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Career Questions tagged Math

Using principals and fundamentals to study the number of topics. Ranging from an economist to system engineer, there are a wide array of careers available.

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Sofia 7 hours ago 9 views

How much of interaction with other workers I'd have in the finance field?

I don't like being alone, working all day staring at a screen without social interactions but mainly without making friends (colleagues don't count), it scares me a lot.

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Khanh Mar 13 62 views

What is the major people choosing the most in math?

I think this is good think I should know

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Khanh Mar 13 70 views

What college major should I choose if I good at math?

idk what to write here

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Irah Mar 13 36 views

What can I do to be an astronomer? What classes would I take in college? Is it expensive to be one?

I'm in 11th grade in high school, the sky interests me and fills my head with questions, theories, and emotions. I would like to know how to be one who studies the sky?

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Genevieve Mar 06 129 views

Data Science/Scientist Questions

I recently learned about the field of Data Science. I'm seriously considering a career in Data Science because it combines my interests in math, computer science, research, and writing. I'm really interested in learning more about it as a career. My questions are: 1.) What do data scientists...

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Keilana Mar 03 46 views

What math classes should I take to help with getting a Ph.D. in biochemistry?

I want to try and get a Ph.D. in about 7 years and want to know what classes will help me with that.

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Vincent Feb 27 100 views

What engineering major uses most math?

What engineering major uses most math? Which one is right for me?

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Vincent Feb 17 113 views

What are the prerequisite of astro physics?

I am interest in learning more about physics within our world. Space is a very unique and it's a vast area that we humans have only dabbled in. The universe is indefinite and learning more about the subject will help us explore more about the realm of space and its functionality.

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Tyler Feb 09 124 views

What is a good job that I would enjoy if I enjoy working and building stuff with wood?

I like to build all kinds of things but I especially like to use wood. I like to be creative and think of ideas then make that idea. I enjoy to work in groups or with another person.

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Crimson Feb 08 134 views

Interested in teaching high-school level Mathematics.

What classes should I focus on and take in college? What colleges are best to become a math teacher? Is there any specific information I know before starting this college profession? How will a master's/bachelor's degree help me once I am out of college and should I focus on getting my...

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CareerVillage Office Hours Nov 30, 2022 243 views

How early does being good in math matter if I want to work in technology?

This question comes from a CareerVillage professional who wishes more students would ask this.

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Ivy Nov 08, 2022 439 views

What does the life of a bank accountant look like?

Iḿ intrested in learning what a day in the life islike for a Bank Accountant, So far I know that it needs math , but I would like to know what else they do, how they do it and how to get into that career choice

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Liz Nov 05, 2022 468 views

What are some extracurriculars a highschool student can do to prep for a STEM career?

Are there any internships, volunteer oppurtunities or other extracurricular activities (both in-person and online) a highschool student can do in the UAE? Especially related to STEM?

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Treyton Nov 03, 2022 228 views

Careers that involve math

Hey guys! I am a student at Beatrice High School. I am interested in learning about a career, more specifically one that involves math. Any suggestions?

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Emma Nov 01, 2022 370 views

Jobs in Mathematics?

What jobs involving math make a lot of money?

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allie Oct 31, 2022 383 views

What should I expect from upper level math?

I love math and I definitely see myself involving it in my career. How does upper-level mathematics, specifically calculus, differ from math I have encountered in high school, my highest being AP Calculus? And which paths have more challenging math?

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jiali Oct 27, 2022 144 views

Future path.

What careers related to advance math?

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raina Oct 26, 2022 197 views

What are some majors that are good for undecided students?

Should I just go in undecided? I'm just worried that if I do, I won't be able to transfer into a certain course later on if it's full. Majors relating to STEM appeal to me, but I'm pretty sure my understanding of math isn't strong enough for me to succeed in anything STEM related.

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dima Oct 04, 2022 270 views

Math feilds?

What are some good high-paying jobs that are in the math or statistics field, that have minimal college.

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Shirley Sep 27, 2022 305 views

What college major should I go for if I like math and music?

I'm a Senior in high school and will be submitting my applications in two months. I like math and music, but I am lost if there are any majors related. Could I get some recommendations?

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Genevieve Sep 22, 2022 367 views

If I'm good at math, what careers should I look into?

Accounting, actuary, computer science, finance, economics, etc.? What about less common careers?

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Genevieve Jul 27, 2022 275 views

What career opportunities exit for someone who only has a bachelor's in math?

My (tentative) plan is to earn my bachelor's and then earn my masters. However, I might want/need to take a break before going back to school.

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Genevieve Jul 27, 2022 439 views

What are the best minors to pair with a math degree?

I've heard that tech and finance are good choices. If its tech, then what specific tech area is preferable? Are there any business minors would make a good choice? Are there other minors that would be good options?

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Genevieve Jul 26, 2022 306 views

Are online or in-person math classes better?

I'm toying around with the idea of getting my bachelor's in math. I prefer online school, and I'm really doing well in my online statistic class. However, my older brother took calculus via a online class and he really struggled (normally he does really well with online classes). Mathematicians...

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Genevieve Jul 26, 2022 276 views

Which Kansas College/University has the best math program?

I live really close to K-State, University of Kansas, and Washburn University. I'm also open to the idea of attending Wichita University. I would prefer to attend a public college/university over a private one.

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Genevieve Jul 24, 2022 243 views

What careers options exist for someone who has a bachelor's in math and a MBA?

I feel that this education path would combine my two major interests (math and business). If anyone's out there who has this degree combination, I'd really appreciate your advice!

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123 Jun 04, 2022 341 views

What Major Should I Choose?

If I like geometry, what majors and careers will fit me?

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Jaden Jun 03, 2022 315 views

Is it difficult to become an Architect?

I’m really interested in becoming one. I know that no career choice is easy but how much math is involved? Would anyone recommend it? Anything would be helpful.

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Katarena May 05, 2022 328 views

How do I combine arts and math in a career.

Art and math are my favorite classes so I want to find a way to combine them for a career.

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Katarena May 05, 2022 329 views

What are some good colleges for arts?

I like art and math a lot and I'm wondering what colleges might be good for those interests.