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Career Questions tagged Math

Using principals and fundamentals to study the number of topics. Ranging from an economist to system engineer, there are a wide array of careers available.

Genevieve J.’s Avatar
Genevieve J. Jul 27 69 views

What career opportunities exit for someone who only has a bachelor's in math?

My (tentative) plan is to earn my bachelor's and then earn my masters. However, I might want/need to take a break before going back to school.

Genevieve J.’s Avatar
Genevieve J. Jul 27 73 views

What are the best minors to pair with a math degree?

I've heard that tech and finance are good choices. If its tech, then what specific tech area is preferable? Are there any business minors would make a good choice? Are there other minors that would be good options?

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Genevieve J. Jul 26 84 views

Are online or in-person math classes better?

I'm toying around with the idea of getting my bachelor's in math. I prefer online school, and I'm really doing well in my online statistic class. However, my older brother took calculus via a online class and he really struggled (normally he does really well with online classes). Mathematicians...

Genevieve J.’s Avatar
Genevieve J. Jul 26 46 views

Which Kansas College/University has the best math program?

I live really close to K-State, University of Kansas, and Washburn University. I'm also open to the idea of attending Wichita University. I would prefer to attend a public college/university over a private one.

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Genevieve J. Jul 24 81 views

What careers options exist for someone who has a bachelor's in math and a MBA?

I feel that this education path would combine my two major interests (math and business). If anyone's out there who has this degree combination, I'd really appreciate your advice!

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123 4. Jun 04 181 views

What Major Should I Choose?

If I like geometry, what majors and careers will fit me?

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Jaden A. Jun 03 150 views

Is it difficult to become an Architect?

I’m really interested in becoming one. I know that no career choice is easy but how much math is involved? Would anyone recommend it? Anything would be helpful.

Katarena C.’s Avatar
Katarena C. May 05 174 views

How do I combine arts and math in a career.

Art and math are my favorite classes so I want to find a way to combine them for a career.

Katarena C.’s Avatar
Katarena C. May 05 189 views

What are some good colleges for arts?

I like art and math a lot and I'm wondering what colleges might be good for those interests.

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Myles H. Apr 16 152 views

How much math does someone use daily in software engineering?

Some people say it's good to learn calculus for computer science, but why is that so? How much math is used in a day?

Anita S.’s Avatar
Anita S. Mar 25 210 views

Do I have to have a strong understanding of High School Math in Medical School?

I'm struggling in Algebra 2 at the moment- will this affect me in the long run?

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Will L. Mar 02 132 views

Is aerospace engineering one of the more difficult engineering jobs?

I'm in 10th grade. I live in minnesota. I love math and sports. #math

Will L.’s Avatar
Will L. Mar 02 461 views

What are the different types of engineering degrees?

I'm in 10th grade. I live in minnesota. I love math and sports. #engineer #math

Anja W.’s Avatar
Anja W. Feb 24 446 views

What jobs are the best for introverts?

I am a person who works best alone, as I can get pretty nervous when interacting with others. I wanted to know what careers are best for those who don't work well with others. I am thinking something within STEM or something that has to do with art. #art #science #career #math #personality...

William C.’s Avatar
William C. Feb 03 205 views

Do you need to be good at building objects in engineering besides math?

I'm a junior in high school that wants to major in engineering. I'm also taking classes to achieve my major. However, I wonder if you need to be good at constructing objects in engineering besides being good at math. #engineering #math

William C.’s Avatar
William C. Feb 03 219 views

What kind of fields requires engineering?

I'm a junior in high school that wants to major in engineering. A few classes that I'm taking to achieve my major are a hybrid math class and a physics class. But, I'm wondering what kinds of fields require engineers. #engineering #math #engineer

Kailun C.’s Avatar
Kailun C. Jan 31 241 views

What are some majors related to math?

I just want to explore any interesting majors that I might like to do or take a look at that are related to math. #college-major #major #math

Natalia A.’s Avatar
Natalia A. Dec 10, 2021 474 views

What is the process to become an investment fund manager?

I have communication skills and I enjoy doing math. I personally find math easy and fun. #math #accounting

Belamie I.’s Avatar
Belamie I. Nov 10, 2021 258 views

I want to be an astronomer, I like maths and physics.What's the next step?

#physics #math #astronomy #science

Canming S.’s Avatar
Canming S. Nov 02, 2021 220 views

Do you need a higher education of math such as APs inorder to apply for Computer Science field jobs?

#computer-science #computer #math

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Jessie C. Oct 05, 2021 258 views

I heard that extracurriculars are crucial during high school as it allows the admissions officers get a glimpse of who you are. If I want to attend a top university in the US, how can I maximize my chances through extracurriculars?

I'm a high school junior interested in pursuing something in computational mathematics or anything computer science related in college. #college-admissions #computer-science #math

Fakaiha Z.’s Avatar
Fakaiha Z. Oct 03, 2021 383 views

How should I independently prepare for a future degree and career in computer science while still in high school?

I'm currently a junior in high school, doing IB. Most of my IB subjects are irrelevant to CS (English, French, chemistry, biology, philosophy, psychology) except for math. In math, I am learning algebra, functions, geometry and trigonometry, probability and statistics, and calculus. So aside...

Yuto S.’s Avatar
Yuto S. Sep 29, 2021 350 views

Do I have to learn how to code during High School if I want to work in CS field?

I want to study math in college.


Anderson L.’s Avatar
Anderson L. Sep 28, 2021 270 views

Are there different requirements for different type of teachers like elementary, middle, high school etc.

I like food, and like teaching. I hope to be any type besides history and science. Just math or English. #teaching #math #teacher

Jeffrey C.’s Avatar
Jeffrey C. Sep 17, 2021 287 views

What are some of the few ways to catch up or self learn for any coding-related careers?

I really want to pursue a career in programming, but only have a little experience with programming. I am also applying to college in a few months, and wanting to major in CS. Should I self learn or catch up, and should I be worried?
#career #math #computer #programming

Mateo M.’s Avatar
Mateo M. Sep 09, 2021 278 views

How do you solve for X?

#math #science

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Mya B. Aug 07, 2021 358 views

What steps should I take to become a mechanical engineer?

I am a 10th grade Cass student interested in math. #mechanical-engineering #mechanical-engineer #engineering #engineer #math

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Amaiah F. Aug 05, 2021 260 views

Whats a good way to start a career path

I understand/ grasp things pretty fast. #career #math

chitra S.’s Avatar
chitra S. Aug 03, 2021 249 views

what should i take up in 11th to become a pschologist?

i am not that good at maths , is maths important for psychologist? #psychology #math

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Kamari B. Jul 30, 2021 367 views

I want to learn more about being an engineer

#engineering #engineer #software #math #software-engineering