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Career Questions tagged Hospitals

Okikioluwa’s Avatar
Okikioluwa Jul 08, 2022 216 views

Hello, what masters programs can I do with a bachelors degree in human anatomy with a chance of getting employment.

I have a bachelors degree in human anatomy. I love to work preferably in a hospital or a pharmaceutical research lab.

Gabriella’s Avatar
Gabriella Oct 19, 2020 304 views

are there any age requirements to be a midwife?

#midwife #healthcare #hospitals

Christian’s Avatar
Christian Oct 19, 2020 335 views

What should a future therapist know before applying the job?

#physical-therapy #hospitals #healthcare

Clinton’s Avatar
Clinton Jul 20, 2020 328 views

As a nurse or doctor, how would you handle a crisis, such as any pandemic outbreak?

#doctor, #nurse, #hospitals, #work-life-balance, #emergency-room, #july20

Kyla’s Avatar
Kyla Jul 12, 2018 487 views

I want to be a traveling nurse but after college I'm not sure where to start. Do I gain a contract with companies or hospitals?

#nursing #traveling #hospitals

Anna’s Avatar
Anna Jul 06, 2018 504 views

Would it be better to work as a medical scribe or job shadow doctors?

I do not really have any experience with the medical field, and I really want more exposure because I think that I am interested in becoming a doctor. What way would you suggest to be the best way to introduce myself to and get more involved with this field? Is it difficult to be a scribe if...

nicole’s Avatar
nicole Apr 04, 2018 510 views


#hospitals #medicine #healthcare #doctor #hospital-and-healthcare

Azucena’s Avatar
Azucena Jan 23, 2018 611 views

I want to learn about what A Day in Life is like for a Nurse Practitioner. I have learned that if you are too sensitive you might need to reconsider your career options? Is this true?

Im asking because I learned that you may see many hurt people including people's death. I am a very sensitive person and hate seeing really hurt people. Should I think twice? #nursepractitioner #hospitals #medicine #nurse-management

maria’s Avatar
maria Mar 08, 2017 671 views

What classes do i need to take for nursing ?

Im interested in nursing and want to know what to expect. #nursing #university #hospitals #texas #america #dallas

Olivea’s Avatar
Olivea Feb 12, 2017 2287 views

Will hospitals hire high school students to work over the summer?

I'm a high school sophomore and very interested in science but I'm not sure if I want to go into medicine or not. I thought working at a hospital over the summer might give me some good ideas. Do hospitals allow 16-year-olds to work with patients? #medicine #science #high-school-students...

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Feb 09, 2017 718 views

How important is volunteer experience in a healthcare setting in preparation to becoming a nurse?

I have not yet volunteered at any hospitals or nursing homes but know that it's important to get volunteer experience. #nurse #healthcare #registered-nurses #nurse-practitioner #volunteer #hospitals #nursing-homes

Debra’s Avatar
Debra Dec 26, 2016 732 views

What are different specialties for one going into a career in occupational therapy?

Going into this field. #science #physical-therapist #therapy #physical-therapy #occupational-therapy #therapists #hospitals #occupational-health

Nada’s Avatar
Nada Dec 17, 2016 736 views

What is a better place to work at as an OB/GYN: a clinic or a hospital?

No one on the internet seems to have a solid answer for this question so I am consulting the career village experts to help me way the pros and cons of working at both including the salary and work hours for both. #obstetrics #hospitals #ob-gyn #gynocologist #clinics #financial-planning

Enrique’s Avatar
Enrique Oct 26, 2016 768 views

What's it like to be a male nurse in a field where women predominate?

I'm considering to start nursing school by fall 2017 and I'm really interested in knowing what challenges I could be facing after graduation. I love helping people; therefore, I think this career path is a good choice for me. I love being challenge on an everyday basis and I can't wait to...

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis Oct 19, 2016 856 views

Can I make money through college internships in hospitals and through residencies?

Specifically hospitals in North Carolina #college #hospitals #residency #medicine #hospital-and-health-care #residency #pre-med

Anisa’s Avatar
Anisa Jun 30, 2016 2255 views

What are the differences between being a regular pediatrician and being a pediatric surgeon? The salary, what a regular day would look like for each profession, and what type of medical training you would need and how long that would take.

