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What is the best school to attend to pursue orthodontics ?

This is a important question because this is the occupation I want in the #orthodontist #orthodontics #teeth #college #college-applications...


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McKinley M. Apr 06, 2018 188 views

College Recommendations?

What are some of the best colleges to go to if I want to become an #archaeologist? #archaeology #college #college-applications...


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Jessica H. Jan 20, 2018 241 views

What is the best way to stand out on applications?

My dream school is Harvard Medical School. The school is extremely competitive of course and I would like to know what to do in the next four years of my undergrad in order to stand out in the application process. -school #medicine #hospital-and-healthcare #healthcare #college...


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Caislyn I. Jan 18, 2018 175 views

Is there anything else I should do before applying to schools?

I do everything that I can: I’m taking nine classes this semester, I’m in two leadership programs, I’m the lead singer of my church’s worship band, I’m in charge of a charity, I’m on the construction crew for my schools drama department, I play sports, I have a 3.6 GPA, plus more. #college...

#college-preparation #college-applications

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Sohaib A. Mar 18, 2018 226 views

Does NHS matter?

At my school, there are a bunch of kids who are in NHS, and they are always praised for their service. When I look at the members, there are some really smart kids in there, but most of them are average students. So my question is, does NHS matter? #nhs #nationalhonorsociety #resume #honors...


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Darlie C. Oct 24, 2018 206 views
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Madaline M. Aug 05, 2018 229 views

How could I make my application look appealing to my dream college?

I want to go to Western Washington University #application...


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Robre'ana H. Aug 09, 2018 210 views

Should I still apply to my dream school even though my SAT score isn’t up to par? If so, how can I make my application stand out to the admissions committee?

My SAT scores are below average for my dream college, however, my GPA, community service, and extra curricular activities are great. #college #school #high-school-classes #college-applications #vanderbilt...


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Kim Z. Jan 22, 2018 193 views

What do you need to apply to schools outside of your country?

I want to consider going to school outside the country just to do a little exploring and I want to see new places. #livelife #study-abroad #international-student...


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Medical School Advice

I have an okay GPA (3.51) and an okay MCAT score (497). My extracurricular activities, awards, volunteer work, and other activities are extremely good. How good are my chances of making into a medical school? Any advice to make me a stronger applicant? #medschool #pre-med...


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Cameron R. Jan 18, 2018 204 views

How do I tell my parents that I didn't make it into my dream school?

I was really excited to go and we spent a lot of time and money on visits and making arrangements in case I was accepted. Now I didn't even make it through the first round of applicants. I don't know how to bring it up to my parents without making it sound like it isn't a big deal....

#rejectionlettersareactuallyarealthing #rejection #college-applications #college-rejection

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Anna L. Jul 09, 2018 338 views

How will I be able to get into Johns Hopkins University?

Hello! My name is Anna and I am a sophmore by the time summer break ends. I was wondering if I can do anything, or should do anything in particular to be able to get accepted into John Hopkins. I would want to be a doctor if you were wondering by the way! Any tips, and information about John...

#college #applying-to-college #academic-advising #johns-hopkins #medicine #jhu #college-applications

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Abbygayle S. Jul 10, 2018 179 views

Senior year tips?

It’s my last year of high school and I’m beginning to seriously look into colleges. My previous years were not too hot, any suggestions and helpful tips to do better for college applications? #senioryear #college #seniortips #high-school #college-applications...


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Shelby C. Jul 10, 2018 176 views
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Jacoby B. Jan 17, 2018 233 views

How can one create an original voice in applying for college?

When students are applying for college, most have the same mindset of haveing to use “loaded language”. How can I single myself out even if I feel all options are taken.#college #college-admissions #college-applications...


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Cecila D. Jan 17, 2018 289 views

Who should I ask for letters of recommendation?

For a multitude of #scholarships, I have been asked to provide letters of #recommendation and I am at a loss for who I should ask. I am a wrestler and pole vaulter but I have little faith in my coaches ability to draw up a well-written letter that would help my case. I am not involved in any...

#references #academic-advising #career-development #college-applications

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Kayleen F. Jan 16, 2018 280 views

What if the Application deadline has passed?

I have decided to apply to a college, but I am afraid that the application deadline has passed. Should I apply anyways? #college-applications #university-applications #college...


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MaryAnn A. Apr 18, 2018 226 views

If one is studying to become a Nurse Practitioner, what category of college major would it land in?

I want to become a Nurse Practitioner. While looking for scholarships and applying to universities, there is usually no NP option in the list of study. I've heard that the degree consists of BSN and MSN, but usually neither that nor NP is in the options bar. Would NP count as part of the...

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Bryce S. Mar 24, 2018 343 views

For college application essays, is content or structure and formatting more important?

Many applications give you options on essays. Some choices seem ideal with my writing style that I could write them with good formatting, but other topics I feel as if the content I put into it would help me stand out, but may not be quite as structured. ##essays #writing #writing-and-editing...

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What are ways to stand out to colleges on applications, and also for financial aid?

Pretty soon I will start applying to college and I would love to get into my top 2, and I would appreciate some tips to look good on my application. #college-applications #university-applications #college...


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Brooke S. Mar 03, 2018 240 views

How can I be sure I'm choosing the right college?

There are so many options! I've applied to six colleges, but how do I know which one to choose? Aside from financial aid, what are some things I should be looking for? #college-applications #deciding...


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Derek Y. Feb 13, 2018 850 views

Is FBLA good on college apps?

FBLA is a relatively smaller club at my school, and I've done fairly well in it, and it seems a bit easier than another club like, say, Speech and Debate. Does it have the same weight and gravity as other clubs on college apps? #fbla...