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Lauren Y. Jan 14, 2018 203 views

How can I be sure I will get a job in the Wildlife and Fisheries career path when the job outlook is quite small?

Majority of the scientist jobs in the Wildlife and Fisheries pathway and Parks and Recreation are taken and not well funded to expand. Should I be worried about getting a job with these majors? #parkranger #outdoors #zoology #wildlife #fishery...


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Madison S. Jan 09, 2017 447 views

What must you do to be a zoologist that works outdoors with animals?

I am wondering. Once you decide that you will become a zoologist. Do you get to decide if you work out doors? If so. What things will you do as you work in the field and make contact with animals? #animals #zoology #zoologist...


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Samuel O. Jun 22, 2016 491 views

Do you know what it takes to become an architect?

Hi..! I'm a high school student and I'm interested to know what do I have to do to become an architect?, I only know that I have to go to college or university and get an architect title, but after I don't know what do I have to do.. I'm from El Salvador and in my country ain't to hard to...

#engineer #college #construction #architect #teacher #outdoors

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Rachel C. May 12, 2016 491 views

Should I choose a career in environmental protection?

I know it is up to me but I was originally thinking biology. I think I would actually enjoy environmental protection better though. #environmental-science #life-sciences #outdoors...


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Taylor B. Nov 18, 2015 785 views
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Taylor B. Oct 21, 2015 573 views

What majors are good for getting involved in the outdoors and getting others involved?

My favorite things to do are hunting and fishing, basically anything outdoors. i would like to have a job that gets me outdoors everyday, what would yall recommend? #biology #hunting #fishing #wildlife...