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Career Questions tagged Math Major

Madeleine W.’s Avatar
Madeleine W. Mar 18, 2018 372 views

What kind of flexibility comes with being a professor? Any big pros and cons of the job?

I am a high school senior looking toward a possible career as a math professor. The things is, I have so many other passions like theatre. I am perfectly happy doing art on the side, but I would like to know if I pursue mathematics if it will be a possibility. mathematics professor theatre...


Ashley D.’s Avatar
Ashley D. Jan 24, 2018 261 views

I want to be a high school math teacher, and I have had many people tell me I should learn another subject to be able to teach as well. What subject would be best with a math degree and should I get a minor or do a double major?

I am transferring to a university to finish my math degree so that I can teach high school math. I have been told that high school teachers quite often teach more than one subject. If I am to learn another subject, what would be the best method to learn that subject? highschoolteacher...


Johnathan R.’s Avatar
Johnathan R. Jan 21, 2018 420 views

What are the different subsections in applied and theoretical mathematics?

I want to pursue a career in math, and I know that I would have to decide on either theoretical or applied mathematics, but I was wondering what choices I would have to make further down the line as a math-major....


Johnathan R.’s Avatar
Johnathan R. Jan 21, 2018 417 views

What exactly does a mathematician do after PhD

I'm interested in pursuing this career because of my interest in Math. I know that this is usually a research position, but I was curious if there was anyone in this field that could give me more detail mathematics...


Danial H.’s Avatar
Danial H. Jan 18, 2018 451 views

What sort of tasks does a mathematician commonly do in their job?

While I know the image of "people in suits crunching numbers" is wholly false, I'm not actually all that sure about what mathematicians (whether they're studying topology, physics, or any branch beyond) commonly do as a part of their occupation. Is it more akin to individual work or research in...

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Olivia B.’s Avatar
Olivia B. Sep 29, 2017 571 views

In the year 2022, how difficult do you suppose it will be to find an accounting job?

I heard that by the time I graduate it will be very difficult to find an accounting job, is this true? accounting...