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There are multiple different types of scholarships. Some will help you pay for your books, while others will help with tuition. Applying and receiving an award usually involves a written...

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How Do I Get Scholarships for College?

I am currently not receiving any financial aid for my college tuition. Are there specific websites that I can go on to apply for scholarships? I have a great GPA and am studying marketing. #scholarships...


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What are ways I can get scholarships for college?

I am a junior in high school and would like any advice on how to get scholarships #high-school...


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Why am I not getting chosen for any scholarships?

I am in need of scholarships. I am consistently and constantly applying, but don't seem to be providing what each scholarship wants me to provide or say. How can I know what they actually want? I meet the eligibility criteria, but do not get chosen. How can I further set myself apart from...


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Where can I find scholarships for college?

I am currently in the process of writing my applications to colleges, and I want to also apply for some scholarships but I'm not sure where to start. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on foundations or companies where they offer scholarships. Any resources are helpful! Thanks so much!...

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Do you know of scholarships for undocumented students?

I'm currently under DACA and would like help in finding scholarships for students like me. Specially any for books and or on campus residency. #scholarships...


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Where can I find scholarships for Criminal Justice?

I've tried looking for scholarships for Criminal Justice, I've found about three, but all of them have either passed or I do not fit the requirements that the scholarship asks for. #criminaljustice #lawschool #scholarships #financial-aid #scholarship...


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is there anyway to get scholarships for medical school

After my four years of undergrad I want to go into medical school but I know it will be expensive #medicine #scholarships #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare #doctor...

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What are the benefits of the CSS profile?

The CSS profile is another form for financial aid. Some colleges require it now when you apply for financial aid. I just want to know how it differs from FAFSA. #financial-aid #finance #college #admissions...


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Mandy A. Oct 30, 2018 217 views

Is it possible to graduate from college with $0 in student loan debt?

I want to be able to pay for college as I go. I want to go to this one university but it costs about $25,000 a year. I want some advice to achieve this goal. #debtfree...


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Talk about when you did/did not recieve a scholarship?

As a college freshman, I have been applying for scholarships online in hopes that it will help reduce the amount that my parent and I have to cover, but I am honestly not sure how effective applying is. Applying to scholarships is easy, but what about winning them? Everyone always says to apply...

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If I decided to go to an out of state school is there anyway that the hope scholarship could transfer over to the others state form of hop

I lived in Georgia and let's say I get the hope scholarship, and I decided to go to Alabama. Is there anyway that the hope would transfer and switch over to the other states form of hope....


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How do scholarships send colleges or universities the money they grant?

When you earn a scholarship, what must be done next? How do you secure the money you earned? #universites #money #scholarships...


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Scholarship Question

How do you know which scholarship sites are legitimate and which ones are fake?...


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How did you get Scholarships?

A lot of scholarships don’t seem to apply to me, how do you find ones that do?...


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