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Typically an educator at college institutions, a professor possesses a Masters or Doctorate degree in their field of expertise. For more information, please read below.

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Gwen T. Feb 29 73 views

Do you avoid badly rated professors?

I recently started researching professors in upcoming classes on websites like ratemyprofessor before committing to a class. Have you ever attempted to take a badly rated professor's class anyway because that was the only class that worked for you? If so how did it work out? Was it not as bad...

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Ahna F. Nov 14, 2019 105 views
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Christian S. May 05, 2019 200 views

Do rigorous classes prepare you for the ACT, or will I need a prep class?

Do Honors/AP/College classes prepare you enough for the ACT, or will I need a prep class? I'm trying to figure out if I should try to fit an ACT Prep class into my schedule. Thanks! #college #student #nurse #nursing #classes #university #act #ap #rigorous #science #technology #engineering #math...

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Alejandro B. Nov 15, 2018 172 views

what type of benefits othe than those from the ollege come with being a foreign language professor

is the career of being a foreign languages professor interesting other than the languages being ta #foreign-languages #professor...

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Alejandro B. Nov 15, 2018 243 views

have you had the chance to teach foreign languages in other countries?

wonder for the possibility of travel while being a future professor in foreign languages #foreign-languages #professor...


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Alejandro B. Nov 15, 2018 211 views

what college did you go to for foreign languages teaching

for the wondering on which #foreign-languages #teaching #professor which college would be best to enroll for the sake of advancement to become a foreign languages...

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Katherine S. Oct 25, 2018 297 views

What is college like?

Is it fun, hard, stressful? Do you learn things that are important? Does it help your future? Are the professors fair and understanding? Is living on campus fun? Is joining a club or organization fun? #college #college-advice...


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Cierra M. Oct 15, 2018 159 views

What is an easy way out find out if a college professor isn't good at their job before taking their class?

In the past, I have had poor experiences with signing up for professors that have no passion or little expertise in the topic that they choose. It feels like a gamble, honestly. I am aware of sites that have student reviews on professors, but only two of mine in my entire college are on any of...

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Muhammad K. Aug 30, 2018 194 views

How many interns and students can over watch a doctor?

In my mind, I would suppose that a group of 10 or more people would follow around doctors to learn new and innovative things. #doctor #professor...


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Stephanie S. Aug 29, 2018 262 views

When becoming a college professor, is it more beneficial to start at a 4-year or transfer from a 2-year?

I want to know if it would be better for me to go to a 4-year college right off the bat when wanting to become a professor so I can familiarize myself when professors there who can help me. Or transfer from a community/2-year college to a 4-year. (based around finances) #college-professor...

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Stephanie S. Aug 29, 2018 206 views

What is the process of becoming a college professor?

Curious on how many credits I would need or what kind of degree I will need for a math or art professor. I want to know for any type of college too; community, CSU, UC, private, etc? #professor #california #mathematics...


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Amberly S. Aug 27, 2018 215 views

How do I avoid student debt?

As a chemistry major, all I can think about is the hundreds of thousands of dollars I'm going to spend on college. How, other than scholarships, am I supposed to avoid going into debt when college is extremely unaffordable? #student #university #teacher #professor...


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Yuniba Y. Aug 25, 2018 226 views

What is the best way to approach a professor about research opportunities

I am wondering about in laboratory research opportunities for undergraduates #professor #network #research...


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Kayleigh K. Aug 20, 2018 274 views

What would you recommend when trying to make connections with faculty?

As an incoming freshman, I've heard a lot about the importance of making connections with your professors if you want good recommendations or opportunities. What are some tips on how to do that (besides being a respectful and good student)? #student #college #professor...


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Angel S. Jul 24, 2018 173 views
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Rebecca A. Jun 21, 2018 447 views

What career options are there for economics majors?

I am studying economics at Brown; I really like how economic thinking can solve problems, but I am not a huge fan of math (I do not plan to take any beyond statistics and Calc II which are required). I am very interested in public policy, but more from an applied microeconomics view (rather...

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