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What things should I know about Wild Land Firefighting that is not in the book?

Any safety precautions that I should know or any helpful advice....


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I am interested in fire science. Are there any professionals willing to share their experience on how they became a firefighter?

My grandfather was chief fire inspector for the state of Hawaii. He was really good at what he did. I heard most of the stories from my father, who would tag along during the days of his youth. My father even regretted not going into the fire department. I've heard about the benefits in working...

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Cheyenne P. May 21, 2018 285 views

In what ways could I better prepare for law enforcement or fire academy?

I am preparing to go into both police and fire academy (one after the other). I have a degree in Criminology and have taken fire science courses at my college. I attend a weekly workout program through a local agency. Do you have any other suggestions on ways to prepare or different subjects to...

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William G. Jan 19, 2018 230 views

Are emergency service based jobs worth it?

I am debating if I should do this, but the problem is, I don't know if it is worth getting into with the work hours and dangers. #emergency-medicine #hospital-and-health-care #firefighting #law-enforcement #isitworthit...


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Anthony D. Oct 23, 2017 1456 views

Where and how can I job shadow a Firefighter?

I'd like to job shadow a firefighter because my dream goal for the future is to become one. #firefighting #firefighter...


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How to become a firefighter after 4 years in the Marines in the bay area?

What do i need to do and what can help me become a firefighter after the Marines #anyone #career-details...


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Cody L. Feb 15, 2017 335 views

How does technology help with your career?

At school they tell us that technology is taking over in every field. How does it help you as a firefighter...


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Cody L. Feb 15, 2017 261 views

Is there anything you don't like about being a firefighter?

I'm just curious about the side of firefighting we don't hear much about...


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How much money does a firefighter make?

I am interested in becoming a firefighter but wonder if I will need another job when I am not on shift....


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Hailee D. Oct 27, 2016 382 views

What kind of classes should in college if I want to succeed in being a Firefighter?

I am working towards my dream career and I don't know the specific classes I should take to prepare for that. #firefighting #emt...


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I'm not sure which career path is be best for me, can someone help guide me in the right direction?

I'm 23 years old, ever since I was child I've wanted to be someone that helps others. I've worked at a hospital for 3 years now, searching for the career thats right for me. I started of as ancillary staff but after less then 1 and a 1/2 years I became part of The Lift, Mobility, &...

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Chris P. May 28, 2016 595 views

Pursuing my passion to serve my community, where do I turn after college to become apart of a police force.

I need help to figure out where to go after getting my degree in criminal justice. #police #police-officer #firefighting...


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jonathan H. May 24, 2016 421 views

how risky is to be a fire fighter.

well i want to be a fire fighter and i'm an 8th grader and almost graduating....


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How do I become a fire-fighter?

Do I need to go to college?...


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jonathan H. May 04, 2016 490 views

Do you need a college degree to be a fire fighter? If so, what should I major in?

Do they need a degree at all? I feel like as first responders, a medical degree might be beneficial but maybe there are other areas I don't know that would be better...


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Donovan R. Mar 17, 2015 780 views

What level of education is needed to be firefighter?

I am a senior. I was wondering what level or type or education is needed to be a firefighter. I am asking because does it take a level of education to save lives and protect the community #education #firefighting...


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Isaac O. Feb 11, 2015 697 views

What are the steps and qualifications necessary to become a fireman?

I've been seriously considering becoming a fireman for the past few years. I'm 17 and I'm planning on going into the military after college. Is veteran status really an advantage? What other academic and physical qualifications are necessary to become a fireman?...


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Henrique S. Feb 02, 2015 585 views

what is necesary for me to become a fire fighter

I am asking this because im interested in becoming a fire man but I do not know what I need to do before I become one. PS I am a junior...


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Will F. Jan 26, 2015 704 views

what is necessary fo me to become a fire fighter

I am asking this because I really don't know what I need to do regarding college years to become a fire fighter #firefighting...