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Career Questions tagged Maths

Vincent’s Avatar
Vincent Feb 27 100 views

What engineering major uses most math?

What engineering major uses most math? Which one is right for me?

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allie Oct 31, 2022 383 views

What should I expect from upper level math?

I love math and I definitely see myself involving it in my career. How does upper-level mathematics, specifically calculus, differ from math I have encountered in high school, my highest being AP Calculus? And which paths have more challenging math?

sakshi prasad’s Avatar
sakshi prasad Jul 05, 2022 245 views

confused about what to pursue in college

hi, I am a student currently studying in class 12th with major subjects as math, physics and chemistry. I'm really confused about the career should pursue further. I'm interested in being a commercial pilot but taking aeronautical engineering as an ug course will leave me with minimal options....

William’s Avatar
William Apr 03, 2022 240 views

What are the challenges that engineers deal with?

I'm a junior in high school that wants to major in engineering. I'm also taking classes to achieve my major. However, I was wondering about some challenges that engineers might have to deal with in their careers

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Nikyle Oct 20, 2021 276 views

What job opportunities are out there

#maths lit
#business studies

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Deandre Jun 02, 2021 354 views

Will there be ups and downs throughout college?

#science #stem #maths #sports #struggle

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Natalie Jun 01, 2021 675 views

What should I know about studying physics?

I love learning, math, and science. I am more interested in physics or astrophysics than I am in biological sciences. Is a physics major or degree worth it? What should I do in high school to prepare for studying physics? What are some extracurriculars that can get me involved in the subject?...

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Jun 01, 2021 480 views

What are some math related careers?

Question. #maths #math #mathematics #business-management #mathematician

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Patrick May 19, 2021 405 views

what kind of math should i study to be a engineer

#maths #math

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Louisa Apr 21, 2021 360 views

What do you want to be when you're older?

I am very organised and love numbers. I have a passion for #economics and #maths. I hope to study it in #college. I am open to listening to everyone's ideas coz I believe in #teamwork.

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Siyanda Mar 28, 2021 308 views

could i balance working as CA and stoke trading on the side

#CA #stock trading #stocks-investing #stock-market #realestate #maths

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priynashu Mar 23, 2021 252 views

what i do for become a pilot

#maths is my subject in college so what i do for become a pilot

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Benjamin Mar 17, 2021 350 views

What is the thing that gets you the most motivated before you go to work?#engineering

I am a Junior in high school and I am thinking about becoming either a civil, nautical, or mechanical engineer. #professionals #maths #technology #high-school

Zach’s Avatar
Zach Nov 10, 2020 573 views

What is it like to be a cop/and or police officer

I like and love and admire and am grateful that cops/and or police officers protect and serve the people specifically which who would be us #environmental-engineering #environmental-science #scientist #aviation-industry #environmental-services #mathematician #biomedical #cops/police officers...

Mikayla’s Avatar
Mikayla Nov 06, 2020 664 views

What’s it like to be a high school math teacher?

I love math and helping people. #mathematics #maths #math #teach

Tayan’s Avatar
Tayan Nov 05, 2020 333 views

What type of math should I be taking if I want to be a aerospace engineer.

#maths #aerospace #collegeprep #engineer

Kuyler’s Avatar
Kuyler Nov 02, 2020 461 views

What types of math are the most important when pursuing a career in anesthesiology?

I'm pretty good at math overall but I would like to know what I should put more effort into if I become an anesthesiologist. #maths #career-options

Kennady’s Avatar
Kennady Oct 26, 2020 349 views

What are some jobs that require a math degree?

#mathematics #maths #math

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Abigail Aug 22, 2020 591 views

I want to become an engineer but I'm not sure which engineering field I should pursue, how can I narrow down my choices?

I love science and math, and roller coasters are what got me inspired to become an engineer. #math #maths #mathematician #mathematics

Danial’s Avatar
Danial Jan 18, 2018 485 views

What're the occupational differences between pure and applied mathematics?

I'm not so much asking about or for examples of jobs that use pure or applied mathematics as I am asking about the work environment of pure and applied mathematics. What's the work like in both? What's similar and what's different?


Brad’s Avatar
Brad Mar 02, 2017 753 views

I did not take science or biology or math and I want to do cosmetic surgery or dermatology when I am finished school can I still do it ?

I'm in high school and I've taken history ,business studies and art and can't change ,once I am finished high school is it possible if I can do science and math core in varsity ? #doctor #teacher #medicine #maths #dermatologist

anusha’s Avatar
anusha Jun 23, 2016 808 views

what percentage of marks should I score to get an admission in engineering?

Need guidance to become an engineer #engineering #computer #technology #civil-engineering #maths

Sameena ’s Avatar
Sameena Jun 23, 2016 1341 views

i want to know the various choices available for commerce. If I want to chose a career in Commerce what courses will be best for me.

I am Sameena a 9th grade student and i want to know the career options for Commerce #accounting #mathematics #accountant #maths #commerce

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Janani Jun 18, 2016 601 views

how to become a psycology

hi iam janani i think it really good #science #computer #maths

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Janani Jun 18, 2016 748 views

how to become a psycology

hi iam janani i think it really good #science #computer #maths

D’s Avatar
D May 30, 2016 937 views

my ambition is to become a softwear engineer . but i am poor in maths . what are my steps towards it

i want to complete my ambition with out any hurdles #maths

j’s Avatar
j May 30, 2016 1626 views

My ambition is to become a mechanical engineer, but i am not good at math. What are my steps towards achieving my goal regardless?

i want to complete my ambition without any hurdles #maths

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k May 28, 2016 693 views

after 10th std i like to take MPC but iam week in physics what i have to prefer for this

intrest in doing engineering #maths

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m May 26, 2016 627 views

i am unable to remember formulas in maths give me an easy way to remember it/

i want to solve problems easily. #maths

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s May 23, 2016 729 views

what i have to do to improve maths subject

unable to understand #maths