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What are the odds that I will actually get a job as a Zoologist?

I am planning to go to college and double major in zoology and field biology and I was just wondering what the chances are. #zoology #zoologist #biology...


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Megan E. Oct 27, 2016 398 views

I am majoring in Zoology. What specific area in Zoology have you made your career with?

I have a passion for animals and would love one day to have my own rescue center. I know there are several different things you can do with a Zoology degree. Just looking for options on what to focus on. #career #zoologist...


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Stella D. Jan 11, 2018 326 views

What are the careers that work with lemurs or other wild animals?

I'm a ninth grader. I'm interested in lemurs and helping endangered lemurs, and was wondering what careers would allow me to do that. I like being outdoors and would like to work in the field. I'm also interested in other animals. #biologist #wildlife #lemurs...


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Emily F. Oct 28, 2016 551 views

Do you find that some colleges are better for Zoology or Biology majors and if so what are they?

I am a senior who is interested in going into Biology with a concentration in Zoology or a Zoology major. I would prefer a college in the Midwest but I am willing to find a college somewhere else in the United States as long as it has a good academic program. #biologist #zoologist #biology...

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Matthew B. Sep 01, 2017 317 views

What is the most direct route to become a Zoologist?

I want to become a Zoologist to be able to help and train animals. What would be the most direct way to get there?i know it takes 4 years and a at least a bachelors degree. I would like to start off working at the zoo for some experience with working with animals. What is the most direct route...

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Emma R. May 24, 2016 1164 views

Can a zoologist be a veterinarian as well?

I am currently in college studying Biology. My career path is to be a veterinarian but I want to work with wild animals more that domestic. I been looking at other career options and found zoology and became very interested. I am also very interested in working with marine animals but I would...

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Madison S. Jan 09, 2017 494 views

What must you do to be a zoologist that works outdoors with animals?

I am wondering. Once you decide that you will become a zoologist. Do you get to decide if you work out doors? If so. What things will you do as you work in the field and make contact with animals? #animals #zoology #zoologist...


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Emily F. Oct 28, 2016 501 views

Being a Zookeeper do you find that you are allowed to specialize in certain animals?

I am a senior in High School and I want to work in a zoo or somewhere with Big Cats. I will be happy as long as I can work with animals but I was wondering whether it depended on what you did in college or where you worked. #worker #zoologist...


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What is the minimum pay for an Animal Science degree?

As said in the other question, I am super interested in this field of study. #animals #zoologist...


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Autumn C. Oct 19, 2016 551 views

What type of jobs are available with an Animal Science degree?

I want to major in Animal Science, minor in Zoology and I just want to know about what careers are out there for people who major/minor in those fields of study. #science #animals #zoology #zoologist #animalscience...


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Emma R. May 24, 2016 424 views

What is the best college major to take to be a zoologist?

I'm not quite sure what the best major is for zoologist. I am currently taking a biology major in college hoping it will lead me to my career....


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Gillian L. Sep 03, 2015 675 views

what colleges offer zoology?

im a senior at lake country Christian school. ive always been interested in zoology. ive known for a while I wanted to work with animals. but cant seem to find any colleges that offer it. also how much do they really make? and what could I do with my degree?...