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Career Questions tagged Game Warden

Breanna’s Avatar
Breanna Jan 30 93 views

Career obstacles?

Is it hard for a girl to get into one of these fields? And is there any requirements you may not know of before going into something like this?

Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney Oct 04, 2022 167 views

How can I Jumpstart my Career to become a Fish and Game Warden?

I live in Minnesota, and I love watching the Fish and Game Warden shows, and I have a passion for wildlife and law management. I also know that you need to pass exams and fitness tests, as well as a 2-4 year degree.

Keirton’s Avatar
Keirton Dec 21, 2021 314 views

After I retire from being a Game warden, could I become a school teacher?

I am wanting to retire from my Game warden career after 30-40 years of in the service, after I retire I would love to try and teach various ages of the wildlife environment and how to protect and/or conserve it. This is my new-found goal and everyone is supportive but I have no idea as too how...

Taylor ’s Avatar
Taylor Nov 18, 2015 1064 views

How much do Game Wardens make per year?

I love the outdoors and want to protect it. #hunting #outdoors #game-warden

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Mason Nov 02, 2015 6313 views

What are some benefits of being a Game Warden?

I am in 6th grade and I would love to be a Game Warden but i want to be able to get enough money to get through life but I want to know if I will get any benefits that will help me through life like extra money or Christmas checks. I would like to be able to pay for a family if I get the chance...

Luke’s Avatar
Luke Oct 23, 2015 1806 views

What does a game warden do on a daily basis?

I am in sixth grade an I would like to be a game warden when I grow up, any help would be appreciated. Thank you! #biology #marine-biology #zoology #wildlife-biology #wildlife #game-warden

Luke’s Avatar
Luke Oct 22, 2015 1192 views

What education is required to become a game warden?

I am in sixth grade and I would like to become a game warden when I grow up. I like wildlife and would appreciate your help! Thank You! #biology #police #marine-biology #zoology #wildlife-biology #game-warden

Josh’s Avatar
Josh Mar 04, 2014 1127 views

What organizations can help prepare you for a future career as a game warden?

I am looking forward to being a game warden as a future occupation and was wondering what programs can help me. #programs #game-warden #ranger #park