examinations?

#nursing-schools #nursing #registered-nurses #registered-nursing #nurse-practitioner #nursing-education

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Mireia Dec 13, 2017 1209 views

Should I become a nurse or teacher?

I'm torn between the two professions and would really appreciate some guidance!
#nursing #teaching #education #educator #registered-nurses #registered-nursing #registerednurse #teacher #teachers #nurse

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Mireia Dec 13, 2017 1030 views

What are some tips for getting into nursing school?

#nursing-education #registered-nurses #registered-nursing #registerednurse #nursing #nurses #nurse #nursingschool #medicine

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Megan Sep 28, 2017 692 views

How do I get scholarships in nursing ?

I am really interested in becoming a nurse anesthetist. #registered-nursing #nursing #scholarships #college-selection