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Azucena P. Jan 23, 2018 380 views

I want to learn about what A Day in Life is like for a Nurse Practitioner. I have learned that if you are too sensitive you might need to reconsider your career options? Is this true?

Im asking because I learned that you may see many hurt people including people's death. I am a very sensitive person and hate seeing really hurt people. Should I think twice? #nursepractitioner #hospitals #medicine...


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Joshua F. Oct 29, 2016 472 views

What is the best way to maintain your money usage in college? After College Graduation Where should I start applying for jobs?

After College I want to be able to get a job that starts at a decent annual salary and start paying off my college debt. My Parents Recent House Hold Income is about $34 to $35,000. I want to be smart at stabilizing my money usage during college so when I graduate college I want to be able to...

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Carmen J. Oct 21, 2014 5428 views

Should we let our parents define what career we choose in life?

Should I choose a career only because its what my parents want? Is trying to make them happy really worth it? #nursing #registered-nurses...


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Megan J. May 06, 2016 1334 views

Is it possible to graduate from nursing school and pursue a career other than hospital nursing?

I am enrolled at Liberty University for fall 2016 and am hoping to get into their nursing program. My mom is a nurse and has done hospital nursing for many years. I see that it is long hours and physically draining. I love helping people and really want to pursue this path but, if it's an...

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Kaley F. May 04, 2016 2188 views

I am a sophomore in college with a 2.9 gpa going into my junior year. Is it still possible for me to get into a nursing program after i graduate college even if i only bring my gpa up to a 3.3?

I was just looking at all of my past grades in college so far and didn't realize how terrible I'm doing. In high school, I was an average student. I think i ended with a 3.4 gpa and honestly I didn't really care too much about school. My freshman year I was a little lost and didn't know what i...

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