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Career Questions tagged Registered Nurses

The role of a nurse is a core role within a hospital. A nurse will care for patients, ensure doctors are prepared, and communicate with families. There are over 100...

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Buse K. Sep 30 85 views

Is there a chance that you would fail in nursing program? If you do, can you retake the classes again?

I want to go to Rutgers to become a RN. I'm a senior in high school. I'm kind of nervous and stressed on what to do next. I want to get my bachelors degree. nursing registered-nurses nurse healthcare...


Yessica M.’s Avatar
Yessica M. Sep 28 47 views

What is the process of becoming a RN Labor and Delivery Nurse

I'm a 9th grader and I'm interested in becoming a Labor & delivery nurse. I would like to know the steps in becoming one and what I would have to do. registered-nurses...


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Gia An H. Sep 28 46 views

What Registered Nurse do? And how to become a nurse?

I’m 15 years old and my dream job is become a Nurse to help people, how can I step by step to follow my dream and what I need to do and learn now? registered-nurses...


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Mhaya T. Sep 28 44 views
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Briadna A. Aug 20 118 views

What types of tasks do nurses do?

I would like to know what kind of tasks nurses do in their jobs and how many hours do they work? registered-nurses medicine...


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jessica P. Jul 28 145 views

What schooling must you do after college to become a nurse anesthetist and a nurse practitioner?

Hi, I will be entering my junior year in high school and I've always known that I want to work in healthcare. I've been really thinking about nursing. I know nurse anesthetists and practitioners are different but both intrigued me. What degrees do each have, and how long do they each go to...

medicine nursing nurse healthcare registered-nurses

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Rosemary G. Jul 09 120 views

What are the steps to becoming a registered NICU nurse and how long does it take?

Im trying to find a good career for me and know that I would love to work with babies such as a NICU nurse and I just want to know what steps are needed to get there. nursing registered-nurses healthcare nurse...


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Briannia V. Jul 07 70 views

What are the steps for a registered nurse

I want to become one after I graduate high school but I want to be more then be prepared of course...


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Cari F. Jun 07 217 views

What are the steps to becoming a Registered Nurse

I am very interested in taking this path and I'm a high school student who wants to get a heads tart on heading in the right direction. nursing nurse...


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Maria E. Nov 28, 2020 381 views
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Jessica H. Jul 14, 2020 166 views

What nursing publications do you subscribe to?

I want to subscribe to these publications to prepare myself for a future in the field. neonatal...


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QuynhTien D. Jul 11, 2020 192 views

how can one get from a RN to a nurse practitioner

Currently a senior in high school looking to get into nursing nurse-practitioner nursing nurse registered-nurses...


QuynhTien D.’s Avatar
QuynhTien D. Jul 10, 2020 192 views

Hi, i am interested in being a nurse and is very lost on what is the pathway is in being a nurse. what school should i apply to?

I am an incoming senior and is getting ready for college application season. I also really want to go to a four year, specially a UC. i am an honor student and have experience in volunteering and leadership. nursing nurse college registered-nurses healthcare...