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Using principals and fundamentals to study the number of topics. Ranging from an economist to system engineer, there are a wide array of careers available.

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Divine K. yesterday 23 views

What if you have passion but you failed at school?

Simple but courageous man indeed...


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Tina S. Jun 13 27 views

I'm not a native English speaker, but i'm gonna to university for studying Finance, my math is not really good, how to get ready to the high level Mathematics ? Is there some online course to recommend?

Firstly, thanks for helping! I'm a Chinese student, I'm worried about my college math course, could you give me some methods to preview the math or some fundamental online course? Especially, I don't know the technical vocabulary of math. Sincerely thank you. #math...


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Jefferson M. Jun 11 59 views

What are some jobs that have coding as one of the components of the work?

I am in high school, I've always loved math and want to get into coding since it looks fun and can help you do many cool things. #coding #technology #math...


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Gilsson M. Jun 09 36 views

What do I need to become an architect?

I'm in high-school 11th and i like math, this is one reason i want to become an a architect. #architect # #career #architecture...


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Lucas W. Jun 08 45 views

What classes should I be taking to continue to search for my exact interest?

I like math, sports, and something with stats has always seemed cool but maybe even something with STEM would interest me. #stem #math...


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Lucas W. Jun 08 62 views

What careers are there within mathematics?

I like math but have always struggled to figure out where exactly to go with it...


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Lucas W. Jun 08 37 views

What math field would be the best to explore for me?

I enjoy math as a whole and have always thought about something with statistics. I also really enjoy sports so a combination of the 2 would be cool. #math #sports...


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Natalie B. Jun 01 48 views

What should I know about studying physics?

I love learning, math, and science. I am more interested in physics or astrophysics than I am in biological sciences. Is a physics major or degree worth it? What should I do in high school to prepare for studying physics? What are some extracurriculars that can get me involved in the subject?...

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Rachel M. May 26 79 views

What are some ways to gain work experience before applying for the medical field?

I enjoy studying science and math in school and I would like to put those skills to use in my career. I also like laboratory experiments and believe I can conduct a valid experiment to solve a problem. What are some available opportunities that focus around these interests for a high schooler?...

#work #volunteering #math #science #medicine #internships

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Patrick B. May 19 66 views
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Marcus J. May 17 81 views

What are some good careers for someone who doesn't mind doing math and also wants to help people?

Helping people for me is making people feel physically better, like medicine and fitness. #career-counseling...


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Marcus J. May 17 54 views

Is biomedical engineer a good career?

I'm good at math and I want to help others in the future. #career #math #career-options #career-choice...


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Joseph J. Mar 31 125 views

I am wondering what kinds of jobs I can get with a major in Applied Mathematics with a concentration in Physics.

I am a junior in college and am trying to find jobs to build up my experience for a finding a job in my field. I am currently enrolled to take accounting classes next semester but, I am not sure that is the correct step to take....


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Farrah A. Mar 19 136 views

What is the best major for me if I’m interested in math and i’m so good at it

I am interested in logistics, business administration, computer science, and supply chain management #math #aerospace-engineering...


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peyton W. Mar 17 76 views

What is a good collage for engineers?

I am thinking about electrical engineering specifically....


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Myles D. Mar 10 89 views

If im trying to get into a good college, does taking 3 years of language make a huge difference even though 2 is the minimum?

Right now, my schedule for next year consists of 2 math classes because that will leave open a spot for an AP class in junior year, instead of having to wait till senior year. However it kicks out a language class and an art class. If I take the 2 math classes I will only be able to have 2...

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Emma N. Feb 24 211 views

Do I need to be good at math to succeed as a Biology major?

I like biology, but I struggle with math. I really want to be either a biologist or a forensic scientist. Anyone in the biology field bad at math? #biology #science #math #mathematics...


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Abby L. Feb 23 110 views

Should I pursue a senior project that exposes me to a new area of physics or one that is more in line with what I believe I'll want to do as a career?

Currently, I don't have a clear idea as to what I want to do after graduation. I'll definitely apply to PhD programs, but I don't know what field I want to specialize in. Right now I'm most interested in optics, laser physics, and math. For my senior project, I'm tasked with choosing a...

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Makiya B. Feb 22 113 views
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Ashley M. Feb 16 247 views

What types of math do I need for robotics

I’m 21 I like music and robots and I want to build and design the animatronics at Disney parks #math #robots...


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Petunie T. Feb 11 205 views

Are there good job opportunities right after undergrad?

As of right now, I am interested in majoring in chemical engineering or mathematics in college. #engineering #math #jobs...


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Emmalie A. Jan 13 164 views

What kinds of classes to I have to take in college to become a high school math teacher?

I am talking about like Calculus, geometry, algebra I and II. #math...


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Emmalie A. Jan 13 129 views

What's the best thing to focus on in college?

I am 17 and a junior in high school. I'm interested in becoming a math teacher. #high-school...


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Ramsey P. Dec 07, 2020 421 views

What's the best major/career for me?

I have been trying to find a major/career that suits me for a while, but nothing seems to stick because I have so many interests. I recently graduated from Clayton State University with my Associate of Arts in Integrative Studies and I will be graduating from high school in May. I plan to...

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Akshay S. Nov 26, 2020 239 views

How to go about getting a summer internship related to computational biology as a high school sophomore?

I am a high school sophomore in the Bay Area with class work experience in Python, R, Matlab and Java. This year, I am taking graph theory and applied statistics courses. I am further interested in applications of math to chemistry and biology. #math #biology #computer-science #high-school...


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Mikayla S. Nov 06, 2020 278 views