I'm considering going into one of these careers and I'm just wondering which one I would prefer #doctor #medicine #pediatrician #doctorate-degree #hospitals #financial-planning

julio’s Avatar
julio May 17, 2016 659 views

Do any schools specialize specifically in pediatrics?

Or is it just medical school in general #doctor #medicine #healthcare #pediatrics #hospital #hospitals

leo’s Avatar
leo May 17, 2016 812 views

How often are doctors reprimanded for covering for uninsured patients?

And what punishments would be given like would I be fired right away? I know money is always an important factor but was wondering if most doctors are punished for breaking rules for patients #doctor #hospital #hospitals #medicine #hospital-and-health-care #science

shaheen’s Avatar
shaheen May 14, 2016 1037 views

Can I become a doctor but not have my own hospital?

I want to become a doctor but i don't want my own hospital, can I do this? #doctor #hospital-and-health-care #medicine #business #hospital #hospitals

Christian’s Avatar
Christian May 13, 2016 785 views

Regarding the future of Physician Assistants, do you believe they will be allowed to do more in their respective areas of work.

I am considering a career as a Physician Assistant and I have always heard that PAs are not allowed to do as much as the Physicians. I am curious about the job and how it will change in the future. #doctor #science #medicine #pre-med #physician #careers #hospitals #hospital...

Elysia’s Avatar
Elysia May 12, 2016 662 views

What factors/requirements are medical schools mainly looking for in the resumes and applications of prospective students?

I am thinking ahead about what my goals and priorities should be in undergrad in order to have a well-rounded application for when it's time to apply for medical schools. #medicine #hospital-and-health-care #hospitals #science #college

Dorcas’s Avatar
Dorcas May 05, 2016 758 views

What classes are best to take in high school for someone who wants to be a doctor?

I want to make sure that I'm taking the right classes. #expert #doctor #hospital-and-health-care #healthcare #hospitals #health #healthcare

La'Nyah’s Avatar
La'Nyah May 05, 2016 668 views

How long do I have to stay in school to be a psychiatrist? Also what should I major in?

I am asking because I get a different answer every time I ask someone. I have about two more years until I get to college but I want to know ahead of time. #medicine-school #psychiatry #medicine #science #hospital-and-health-care #hospitals #college

Litzy’s Avatar
Litzy May 04, 2016 693 views

What should I really focus on in school if I want to become a doctor?

I want to help people feel better and I want to prepare for my future. I am a 7th grader. #doctor #biology #medicine #hospital-and-health-care #hospitals

keerthana’s Avatar
keerthana May 03, 2016 867 views

How to become a successful brain doctor?

Hello! I am putting this question because i want to become a brain doctor.I am very interested to operate a brain. #doctor #teaching #nursing #professor #nurse #counselling #hospitals

Shravani’s Avatar
Shravani May 02, 2016 888 views

How do I find a part time job working with a doctor/medical professional?

I'd love to learn more about the work that doctors/medical professionals do. I thought that finding a job working alongside a medical professional might help me learn. What options exist? #doctor #professor #medicine #hospital-and-health-care #hospitals #career #college #education

Dakota’s Avatar
Dakota Dec 15, 2014 1821 views

What are the requirements to being a diagnostic medical sonographer?

I am a senior in high school looking into this field of study and wondering about the education requirements. I am also wondering about how life in the military with this career would be. #medicine #medicine-field #hospitals #medicine-sonography

April’s Avatar
April Dec 15, 2014 6440 views

What is the hardest part and challenges of being Diagnostic medical sonographers?

I am a senior in high school thinking of my options,and i know i want to work in the medical field. What are the challenges you may face working in this type of field? Any feedback would be great! #medicine #hospitals -sonography -sonographer

April’s Avatar
April Dec 15, 2014 2681 views

What is the best and worst part of being a registered nurse, and do you get taken advantage of by the healthcare system?

I am a senior in high school thinking about becoming a RN. I would like to know if you love you job? Do you get taken advantage of? Any information would be great! #doctor #medicine #nursing #healthcare #hospitals

Arliene’s Avatar
Arliene Apr 02, 2014 37178 views

What are some pros and cons to becoming a registered nurse?

I'm thinking about becoming one and would love to hear more about your experiences and thoughts on the career! #nurse #jobs #hospitals #nursing #registered-nurses