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The role of a nurse is a core role within a hospital. A nurse will care for patients, ensure doctors are prepared, and communicate with families. There are over 100...

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Jermaine J. Mar 09 39 views

How do you go about becoming a CNA

I'm currently 20 years old pursuing nursing via Job Corps, and I'm looking forward to making my community a better place. I want to know what does it takes to be successful as a registered nurse as a male? #nursing...


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Julian M. Mar 02 45 views

Would I enjoy doing CNA and will it help forward my career progress of being an RN?

I'm going to be a CNA so in the future I can be an RN and hopefully in the future I can be in the Fire Fighter academy to become a fire fighter. #nursing #nurse #registered-nurses...


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Gwen T. Feb 29 46 views

Finding work as a new grad nurse?

Hello. I am currently a pre-nursing student but I am curious about life right after nursing school. How long has it taken you to get your first nursing job after school? I often hear about the rising demand of nurses but I also hear new nurses often have a hard time getting work. #nursing...

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Kyla B. Jan 24 68 views

For nurses, what is a typical work day look like?

I am a student at Job Corps, and I am pursing a career in nursing. I would love to see what a typical day looks like for a nurse in the emergency field. #registered-nurses #healthcare...


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Abby J. Nov 20, 2019 73 views

How much do you get pay for a year if you become a NICU Nurse for Babies?

#nursing #nurse #babies #healthcare #take care #medicine #registered-nurses im a 16 year old girl, i'm a Sophomore in school. I was Curiosity about how much they make in a year and whats pros and...

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Breann J. Nov 14, 2019 52 views

How do you become a pediatric nurse?

I am a junior in High school and am thinking about becoming a pediatric nurse. I really enjoy working with kids, helping people, and just interacting with other people. I also really like science and learning about medicine. I want to know what high school classes could help me be prepared for...

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Haley M. Oct 03, 2019 55 views

What does a Registered Nurse do?

I am a job corps student studying to become an RN. #registered-nurses #nursing-education...

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