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Grace D. Jan 14, 2018 245 views

Is applying for early admissions for colleges, and being tied to one school, really worth it?

I'm curious to hear what people who've applied to universities via early admissions have to say about being committed. I worry about getting a better offer, possibly with more scholarship money offered, that would've been a better choice but I won't be able to accept. #earlyadmissions #college...

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Abby L. Nov 23, 2017 356 views

Can I turn down my ED school if the financial aid package isn't sufficient?

If I were to apply early somewhere (with a binding agreement) and then accepted, would I have the opportunity to turn them down if it turns out I can't afford it? What's the protocol? #college #financial-aid #financial-services #money...


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Student Voices by CV .. Nov 10, 2015 938 views

What is the difference between the early action and the early decision college application deadlines?

This question was asked by a junior from San Jose, Ca who plans on applying to Stanford next fall. She hopes to study biomedical engineering and eventual find herself in the medical device industry.thank you so much njuhuh #college-admissions #college-applications #college-advice #early-action...


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Daniel Z. Mar 05, 2014 876 views

Does applying for Early Decision or Early Action help your chances?

I am a Junior in high school hoping to apply for colleges really soon. I know about early decision and early action but, what I do not know is does it help you get into colleges. Will the schools consider you more then others because you decided to apply early then normal? #college...

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